You won’t believe this...

The system is desperate to hide the truth of their spiritual warfare from the masses...

Don’t let them stay ahead of you...


What are they deathly scare of the population finding out…

Lots to be discussed... few are aware the depth that this goes...

Blessings everyone

Hollywood ancient meaning, truth about Pinocchio, chemtrails / weather modification and more , tune in , blessings

Tune in and find out the TRUTH about bitcoin & crypto... buckle your seatbelts for this one

Tune in to be fully mind blown at the truth of what they are hiding from you - while calcifying your pineal gland to limit your perception

Scrub to 15 or 20 minutes or so ...... mind blowing info

Tune in for the latest dose of raw unfiltered truth (actually quite filtered - I post the uncensored stuff on my private telegram channel - link in bio)

Did you know? The earth is more abundant than most can fathom...

It is abundantly obvious that there is a war being waged against independent businesses, even before lockdowns which closed small businesses and not Wal-Mart.

Best thing we can do is support local, family owned and organic businesses, and restore our bodies to peak function, which can rejuvenate the vitality that has been sapped from humanity due to toxic chemicals deemed as “safe” (If you buy their story.)

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Many people have unfortunately fallen for the utter scam of sunscreen... while there is natural sunscreen, the vast majority of sunscreen on the shelves are absolute poison to the skin, mind, body and soul.

Anything you put on your skin, must be edible, since your skin absorbs anything it touches. Therefore putting on 60 different chemicals invented less than 100 years ago is not a good idea. If you have ever used sunscreen, your endocrine system has taken a hit, and can use some rejuvenating and restoring.

In today’s live feed we discuss at length some very strange things that are coming forward in the media and education systems...

Tune in and enjoy...

Tune in... very interesting convo ... I can promise you if you watch this video you will laugh. God Bless.

Tune in, scrub to 10 minutes and learn perhaps what they’ve been hiding in plain sight for a long time...

It seems the fact checkers may be fact checking things which are legitimately true, yet go against the narrative of societal beliefs which have been programmed into us since birth.

Li Ching-Yuen was a man documented to live 256 years old... consumed copious amounts of Shilajit and other rare superfoods as well as full organic (formerly known as - food) and has a strong relationship with nature. Must make you wonder why they want us living in 5G smart cities...

THE AGENDA (Great Reset)

Repost from @connecting_consciousness

“Random Happenings” or “Stepping Stones towards the Agenda”?

Once you know the plan, it is obvious… Has to be hidden in plain sight, as it is easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled.

Giving up your freedom for security will result in neither freedom nor security. Our forefathers had tremendous foresight into what the future could bring if we become docile and unaware….

The agenda to fully automate human consciousness with artificial intelligence is in full swing and clear as day. You can find evidence of it all around you... however it is hiding in plain sight from most.

Smart Fridges, Smart Appliances, Smart Meters and cars connected to the Smart Grid. You must ask yourself, who benefits from the world fully connected to AI?... many consider that this spiritual war we are in the midst of, is orchestrated by those of non-biological origins...

The fact is, we are spiritual beings of immense capability but are kept down by brainwashing, toxic chemicals in low doses daily, and other forms of control. We just heighten our state in order to function in peak condition and win this battle for human consciousness.

Ah, the age old mind controlled thinking point “fluoride is for your teeth”. I can tell you the folks behind that complete propaganda are laughing daily from the sleeping masses believing it.

And when you bring up this fact, you will surely be called a conspiracy theorist. Because of course, thinking you might want to avoid a neurotoxic mind altering chemical is abnormal.

For those who want to actually improve the state of their vessel, and increase brain function, energy and cellular function during this pinnacle moment in human history, considering getting a variety of world renowned superfoods that have been clinically studied.

When someone calls you a conspiracy theorist... it truly shows their level of awareness.

You have to wonder how, despite the ease of access to the World Wide Web, some are fully falling for the daily illusions the mainstream media, education system and celebrities are promoting...

When Harvard proves fluoride lowers IQ yet it is still added to the water... you have to wonder how the public still accepts this and allows their most important gland (Pineal Gland) the “Seat of the Soul” to be desecrated with this neurotoxic chemical.

This is why we must detox, rejuvenate and restore with the world’s most potent herbal extracts - treat your system with rare superfoods and enhance your vessel with clinically studied ingredients.

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Tune in, scrub to a few minutes in, you need be surprised what they are keeping from you...

In this video we go over a very common MYTH which billions of people fully believe as truth - that we are “overpopulated”

We cover how this is FALSE based on real life statistics, and also debunk the comeback which is “it’s not the population, it’s the resources”

These myths are perpetuated by those at the top of the control structure who want us thinking there are too many of us and we must be managed.

Fred Bell knew the importance of a critical element missing from the majority of the food supply today - and that is minerals. You would need to eat 50 apples today to get the same amount of minerals that you would get from ONE apple 80 years ago. This is intentional.

This is why I take @GetChoq certified wildcrafted, certified organic Irish Moss as well as their purified Shilajit extract with 8 different clinical studies - brain function, energy levels, hormone metabolism and more - 2 TRUE superfoods.

Much love and blessings everyone - leave your thoughts in the comments below

It’s interesting isn’t it, what makes the news and what doesn’t?...

You gotta ask yourself, how does a random guy on Instagram know this, yet the multi billion dollar agencies that are supposed to be protecting our health, don’t?

These chemicals are present in our food and water supply and decimate our ability to produce CRITICAL hormones responsible for our consciousness. When hormone levels are low, brain function is OUT OF WHACK! And this is how they want the majority of the global population...


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When 90% of the population is wearing clothes made out of this fiber, a mass alteration of human consciousness is unfolding. Intentional? Very likely.

And to be fair, clothes made out of conventional non organic cotton aren’t much better, as they are sprayed with one of the most toxic chemicals known to humanity... Glyphosate.

Tune in to learn more.

The only way to find out why the thumbnail looks like that is by watching...

Put it this way - something very strange happened to me at the grocery store, resulting in an adrenaline fueled rage...

The truth is, many believe that our rights are being restricted for our safety... however... with a quick analysis of what’s really going on, will show that to be entirely false... fluoride is added to the water, gmo’s added to the food supply, yet you think they want you safe?....

The full plan, spelled out and exposed...


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