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Relevant news on lockdown, testing, vaccines , education - by Alistair Macintyre. Interesting comments following from our new friend, Paul Connor

(mirrored from Patrick Hogg channel: "One of the many speakers attending the weekly anti Lockdown protest held at 12 noon till 3pm at Glasgow Green Come join us folks. References the work of Dr Malcolm Kendrick, Dr Vernon Coleman and recent science on Vitamin D3. The topics covered include the Cov 19 issues such as lockdown/lockstep, the Rockefeller Institute plans and the power of the richest 'philanthropist' in the world Master BG with his plan for vax-a-nation when all we need is adequate levels of Vitamin as this talk shows quoting the most recent science on Vitamin D which suggests a second wave of the virus needs only proper amounts of vitamin d supplementation and no jabs required. Thanks to Simona for filming this and to all the brilliant people who brave abuse for turning up and speaking out."

Paddy Hogg describes his experience in activism, especially the successful Scottish antifracking campaign, in a discussion with Simona.

Relevant news on topics related to the lockdown, mandatory vaccination, and the social conflicts and issues associated.... - by Alistair Macintyre

Some opinions about the situation of healthcare in the UK and the measures taken or expected to be taken during the pandemic (Simona Panaitescu)

Councillor and author Paddy Hogg's first speech in Glasgow Green, at the anti-lockdown, anti-5G, anti-mandatory vaccination gathering on the 30th of May 2020 (for more see Paddy's channel: Patrick Hogg and his FB page: Scotland for Health and Well-Being - Against EMF Health Damage and Glyphosate)

A moving speech of prof. Ennos foremost activist of Edinburgh Resistance and Scottish People's Forum, dealing with many of the most important issues of the moment in Scotland from lockdown to school education

Leading world authority on IV Vitamin C therapies Dr Thomas Levy has sent out presentation slide on how to PREVENT and TREAT coronavirus using 4 different protocols depending on whether its for prevention, or after infection, for cure: these include Vitamin C oral (prevention) and IV (serious symptoms like ARDS for hospital use only) , Hydrogen peroxide through a nebuliser (early phrase prevention, can be done by anyone) Ozone therapy (specialist) and Chloraquine. As an MD with friends frontline in various countries Dr Levy now KNOWS what works and what doesn't, so his views are of great importance to front line staff. Sadly Chloraquine and IV Vit C are not used within NHS and are probably only available to private hospitals in the UK. He emphasises the importance of Vit D supplementation as well. So there are ways to PROTECT yourself as prevention and protocols for front line Doctors here. Vitamins are usually seen just as 'vitamins' but esp Vit C is immune defence fuel and weaponry as an anti viral essential to taking out any virus and the use of nebulized hydrogen peroxide can be used at home by any adult so PROTECT YOURSELF with great science based clinical advice from a great MD who wants to SAVE LIVES! share share share!

Covid 19 in China has been largely stopped and its plain to see why. The massive free distribution of anti viral Vit C tabs has helped the population as a preventative medicine due to its anti viral, anti oxidant and anti inflammatory properties: science shows us, that,. as an immune modulator (Vit C AND D3) together will prevent the SARS-2 cytokine storm that is resulting in deaths. Low D3 and insufficient Vit C are the cause of the cytokine storm. Normal immunity will prevent this. Dr Richard Cheng is in situ in China and has given information to his friend the Vit C expert Dr Andrew Saul, the torch carrier from the great Prof Abraham Hoffer and the follower of the great Prof Linus Palling. Vit C has been pilloried by the agents of Big Pharma for decades now despite its amazing successes in fighting and curing polio, a nasty killer virus using IV Vit C. Dr Thomas Levy recently has shown it will stop some cancers and Swine Flu and is the best antibacterial anti microbial and antibiotic agent available for good health. Dr Levy is the leading authority in this area. For Vit D3 see Prof Michael Holick and the Scots scientist Dr Oliver Gillie. There is a massive amount of peer-reviewed science to support the efficacy of Vit C to attack and kill viruses but it is essential that people have a healthy gut microbiome and thus need to eat healthy foods, not the crap fastfoods and processed foods giant corporations supply to stores for people to buy. With a healthy lifestyle, good fresh organic food and plenty of Vit C and D3 (the latter esp so in winter as we don't get enough sunshine) most people would rarely be effected much by any form of coronavirus rna parasitic virus and if they did the symptoms might be lessened and the likelihood of the virus developing to a deadly stage would be greatly reduced. Its time for mainstream medicine to wake up the veracity of the science and apply Vit C oral as a preventative medicine and IV Vit as a protocol for seriously ill patients. Its time to wake up to the science and break away from the gangster grip of Big Pharma whose profits might be drastically hit if Vit C and D3 are used in medicinal protocol as they ought to given the science we now know. Time for the ignorance to be washed away.

An update on the science of how our natural immune system destroys viruses incl Covid 19. Most people wont suffer from this virus as our immune system takes it out and creates antibodies, thus making us immune to the virus with NO NEED FOR A VACCINE! If most people who have suffered badly from this virus had taken these supplements it is likely they would have been able to cope without medical intervention unless they were immuno-compromised. You can protect yourself by following the advice given here.

After examining the detailed science, this video is a call to action to protect people from EMF radiation emitted from mobile phones, wifi routers, large antennae masts, cordless phones and smart meters. The peer-reviewed science is overwhelming proving harms such as cancers and neurological harm and much more. Please send the link to your elected reps and help us to get lowered safety standards and health advice to users esp young kids and pregnant mums to protect the foetus and young kids who adsorb up to 10 times more radiation.

Should you take a Covid19 vaccine? A discussion on vaccines between writer/researcher Paddy Hogg and psychologist & author Simona Panaitescu. This is the long unedited version at 2hr 30 mins. We dont claim to be experts but we examine the views of experts on both sides and hope the information and facts presented are of value to viewers. We ask whether vax-a-nation should be your choice, or mandatory. This video researches and explains a lot of previous issues known in science and a lot of information which you can use to inform yourself to make your own judgement of whether there might be a risk to your health of not. Were the whistle-blowers right in the past? What are the risks? From the evidence we have seen in putting this together, there is an absolute affirmation that they are all safe, they can do no harm and this absolute faith in jabbing people looks more like a Cult religion of Profit which tolerates no other view than theirs. We ask if the industry serves profit far more than health? We show evidence to affirm the industry makes claims that are often false and not based in reality. We list the key experts and present the evidence for our case. Please share if you agree with our conclusions.

(mirrored from psimonel channel:
"- a personal comment concerning our time and our responsibility in the trials we are facing on a global scale; this is based on THE BIBLE, THE NEW REVELATION through Jakob Lorber and Gottfried Mayerhofer and common-sense...
- last part of the video contains some inspirational texts from the Bible and New Revelation revealing the ethic of a true human being, according to God's will (min 26:30 on)"

"Discussion between Scottish Biographer of Robert Burns, poet and writer Cllr Patrick Scott Hogg, and psychologist and author Simona Panaitescu about the adverse effects of Lockdown ( which has no science to justify it) and the utter lack of advice to the Public about how ample amounts of Vitamin D and C can prevent a cytokine storm and thus prevent death from the coronavirus. Govs have locked down a healthy public for a disease that kills very few people and did not properly shelter the vulnerable at all and they have used propaganda to force compliance. The virus is a bad flu not the black plague! Its our freedom and our taxpayers money that is at stake. Will we be allowed to have democratic votes again? Are you sure? Its not part of the plan to open society up folks! Its up to you to claim your rights as citizens and demand it."

(mirrored from Patrick Scott's chanel:
"Was the 'Plandemic' a natural accident? This was planned and executed as per the Rockefeller scenario called Lockstep, to achieve top down authoritarian control of governments. Check the evidence discussed here by author and psychologist Simona Panaitescu and Burns editor, biographer and poet/songwriter Cllr Paddy S Hogg in Scotland. Contributing a small part to the worldwide discussion to end the outrageous unnecessary lockdown and propaganda fear virus. Proper healthy immune modulation would stop the virus killing people if most people on the planet had an organic healthy diet and took plenty of Vitamin D and C and Zinc, plus some good exercise. Big Pharma and Corporate greed have a lot to answer for but they think themselves above the law. NB at 7 minutes in I made the comment about Bill Gates pitching to the CIA in 2005 and have since found out with was a hoax, some deceitful sod made this up and the person in the video at a distance is not Gates at all so I guess I owe him an apology but I will always correct mistakes unlike Mr Gates!"

mirror Patrick Hogg channel: "Scots politician Paddy Hogg, explains the moral imperative of protest against unjust laws that take away our civil liberties and rights under the UK's reactionary oppression of the people to suppress a 'virus' when the LieDemic is perpetuated and predicated upon false 'cases' as the Second Phase when scientifically this is not the truth. Paddy was arrested and charged under the coronavirus laws implemented in 2020 supposedly to protect us although the people were never permitted any views but have just had unjust laws imposed by Governments up to their necks in corruption for an agenda of globalist greed, not our health."


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