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One of the most common questions I here from customers is “Can I freeze my coffee beans”? Can I freeze whole beans? Can I freeze ground coffee? When it comes to freezing coffee, there are several issues to consider. In this article, let’s take a quick look. For a more in-depth examination of freezing coffee beans, check out my article, “How to keep roasted coffee fresh”.

A vast majority of coffee pour over brewers are made by slave labor in China. I’m excited to say that I finally found a coffee pour over made in the USA. On Etsy, I found that Millet & Hammer makes a ceramic coffee pour over made in USA. Let’s see how this American made pour over stands up to those pour over’s made in China by slave labor.

A vast majority of coffee pour over brewers are made by slave labor in China. I’m excited to say that I finally found a coffee pour over made in the USA. On Etsy, I found that Millet & Hammer makes a ceramic coffee pour over made in USA. Let’s see how this American made pour over stands up to those pour over’s made in China by slave labor.

Full Article: https://www.lakecitycoffee.com/coffee-pour-over-made-in-usa/

Are some coffee blends better than others? What makes one blend better than another? Are blends healthy? Let’s look at the pros and cons of good coffee blends vs. bad coffee blends.

There are two kinds of coffee bags, one-way valve coffee bags vs. air-tight coffee bags. Which kind of bag will keep your coffee fresher? Let’s look at the pros and cons of each coffee delivery system.

I (Russell) have not been this excited about a piece of coffee equipment in quite a while. In this Bodum Chambord French Press Review you’ll learn how this $53 French Press stacks up against much more expensive French Presses.

One of our good customers and now friend Greg from Phelen, CA swears by the Snow Peak Titanium French Press. He pretty much told me that if I didn't love it, he'd pay for it. Greg was spot on! I love this french press. Let’s see how it measures up to other high-end French presses.

Physiologically speaking, when would your body benefit most from drinking coffee? As a coffee professional and co-owner of Lake City Coffee, I (Russell) have read considerable research and done a bit of personal experimenting. My goal in this article is first to cover both the best time to drink coffee and secondly why this is the case.

As a coffee professional, owner of Lake City Coffee, and weekend warrior, I (Russell) have often wondered if coffee improves athletic performance? Is that true? Absolutely! In fact, a preponderance of studies conclude that coffee improves athletic performance on the average of 6 percent. If you're an athlete, 6% isn’t the only number that’s important to you. If you're serious about improving your performance, then you should know how, where, when, and why to get your caffeine on board.

Where can you find a Made In USA french press? Unfortunately, American coffee brewing manufacturers don't realize how many real Americans are willing to pay more, a lot more, for a Made In USA French Press. Here's how you can make your own.

Congratulations! You’ve finally made that perfect cup of coffee. Now. Can you do it again? Can you reproduce that perfect cup of coffee every time? As a professional coffee roaster, it’s my experience that without a coffee scale, duplicating that perfect cup of coffee is pretty darn hard. A coffee scale is an essential tool in your arsenal of coffee brewing equipment.

One of our new customers at Lake City Coffee asked me, "How do I make strong coffee with your beans?" I'll admit that our coffee sourcing and roasting is geared toward super smooth coffee with prominent notes of chocolate and nut. In general, I'd say that our coffee is not necessarily "strong" coffee. Yet, that being said, we have customers that tell us how strong our coffee is, like the comment below from my new friend Grant out of Mentor, Ohio, "I tried the coffee. As I opened it it smelt good enough to eat! It is very strong, unlike any coffee before. The taste is unique.”

If you’re a coffee lover and you also have a sensitive stomach, like I do, then this article is for you. Here’s the good news. Lake City Coffee focuses on smooth coffee, which is the best coffee for sensitive stomachs. So, you actually can have your cake and eat it too. In other words, coffee lovers can drink coffee and minimize or eliminate any coffee related stomach issues. This article will show you how to enjoy our super smooth coffee and not pay for it later.


What is a Conservative Coffee Company? Got me. I just thought coffee was coffee and companies sold their stuff. When did companies start feeling compelled to shove their politics down customers' throats?

Ever since Starbucks decided to go ultra-left, all of the burnt-n-bitter industrial coffee wannabees, decided to follow suit, leaving the rest of America’s coffee drinkers to be labeled “Deplorables”.

I never thought about our company (All 4 of us) in terms of politics. As business owners, we're just a coffee roasting company that just happens to be patriotic, as all real Americans would be. Alisha and I (Russell) don't wear our politics on our sleeves and don't cram our politics or religion down anyone's throats. We just focus on super smooth coffee and our customers.

Senior Citizens metabolize food and drinks different than from our younger selves. With older adults drinking more coffee per day than any other age group, that leaves a few questions. Should senior citizens drink coffee? If so, what coffee is best for senior citizens?

The effects of coffee upon senior citizens is more pronounced than for younger coffee drinkers. That being said, generally speaking, coffee is not bad for senior citizens, as long as the coffee is consumed in moderation. Consuming coffee in moderation was also true of ourselves ‘when we wore a younger man’s cloths’ (For you Billy Joel fans), i.e. moderation of coffee consumption is important for younger folks too.

What does moderation mean? Coffee is the most consumed beverage in the world and it has been for centuries. It is also the most studied beverage in history. Nearly every major medical research facility in the USA (Including the Mayo Clinic) has studied the effects of coffee. Their overwhelmingly universal conclusion is this. If a coffee drinker consumes less than 400 milligrams of caffeine a day, which is roughly (4) 8-ounce cups of coffee, then the numerous benefits of coffee far outweigh the few minimal disadvantages of coffee.


Peaberry coffee beans are the new rage. They're awesome! All other beans pail in comparison! If you drink peaberry coffee you're definitely "cool". Seriously? Well, that's what many coffee companies want you to believe. Instead of taking their word for it, do a side-by-side Peaberry Coffee Bean Review and see if peaberry coffee is as smooth, non-bitter, and flavorful as a regular coffee bean from the same region.

I found the Peaberry flat and one dimensional. If you're a Charbucks fan, then you haven't a clue what I'm talking about. Let's try this. Imagine drinking a Bordeaux wine who's grapes were grown in the state of Wisconsin and comparing that to a Bordeaux wine that was grown and made in Bordeaux France. The Wisconsin wine would be flat and one dimensional and the Bordeaux wine would be glorious.


Have you ever heard of coffee bean degassing or out-gassing? It's nothing more than freshly roasted beans giving off CO2 gas for the first few days. So, why should you care? If you're a regular customer of Lake City Coffee, then coffee bean degassing isn't an issue. On the other hand, you might want to know why Lake City Coffee is so incredibly smooth and why our packaging is far superior and unique in keeping your beans super fresh.


Most diabetics drink coffee daily. Both coffee and diabetes are two of the most researched subjects by doctors and scientists in history. That’s why, in this article “A Diabetic’s Guide To Coffee”, we’re going to reduce the plethora of research down to just the salient points for diabetics who love drinking super smooth coffee. We’re going to answer the critical questions:

Should diabetics drink coffee?
What kinds of coffee should diabetics drink?
If a diabetic is going to drink coffee, how much coffee is safe to drink?


Most prepping advice comes from professional preppers. And when it comes to coffee, they don't know squat. Well, you're in luck. In this article, you may not be getting advice from a professional prepper, but what you are getting is advice from a professional coffee expert, who's also an amateur prepper. I've developed a fool-proof way to preserve the right coffee. The operative word here is "right". Bad coffee doesn't cut it when you're living on beans and rice. This "Prepper's guide to Coffee" will cover everything you need to know about how coffee could save your life.


How to cold brew coffee. This video makes cold brew super simple and ohhh so smooth.

If you're tired of burnt and bitter industrial coffee, then this super smooth method of brewing might be your cup of tea. (pun intended)

Super easy way to cold brew coffee for that super smooth low acid flavor

Forget Vienna Roast, French Roast, City Roast, etc. All of these roasts are marketing speak for different shades of burnt. In reality, there are only 3 roasts; Light, Medium, and Dark. And frankly, to go beyond a dark brown is crazy. If you want burnt and bitter industrial coffee, then you might as well drink Kingsford Charcoal.

If you're a coffee lover and sick of the liberal PC/BS coming out of Starbucks, then here's a great conservative alternative to burnt and bitter industrial coffee. Super smooth coffee. Never bitter. Never burnt. We roast and ship every Tuesday. From our roaster to your table in 24-48 hours. http://LakeCityCoffee.com


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As conservatives, we believe in God, Family, and The Constitution of The United States. As coffee lovers, we seek coffee beans and brewing techniques for making the best quality coffee in the world.