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#Facebook is autodeleting mention of #EricCiaramella. The cultural left doesn't want free speech, especially criticism of the bastard secular postmodernist anti-life cult they operate.

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Tranny culture RUINS lives and families - LGBT outliers are not equal

When humans get sucked into a leftist memetic disease, such as tranny or gay culture, families and lives are destroyed. Recently I found out that a nephew of mine destroyed his own family after announcing he's a male-to-female hopeful tranny. Now he's homeless, as are his 1 and 4 year old daughters. A beautiful family destroyed, destroyed by the ultra-right AND the ultra-left.

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Operation Clambake, Fighting SJWs Edition is in operation.

This vid was on YouTube for Four Years before they found it and deleted it. Was it deleted because of AI detection or human checking? I would bet on AI detection. In any case, fuck google & youtube & their San Fran Death Cult anti-life policies.

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What leftism cheats people out of: Damn cute kids. 5-16-2019

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'Leftist atheists want into your bedroom far more than the right! Evolved morality is couched within religious contexts. An open letter to 'New Atheists,' such as Michael Shermer, Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, Daniel Dennett, Faisal Saeed Al Mutar, and others. Also to: The Atheism Plus crowd. Atheists of Utah. Atheist Community of Austin. Unitarian Universalist 'humanist' groups. To all these.'

Overpopulation is a myth (Jordan Peterson):



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