And they have you where they want you... open to thinking "Hey maybe schizophrenia is fake" & other crazy thoughts. Look up Edword Snowden & stay clear of fake videos. They are very cunning. What mustn't happen is you losing rational thinking as the whole point of this is to create a false diagnosis of paranoid delusions. Don't let them take your head & soul. Stay rational. Open to believing in literally almost anything now... that is the state of mind they want you in. They stalk me aswell, they hack my computers, but you don't see me starting to think "Hey maybe mental illness is fake, mass shootings fake, the moon landings a hoax", etc.

These videos have your mind a mess:

Her channel:

Watch the full video on his channel:
That's how you do it folks... don't let 'em know you're recording. They sometimes have no licence plate at the front & back, so stop panning away so soon. Stop the rambling and think.

But can look like the old man was just trying to light a cigarette due to high picture compression. You have to look hard.
Watch an out of hours pizza delivery car stalk him:
His Twitter:

You will see these audio files on YouTube quite alot. Look up "Nibiru" on YouTube. These files were downloaded from scam sites. If you stumble across these files on YouTube report them.

Shootings very real but they want you to think Trump administration cover-up conspiracy. The techniques vary>>> Trump election fraud conspiracy. Many probably were fooled. CNN and VICE are dangerous networks.

I used to have to have his YouTube URL in a notepad but I accidentally deleted it. To Richard Holly... When sharing videos to help spread awareness it is vitally important that you also provide a link to their YouTuve channels aswell. Richard Holly's channel:

They hate when you share links to strong video evidence on media outlet pages. They don't want it to get out there. So do that. I would still be doing this if I wasn't barred from using Facebook. Stasi Communist stalking in Scotland:

Audio amplified so that you can hear the "Abort the mission" part
His channel:

Women and her disabled brother persistently harassed by police, ambulances, firefighters & random strangers
Her channel:


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