I really, really, REALLY suck.

Sorry I haven't been uploading recently, I was out of town for the holidays and then I got sick. I have 4 videos that are ready for uploading so look forward to those. :)

Getting some bank. Trying to buy more islands.

This episode is honestly kinda boring.

Finally got the museum, will be working on filling it up over the next like 80 episodes.

I'm really starting to make progress in this game. Also this video had to be re-uploaded a couple of times because Bitchute was taking forever to publish it.

I don't know a way to make these video entertaining. Sorry :\.

I don't really have anything to put here.

I'm gonna try out a little let's play for you guys here on Bitchute. I hope this works out.

I just recently came back to this game after being re-recommended Clone Hero on YouTube. I hope you enjoy this because I didn't :).

This animation was made using Krita at 24 FPS.



This was just me trying my best to lip sync me saying the phrase "Hi, I'm Connor". I think it works well enough.

So I really wanted to try finding a faster way to animate. This would be the first video using a lot of duplicated frames where all I really did is move the main object but I also tried to sort of just continue what happened in the last video.

Yeah I like to animate stuff and this is what I came up with from about 3 hours of animating. It's also my first "real" animation.


I'm not even gonna bother making a description this time.

This is a test upload.

no description needed.

this took me 15413074 hours to make i really hope you like it :D

Please subscribe to my channel. Just please do it.

I don't know what I'm doing.

It shoot pillows!

It turns out I'm a revolver god.


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So I post videos on my YouTube account that are more serious and not experimental. That does not apply here. I'm being serious, for example i could upload a video about me just playing some games then the next day I am talking about my interests. Honestly though, I just want people to enjoy my content.

1k total channel views! Thank you so much guys!

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