The Floating heads of the mainstream Pharma Narrative get smited by the Karma Gods.

So much shaming.... so much Karma. Don Lemon, Cuemo, Morning Joe, Joe Biden, Lian Wang, a time capsul of CoVAIDS irony.

The Fight Against HPV Mandates in CA; UK’s Hancock Caught Red-Handed; Dutch Farmers Step Up The Fight; Congressional Oversight Committee Questions COVID Vaccine Origins, Redfield Lets Loose on Fauci; Movie Star / Comedian Talks Surviving Cancel Culture, Doing What’s Right; Russell Brand Lights Things Up on Late Night Guests: Michael Baum, Esq., Rob Schneider

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Propagana News outlet Healthday claims clotshot is good for heart. BS
The vast majority of covid deaths in hospital are amongst vaccinated.
Boy twists ankle and dies from "Strep A" Bacteria days later. Nothing to see here
Some more celebrities die in ironic ways
Never go full retard

Today we are following The Chemical Trail: Fluoride Lawsuit Exposes Apparent Government Official Hiding Data; Big Win in Maryland; Gates-Funded Study Shows Two Years Later, Natural Immunity Still Better Than Vaccine. Why?; Nord Stream 2 Pipeline Attacked By The U.S.?; Tackling the Controversial Issue of Chemtrails; ICAN wins in CA Lawsuit Prohibiting Any Vaccine Mandates, Setting Precedent Guests: Derrick Broze, Dane Wigington #FluorideLawsuit #NaturalImmunity #ICANLegal #AaronSiri

We need to learn how to think critically in order to free ourselves and free our minds. In the name of humanity, stop pretending the vaccines are either safe or effective. They are not... The chinese weather baloon is a distraction. January 6th was not an insurrection, but a peaceful protest against the tyrants who stole the election and those that work to destroy our democracy and abolish freedom.

Branch Covidian Dr. Wilson gets debunked again. He agrees vitamin D works, then he debunks himself, then he provides contrived data and shoots himself in the foot and the arm with even more boosters despite no safety tests except in 8 lab rats... then injects his kid rejects excercise and healthy living... he's scared of a virus with a 99.9% survival rate.

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Medical Tyrants Caught on Camera; Pfizer Caught Shifting Goalposts, Again; New Legislation Targets CDC, WHO Overreach; Cochrane Review Shows Masks Didn’t Work, But this Vitamin Does;

Moderna CEO admits to creating 100,000 covid vaccines before there was a pandemic.
President of EU plays kiss face with CEO of Pfizer and Zalensky mandates vaccines nobody voted for her.

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CDC Contrived data exposed!
Dr. Debunk the Funk gets debunked yet again
2 million excess deaths post vaccination

mRNA vaxx creator Kaliko responsible for mass die off

Check out this weeks Jaxen Report:
Myocarditis caused by Vaccines NOT Covid according to Science NOT Faucci.
Media has to start reporting on the massive # of deaths.
Statin underprescribing... or covid cult coverup

42% of CNMI residents to be medically evacuated with $1.
Vaccine injured Pharma prop Nadal drops out due to his never-ending-post-vaccine injuries
GBN guest calls a genocider out to his face
Why doesn't the news ever reveal the vaccine status of all these people dying suddenly? Could it have anything to do with the hush $$$ they accepted.
Cops respond to 8 sudden deaths on christmas day.

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Damar Hamlin and countless other NFL players are dying suddenly as the NFL works overtime to cover up their vaccine deaths as mere coincidences.


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