Ben Shapiro had a lot to say about Beyonce's new song "Apes**t".

Can he do any better?

I would 100% pay to see Beyonce debate Shapiro with or without a backing track.

Reupload of Murdoch Murdoch's AMA Q&A thing.

This has been uploaded for "research". lmao.

Everything was recorded with a 4th gen iPod touch with the alihoopa app.

Also, drums were played with chopsticks due to lack of training... lmao.

Don't mind the visuals, I was just playing around with video editing.

Don't even watch this tbh.

A black guy likes music.


This is a mirror of the above link, displaying several channels using the same script regardless of political bias.

Please let me know if i linked the wrong source. Whoever made this put some time into finding the clips.

Why did Andy name his new show "Purple Dragon"?
Is he a wife beater?
Why did JF Cry on his stream?
Where is Chris Warski?

None of this would have happened if Chris was around. They are like Cheech and Chong, Mario and Luigi, Batman and Alfred (robin's a fgt).

Lets take a look at the 9 page document Krauss has released on twitter in order to defend against the libelous harassment claims of Buzzfeed and Co.

Lawrence Krauss, is known as a famous physicist and atheist, for his work on dark matter and gauge symmetry, and for writing something like 10 books and a couple of well received scientific papers. He does public speaking with famous intellectuals and actors in front of large crowds, combining science, reason, and art. He also communicates complex science to the masses in a digestible and fascinating way. I discovered Krauss from his lectures & talks introducing younger generations to great thinkers of the past, including Christopher Hitchens and Richard Feynman.

Now buzzfeed would like to add "sexual harasser" to his list of accolades with the use of a recent article which is obviously well thought out but not very substantial. In fact, very little of the article actually substantiates the claims.

Attacking character seems to be the main goal.

Lawrence Krauss, famous physicist known for his work in QED, has recently been subjected to a Buzzfeed "investigation" regarding his sexual behavior. It has become a warlock hunt, as the main accusers will not take the matter to the police, and the person who published them on her blog took them down as she was afraid of losing a defamation case.

The claims are unsubstantiated and come from people who share a political affiliation with others against Krauss and his friends such as Richard Dawkins.

It seems due process has gone out the window, and the new norm is to go directly to the media to take a partisan position, and take advantage of the social media traffic and monetisation on youtube.

Fakeapp isn't just for porn y'know...

Dr. Jordan Peterson leaves Catherine Newman absolutely speechless using his sharp wit.

Waleed thinks censorship is a good idea, but Malcolm Turnbull has other ideas.

Socially woke contestants on the new Bachelor (SJW Edition) include the lovely Clementine Ford who is demonstrating the 'London Look' today. Although not of the traditional model stature, she brings with her a different form of beauty, a kind of homely aura, like a ham sandwich from the kitchen, or freshly ironed pants. Women need to move forward in the world and fight for healthcare so that they don't have to be "shackled up with unwanted babies".

Three of our favourite "Freedom Fighters" compete in the battle of a lifetime.


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