How’s everybody doing? Hope everyone has a relaxing Sunday! Until next time :D

How’s everybody doing? This gameplay is brave the movie (lowkey fire) while talking about Pokémon Sword and Shield! Are y’all excited for it in November when it drops? Or are y’all burnt out?

This is my first time playing Vigor for the Xbox one. This game was free to play for a couple of hours if you were a gold member so i thought why not!

This is my first time playing Monday Night Combat! I used to see this game on the Xbox live home screen back in the day and I never gave it a chance until now. Hope y’all enjoy!

This game is free forever right now on Xbox Live; deal ends August 15th. If you enjoy Diablo or other dungeon crawlers you should give it a shot!

Someone make a remix of me saying uhh and umm in the first minute 😂

Toy Soldiers is a solid 360 game and if you have GamePass you should definitely give it a shot! Hope everyone has a relaxing Sunday

Watch me fail miserably at an absolute classic of a game!

The game we all know and love! (Most of us at least). My next video will be a “My First Time Playing ____” here in the next few days! Thanks for watching guys :D

The myth, the memes, the legend. Fornite has been huge the last two years + and I’m finally giving it a shot! Haha

I just wanted to let everyone know where I am now and where I want to be in the future! Hope to see y’all there :D

I swear this isn’t a call of duty channel guys 😂

I got Cod 4 Remastered on the summer sale for Xbox and what to show y’all I still got it! Haha

#BlackOps4 #Battlefront2


This is part 2 and I may do a third!

New games to gamepass means free Gamerscore!


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