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The censorship is crazy. Tune in to hear what else has been banned.

The war is on folks. IG has banned us for good. We will win this fight.

Tune in to discuss what is going on on social media.

Tune in to talk about the months of the year and how time is changing.

Tune in to discuss the "Flattening of the curve"

Lets discuss the lockdown and why they are promoting it.

Tune in for this interesting discussion...

In this video we discuss what forces are truly behind the evil plot against humanity to this day...

Tune for this very interesting discussion.

Check out the many great topics discussed in this Q&A

Tune in for the discussion on censorship and more…

Tune in for today's interesting Q&A

Various questions answered in todays live Q&A

Tune in to talk about what's going on in the world today!

All kinds of questions answered in this Q & A...

Tune in for another Q & A...

The truth behind the new plan to ban gas & diesel vehicles and institute a mandate on electric vehicles.

Is it for the environment? You decide.

While these vehicles get their energy from lithium, which is less sustainable than coal, you can get your energy from SUPERFOODS!

Choq Purified Shilajit - hot water purified and clinically studied to support energy, brain function, cellular detox and mineralize the body

Choq Seven Wonders for immunity, mental clarity, reduce fatigue and strengthen the gut-brain connection.

Let’s talk airpods

Freedom is either taken from you, or taken by you.. the choice is ours.

Tune in for a Q & A

Let’s discuss what’s going on in China

Tune in to discuss algorithms, shadowbans and more…

Tune in for backlash on the last live…

Glad I’ve never heard songs from any of these people…

I must say, very peculiar. Who is pulling the strings in the entertainment industry to have such a common theme across the board?

Found an ancient healing spring.. you can too, just ask around

Locals know - and you can search online too. No fluoride found here!


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