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The NYT's "1619 Project" asserts its objective is to take a hard look at the evils of slavery in the US. But reading further into it, it's clear this is an effort to undermine the US's legitimacy by claiming that every institution is corrupted by slavery -- and Trump is only causing further harm. Dinesh D'Souza joins Laura to debunk the main assertions in this project, and asks, where is the criticism of Democrats, the party of slavery and segregation? Plus, many on the Left claim the problems African Americans still face today -- especially inner city poverty and crime -- are ultimately because of the legacy of slavery and white supremacy. Gianno Caldwell joins us to explain how in fact, Democrat policies of the last 50 years are largely to blame for the failures of the inner city black communities.

Some of the topics of today's show:
- Arrogant Establishment (and Denmark) Struggle to Understand This President;
- Jewish Liberals, Like All Liberals, Are Liberals First;
- Here Come the Spygate Documents!
- What About Trump Will Leftists Go Crazy Over Next?
- Climate Change Lunacy? There Are Apps for That;
- The NY Times Jumps the Shark with 1619;
- And much more...

Peter Schweizer, author of "Secret Empires," took a long hard look at the candidate and former VP Joe Biden, and today relays a little more to us about Biden and his many connections. Peter reported in 2015, Hunter Biden’s troubling ties to foreign money, and now Chuck Grassley has called for a probe into these ties. Is Biden fit for the office of President?

MARK LEVIN SHOW 08/20/2019 FULL SHOW // On Tuesday's Mark Levin Show: The amount of income earned by the rich is arithmetically impossible to use tax revenue to fund all of the free programs proposed by leftwing Democrats running for president.

Then, with support from the New York Times and the Washington Post leftists keep pushing Medicare For All but it’s a lie. They will, eventually, destroy Medicare in the name of "human rights." Yet Americans aren't flocking to Canada, Cuba, or England where socialized medicine is a right.

Later, the attack on justice continues with prison reform. Governor Gavin Newsom launches a new attack on police with an initiative to eliminate "reasonable use" of force and replace it with a "necessary use."

After, we keep hearing that after talking to the NRA President Trump changed his idea on gun control. Maybe he changed his mind because he knew it wouldn’t work? Do the media ever say that democrats changed their idea on abortion after calling planned parenthood? No.

Finally, the Washington Post gets called out on their lies about Trump in their article, Trump says any Jewish people who vote for Democrats are showing ‘great disloyalty’ or ‘lack of knowledge.’

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Is President Trump's tariff policy working against China? Even if some economic harm comes to the US, is it worth it to become independent of the totalitarian state? Pat Buchanan joins Laura to make the case for a gradual "decoupling" from China, and explains the immigration time bomb that could turn Texas blue. Plus, the media continues to ignore the Left's violence, recently on display by Antifa in Portland. Is it time to finally label this group a terrorist organization? Harmeet Dhillon stops by to discuss.

Some of the topics of today's show:
- Leftist Media: Daylight Savings Time Is Deadly;
- Folks, I’m So Worn Out on The Squad;
- Trump Promises Not to Do This to Greenland;
- Solar Road Is the Left’s Latest Debacle;
- It’s Government That’s “Ruining Childhood”
- Political Pros of Both Parties Think They’re Blowing It;
- NY Times Piles Hate on America with the 1619 Project;
- Talk of a Recession Is Freaking Fake News!
- And much more...

MARK LEVIN SHOW 08/19/2019 FULL SHOW // On Monday's Mark Levin show, Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib keep getting special privileges despite their disdain for America. Their press conference today was a stunt; a stunt to advance the anti-Semitism in the Democratic Party. Congressmen like Jerry Nadler actually have Jews in their districts yet they defend these two anti-Semites who sound like neo-Nazis. Unlike the U.S, Israel is surrounded by enemies and is constantly fighting for their survival. Why should Israel admit these two supporters of the BDS movement into their nation when the BDS movement seeks to destroy Israel. These two well-informed Congresswomen know that Israel had passed a law banning supporters of the BDS movement from entering Israel.

Then, the Palestinian Authority operates like mobsters keeping their own people poor while they themselves become very wealthy. In 1941, Germany's promise to wipe out the Jews living in Palestine so the predecessors to the P.L.O. sided with the S.S. So much of Tlaib's commentary sounds like the Grand Mufti, a cleric whose rhetoric is comparable to supporters of the Third Reich.

Later, Mr. Zuhdi Jasser, President of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy calls in to offer analysis on American-Islamic relations and his experiences visiting Israel.

After, The New York Times admitted to shifting its focus from reporting on alleged Trump collusion to alleged Trump racism. Using social activism as journalism to advance their new 1619 project to promote the idea that America started in 1619 and was built on slavery and racism that still abounds today.

Julio Rosas, U.S. Marine and reporter for The Washington Examiner, was out at the Portland protests and was harassed himself, his article describes first hand what occurred this past weekend. Join Sean and Rosas as he recounts the attacks he had to endure at the hands of the left.

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Some of the topics of today's show:
- Cold Shower of Reality: They Can’t Get Rid of Trump — Even in Seattle;
- Don’t Accept the Premise of the Left!
- The New York Times Reframes American History to Target Donald Trump and His Supporters;
- And much more...

Tracy Melchior, actress, entertainer is best known for her roles on "One Life to Live", "The Bold and the Beautiful", and "Sunset Beach" and author of the book, "Breaking the Perfect Ten", is here to talk to us again about the tragedy of the abuse of the young girls in Epstein’s sex trafficking. You’ll remember that Melchior talks discussed these issues with Larry King and our show, about being raped and used, and the commonality of it all. She spoke out again last year and in 2017 when the Harvey Weinstein charges came into public view.

MARK LEVIN SHOW 08/16/2019 FULL SHOW // On Friday's Mark Levin Show: WREC Radio Host Ben Ferguson fills in. The Democrats on the left were once the Party that embraced alternative lifestyles, tolerance for a woman's right to choose, they were once the Party of progressives. Today they are the Party of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who says that President Trump supporters are all racists and suggests that they're too unaware to realize that they are racists and liken half of the country to a terrorist organization.

Then, the media continues its Unfreedom Of The Press as CNN "benches" conservative commentators. Media Matters for America and leftwing activists are out to silence dissent. Publishing the address of a conservative commentator, who went on to receive death threats at gun point. These are the same people that claim tolerance.

Afterward, Seth Rogan's film hunting down 'deplorable' Trump supporters and killing them for sport, has been postponed from its expected release due to its violent nature.

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Some of the topics of today's show:
- Pastor: President Trump Has Won Me Over;
- Rashida Tlaib’s Real Motivations Revealed;
- This Is What Your Betsy Ross T-Shirt Donations Have Made Possible;
- Stefan Halper Admits It! He’s a Government Agent;
- And much more...

Andy McCarthy, Fox News Contributor, a columnist for National Review and former Assistant United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, is here to talk about the real ties between Bruce and Nellie Ohr and Fusion GPS. With the release of the memos, Nellie sent to her husband Bruce, who was working at the Department of Justice as Deputy Attorney General. McCarthy’s new book, Ball of Collusion - THE PLOT TO RIG AN ELECTION AND DESTROY A PRESIDENCY, was released just a few days ago, and tackles this and much more.

MARK LEVIN SHOW 08/15/2019 FULL SHOW // On Thursday's Mark Levin Show: WJNO Host Brian Mudd fills in for Mark. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has banned Congresswomen Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib from entering Israel for their support of the boycott Israel movement known as BDS. This effort is very real but what makes this more astounding is that there are sitting Members of the U.S Congress who are actually advocating for this.

Then, the ineptitude of the Philadelphia District Attorney led to six cops getting shot when a gunman, with an illegally obtained gun, fired hundreds of rounds at the officers. What's worse is that the suspect had multiple prior gun charges that downgraded and dismissed by a liberal District Attorney that chose not to prosecute him more aggressively.

Later, the Dayton shooter's autopsy revealed that he was on cocaine and other drugs when he was killed by police after his mass shooting. Looking at the tragedies in El Paso, Dayton and even in Parkland shed light on what the will of the people is regarding gun control. Laws like the Red Flag laws will not stop the mentally ill or murderous from causing the harm they intend to cause.

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On this "Best Of the Laura Ingraham Podcast," Raheel Raza, the president of The Council for Muslims Facing Tomorrow, exposes the Ilhan Omar's lies, and how "Islamophobia" is used to silence free speech; Ted Nugent joins Laura for an exclusive interview, and explores what makes music - and the country and culture - truly great; plus, the hosts of the "Sports Like A Boss" podcast Holly McPeak and Anne Marie Anderson stop by to discuss how we can keep the pure joy in kids' sports.

Some of the topics of today's show:
- Pushback! Recession Talk Vanishes Because It’s Not True;
- Jay-Z Throws Kaepernick Under the Bus;
- Israel Bans Anti-Semitic Democrats;
- Obama’s Legacy on Display in Philadelphia;
- Epstein’s Tribute to Bill;
- And much more...

Ari Fleischer, media consultant and political aide, who served as the twenty-first White House Press Secretary for President George W. Bush, is here to discuss the race to be the most left. With everyone giving everything away for free and Joe Biden giving out text codes as websites, 2020 is getting pretty interesting. Two candidates Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris recently spread around another lie, talking about the Michael Brown case out of Ferguson, ironically contradicting the findings of AG Eric Holder under the Obama Administration.

MARK LEVIN SHOW 08/14/2019 FULL SHOW // On Wednesday's Mark Levin Show, there was an active shooter in Philadelphia and five Police Officers have been shot with another hurt in an auto accident. In a time such as this with shootings, and our government encroaching on our freedom under the guise of gun control, we must show strength, not weakness.

Also, in our foreign policy, we have to reinforce America's free market. Other than tariffs on our enemies we should be very cautious about imposing taxes on American citizens for purchasing foreign goods. Initially, this will help a select few industries temporarily, but will only hurt more industries in the long term. We are witnessing an anti-industrial revolution to de-grow our progress. Yet the progressive propagandists have focused on de-growing our economy in the name of climate change. Claiming we need to use less of this and less of that and it's destroying us.

Later, the Statue of Liberty is not the Statue of welfare. Public charge rules are exactly how we've been able to add more immigrants into America every year than any other country on the planet. The poem on Lady Liberty is about the opportunity to make it on your own in this great country, not to get handouts. After, Bernie Sanders said that US foreign policy should be even-handed when dealing with terrorist organizations just like dealing with sovereign nation-states.

Then, the people of Hong Kong are fighting to maintain their freedom and China is reneging on their agreement. This is not an internal problem of China's; America must stand up for liberty.

Lastly, Gordon Chang, author of the "Coming Collapse of China" joins the program to highlight the need to confront China's malign activity and support the sovereignty that Hong King is standing up for.

On this "Best Of the Laura Ingraham Podcast," the far-Left's takeover of the Democrat Party was on full display last month at the debates. Everything from open borders to abolishing private health insurance to banning all fossil fuels was on the table. Bill O'Reilly, Chris Christie and Dinesh D'Souza join Laura to analyze what the debates mean for 2020, and why the Obama bashing revealed the true nature of the Dems' lurch to the Left.

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Some of the topics of today's show:
- Drive-By Media Hell-Bent on Talking Us Into a Recession;
- Cuccinelli Triggers the Left by Updating the Lazarus Poem;
- They Want You to Believe Epstein’s Guards Fell Asleep;
- Democrats Incited an Attack on an ICE Office — Where’s the New York Times?
- The Fredo Nickname Originated in Cuba;
- And much more...


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