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I think it's safe to say that Biden's big donors are probably starting to get worried about the so-called frontrunner—if they haven't been worried already.

At the same campaign event in New Hampton, Iowa, where Biden thought it was okay to call a voter "fat" and a "damn liar," he also temporarily forgot when he was vice president.“We did that in 1976... Um, I mean, excuse me, backing up here, 2014 is when we did that.”
Biden was 34 in 1976, and Barack Obama was still in high school, probably getting high with the Choom Gang.

I suppose Joe deserves some credit for at least realizing somewhat quickly that he'd made a pretty silly mistake, but he's made so many silly mistakes just during this campaign alone — and even in the past few weeks — one can't help but wonder if that makes the Democratic establishment nervous. This is hardly the first time he's forgotten what year it is. The campaign is only going to get longer and more rigorous, and Biden's mental acuity is only going to deteriorate further.

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A new report published on Tuesday alleges that former Democrat President Bill Clinton and two-time failed Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton visited the New Mexico ranch of convicted pedophile and accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein nearly every year since Clinton left office at the end of his second term.
“Bill and Hillary Clinton stayed at Jeffrey Epstein’s notorious ‘baby-making ranch’ almost every year after they left the White House, according to the disgraced financier’s estate manager,” The Daily Mail reported. “The former president was Epstein’s closest ‘celebrity mate’ and the Clintons, along with daughter Chelsea, visited Zorro Ranch ‘a whole bunch of times’, a former contractor who ran the IT system at the property told DailyMailTV in an exclusive interview.”
The Daily Mail reported that the Clintons never stayed in the main mansion on the massive 10,000 acre property but did stay in one of the guest houses.

“This is all according to security expert Jared Kellogg, who was brought in by long-standing ranch manager Brice Gordon to improve security and set up a camera system at the main house and ‘cowboy village’,” The Daily Mail continued. “Kellogg said that at the time of his site walk of Epstein’s property, he had barely any knowledge of Epstein’s reputation but he said Gordon spent most of the time boasting about the Clintons’ frequent appearance at the estate.”

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Leaders of the Clintel Group of world scientists and professionals will attend the U.N. Climate Change Conference (COP25), which starts in Madrid today (2 December) and runs for twelve long days. (The Climate Summit was shifted suddenly to Spain after Chile canceled because of violent riots in Santiago.)

Clintel will present their "No Climate Emergency" petition at the Climate Reality Forum. This petition has already been presented to the U.N. secretary general, the European Commission, and the European Parliament.
Voting on a motion promoting a climate emergency declaration (in opposition to the Clintel statement), over one third of the members of the E.U. Parliament voted for "No Climate Emergency." This shows there is a significant opposition to alarmism, even in the E.U.

The Climate Summit is expected to attract up to 25,000 high-flying delegates and hangers-on from 197 member-countries. Most will not arrive using bicycles, sailing boats, or gliders — they will burn hydrocarbons. Desperate to spread their "Climate Emergency" alarmism, delegates will try to force high energy costs and rationing on us while they waste it conspicuously themselves.

Clintel says computerized global temperature simulation models are unfit for the purpose of setting climate policies — they have consistently run hot for 20 years
The real global climate has warm and cold cycles. Current global temperatures are about as warm as the Medieval Warm Era (which was followed by the Little Ice Age).

There is no uniform global temperature at any place or any time, and no one knows what ideal temperature we should aim for — the Frigid Zone would probably like it warmer; the Torrid Zone would probably like it cooler.

We need to take heed of climate history and ..

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On Sunday, actor Mark Ruffalo, who is worth an estimated $30 million by some reports, decided to trumpet his antipathy for the capitalist system, pontificating on Twitter, “It’s time for an economic revolution. Capitalism today is failing us, killing us, and robbing from our children’s future.”
In September, Ruffalo asserted his support for Senator Bernie Sanders and socialism, tweeting, “Democratic Socialism per @Bernie Sanders is basically the political system that works for all of us not just one percent. Healthcare for workers, education for workers, sick leave for workers, and a fair tax system.”
In November, speaking at a SAG-AFTRA gala, Ruffalo enthused:

I love the Democratic brand; I think they’re offering ideas and solutions and fighting for the everyday people in America, and so any one of them would be, would be a blessing to our nation. And, of course, I go way back with Bernie Sanders and I still love the guy and I still love what he’s doing. I’m so proud of every single one of them; they’re just leaning in and leaning forward on the line for Americans. I just love what we’re doing right now.

Only days later, Ruffalo appeared on “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert,” where Colbert asked Ruffalo which of the 2020 Democratic candidates he preferred, as Newsbusters reported. Ruffalo responded, “First of all, I want to preface this by saying I’m very excited by the Democratic brand altogether.
But for me, I started with Bernie on this trip, and, um, in 2016, and when I think about it, what I see is he led. And he led then. And now he’s leading now. And he’s the one —.”

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You’d be hard-pressed to find a Democrat who wants President Trump reelected in 2020. Yet increasingly, liberal rhetoric is playing into the president’s hands.

If Democrats want any shot at defeating Trump, then their sprint to the far-left must come to an end. And for that to happen, the party’s pseudo-religious adherence to identity politics must stop once and for all.

For years, the Democratic Party has billed itself as the party of inclusion, one that is committed to uplifting minority groups. And there’s some truth to this: When Democrats act in good faith, they’re genuinely trying to stand up for the oppressed and make our country a better place for minorities. But, more recently, the Democrat's attempt to protect minority groups has mutated into a grotesque form of new tribalism, which relies on making every argument about vague notions of oppression of supposedly marginalized groups.

Since then, it has become far more important to some Democrats to identify with the correct group rather than with the correct ideas. And in this increasingly monolithic thinking, dissenting opinions are no longer welcome.
Any opposition to the ideas of the ingroup can be dismissed with labels such as “racist” or “sexist” — a reality even Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has experienced firsthand. The four liberal congresswomen known as "the squad" have blasted the long-time liberal as racist because she has dared to push back on their ideas. The effect this has on discourse is corrosive: Who will be brave enough to dissent when they’re at risk of social slander?

One particular member of “the squad” has recently given us yet another example of the far-left’s identity politics tribalism.
At a liberal political convention in July, Massachusetts Rep. ..

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Ten Reasons to Be Thankful for President Trump This Thanksgiving

10. Enforcing immigration laws
9. Neil Gorsuch and the reshaping of the Judiciary
8. Brett Kavanaugh
7. Reversing Obama’s legacy
6. He supports our military, veterans, and national security
5. He puts America first
4. He got the GOP to find their backbone
3. He’s kept his promises
2. Investigating Obama-era corruption
1. The booming economy

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As we reported yesterday, two new polls have come out showing increased support for President Trump among African Americans. Rasmussen Reports has found 34% support for the president among this normally heavily pro-Democrat minority, while Emerson says it's 34.5%. Since Rasmussen was the most accurate pollster in 2016 and these results are so close, there's little reason to believe them to be wrong.

However, accepting them as "probably accurate" requires one to think rationally. Sadly, doing so is above the paygrade of members of the mainstream media. And so we have to deal with this nonsense:
Zero chance this is accurate. Zero. The poll must have only been conducted in the homes of Ben Carson, Kanye, that sheriff guy with the hat and those two Cubic Zirconia & Polyester-Spandex ladies.
CNN's Ana Navarro-Cárdenas simply refuses to believe the poll results. Why? Does she have legitimate criticism of the methods used by Rasmussen and Emerson? Of course not. No. The results can't be right because she -- a radical leftist member of the MSM -- hates Trump and believes him to be a racist. Obviously, African American voters have to agree with her assessment.
"Zero chance this is accurate," Madam "How-Dare-They-Leave-The-Plantation" writes. "The poll must have only been conducted in the homes of Ben Carson, Kanye, that sheriff guy with the hat and those two Cubic Zirconia & Polyester-Spandex ladies."

Ah, yes. That smear again: any black person who supports the president or who believes in conservative principles is crazy and should not be taken seriously. That's, of course, what she implies in this tweet.

Now, please note that if a Trump supporter (or a conservative in general) would have described any African American in such a manner, Navarro-Cárdenas would automatically and passionately accuse them of racism. But, because she's ..

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Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson wrote a scathing letter to Rep. Maxine Waters accusing her of “shamelessness” and lacking in “basic manners.”

Carson’s letter was in response to Waters’ own effort which she sent to President Trump last month amidst reports that the White House was considering plans to remove homeless people off the streets of California.

“Your shamelessness knows no bounds,” the Democrat who represents California’s 43rd congressional district wrote.

Carson unleashed in his response.

“Shamelessness is a career politician of 30 years laying blame,” he railed. “Shamelessness is allowing more than 55,000 Americans to live on the very streets they represent.”
"I was a little surprised to read your hostile letter to President Trump regarding the record number of homeless Americans in California, particularly in your district," Carson wrote to the California Democrat
Carson Wasn’t Finished
Carson pivoted to noting that he’s given Waters ample opportunity to discuss the homelessness crisis in her state and district and she has yet to respond.

“I have sent multiple letters to your office and requested numerous meetings, but each time you’ve refused,” Carson wrote. “Basic manners elude you and it seems that instead of producing results, you’re more interested in producing cheap headlines at the President’s expense — like a true career politician.”

Maxine’s Feeble Response
In a statement to The Hill, Waters continued her shamelessness by taunting Carson for not being important enough to get a meeting with her.

“Instead of whining about his inability to get on my schedule, he should take some time to focus on the over half a million people experiencing homelessness in this country,” she said adding that Carson “should contain his tantrums.”

This, from the woman who screeches impeachment at ..

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Is there something in the water at CNN? That can be the only explanation about these Don Lemon remarks, where he declared that he wasn’t a partisan liberal Democrat. This came as he was detailing how Republicans are on the wrong side of history with this impeachment fight…because we actually take what Don Lemon says seriously. My eyes cannot roll hard enough.

The Hill has been engulfed in impeachment fever over alleged quid pro quo nonsense, where Trump supposedly threatened the Ukrainian political leadership by withholding aid unless they opened an investigation into Hunter Biden, who secured a board position with a Ukrainian energy company when Joe Biden was vice president. The transcript of the call refutes that. The scores of so-called witnesses who came before the Hill this week offered little that wasn’t hearsay. This is the best shot Democrats have at impeaching Trump. It’s shoddy, but 2020 is right around the corner and these people promised their base they would impeach Trump if they retook the House in the 2018 midterms.

Still, Lemon’s remarks…there are just no words (via The Hill):

CNN anchor Don Lemon … that "Republicans are on the wrong side of history" in the impeachment process of President Trump, adding that he comes from this perspective not as a "partisan" or "some liberal Democrat."

"I’m not a partisan. I know people think that I’m some liberal Democrat. I’m not," Lemon, a staunch critic of Trump, said while speaking with fellow CNN anchor Chris Cuomo.

"They used to think I was a conservative Republican. I’m not. But I don’t think the Republicans aren't serving themselves well right now with their defenses or lack thereof of a credible one."

I mean, do we need to consult the tape—and this is a couple of many that show Lemon is a liberal host. He is partisan. And he works for a notoriously anti-Trump ..

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Justice Department officials are saying that a lawyer for the FBI altered a key document that was then used in the application for a FISA warrant to initiate surveillance of the 2016 Trump campaign.

DOJ Inspector General David Horowitz is expected to release his report on FISA warrant abuses by the Obama administration on December 9. No doubt, this incident will figure prominently in that report.

Interestingly, the Washington Post originally reported that the lawyer worked for Peter Strzok, the FBI's disgraced former head of counterintelligence and notorious anti-Trump investigator who, along with his mistress Lisa Page, played a key role in the bureau's Russian collusion investigation.

According to Fox News, the Post later dropped references to Strzok.

The Post, hours after publishing its story, conspicuously removed the portion of its reporting that the FBI employee involved was underneath Peter Strzok, the FBI's since-fired head of counterintelligence. The Post did not offer an explanation for the change, which occurred shortly after midnight. Earlier this week, the DOJ highlighted a slew of anti-Trump text messages sent by Strzok when he was leading the Hillary Clinton email investigation and the probe into the Trump campaign.
While the exact nature of the alteration isn't known, PJ Media reported earlier that U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York Preet Bharara said, "If there was an FBI agent, who has sworn to uphold the Constitution, who can be proven to have altered a document in connection to a legal proceeding including the attaining of a FISA warrant, that's really serious. It doesn't get much more serious than that."

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The arrogance and lack of self-awareness among the mandarins that inhabit the top levels of our government bureaucracies has led to a smoking gun-level confession. Rather than respecting the will of the voters who elect a president, they proudly substitute their own policy preferences and think nothing of conspiring to drive from office the person who holds legitimate authority to make policy and conduct the affairs of government.

A confession from a man who formerly ran the CIA came Wednesday at an event sponsored by a friendly organization, the Michael V. Hayden Center and Schar School of Policy and Government at George Mason University. Former CIA Acting Director John McLaughlin was among friends who share the same seditious outlook, speaking on a panel discussion, with CIA Director John Brennan, former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, and former CIA Deputy Director Michael Morell. With everyone sharing the same assumptions, McLaughlin apparently let down his guard and committed a “Kinsley gaffe” – accidentally telling the incriminating truth.
Chuck Ross of the Daily Caller describes what I call his confession, responding to a question from the moderator:
“There is something unique you have to agree that now the impeachment inquiry is underway, sparked by a complaint from someone within the intelligence community, it feeds the president’s concern, an often used term about a ‘deep state’ being there to take him out,” Margaret Brennan, the moderator for the event, asked McLaughlin.

“Thank God for the ‘deep state,'” replied the former spook, who served as acting director at the CIA in 2004.

Laughter and applause greeted this endorsement of “tak[ing] out” an elected president.

McLaghin kept on digging when the applause died down:

“Everyone here has seen this progression of diplomats and intelligence officers and White Ho..

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George Soros notches more leftist DAs in push to remake criminal-justice system

Back in the day, district attorneys sought to throw the book at criminals, but thanks to progressive mega-donors like George Soros, today’s prosecutors look increasingly like San Francisco’s Chesa Boudin.

Mr. Boudin, a former Hugo Chavez translator and the son of Weather Underground radicals, doesn’t believe in charging offenders for any number of “quality of life” crimes, including prostitution, public urination, defecating on sidewalks, and “public camping.”

His upset victory last week over Democratic establishment candidate Suzy Loftus alarmed San Francisco police officers like Sgt. Tony Montoya, who worried that the election will make the city safer for criminals and more perilous for law-abiding tourists and residents.
“You’re sending a very, very wrong message that you can come into San Francisco and do whatever you want, and there are no consequences,” said Sgt. Montoya, president of the San Francisco Police Officers Association, which opposed Mr. Boudin’s candidacy.

A deputy public defender, Mr. Boudin comes as the latest in a string of county and municipal district attorneys elected with enormous donations from wealthy left-wing donors, an effort spurred by the 2014 Ferguson riots and rise of the Black Lives Matter movement.
Also prevailing in the Nov. 5 election was Democrat Jack Stollsteimer, who edged Delaware County District Attorney Katayoun Copeland in the Philadelphia suburbs, thanks in part to a $1 million donation from Mr. Soros to his pro-Stollsteimer Pennsylvania Justice & Public Safety PAC.

The playbook was similar to the one Mr. Soros used to help elect progressive prosecutors such as Kim Foxx in Chicago, Larry Krasner in Philadelphia, and Rachael Rollins in Suffolk County, Massachusetts. All three endorsed Mr. Boudin.


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On Tuesday, Project Veritas broke a story about how ABC News reporter Amy Robach accidentally admitted on a hot mic in August that the network opted not to run a blockbuster story on sexual predator Jeffrey Epstein three years ago.

Some mainstream media outlets have either remained neutral in their reporting on the issue, have not covered it, or bizarrely explored the “right wing reacts” angle instead of zeroing in on the fact that a major news story was squashed so the network would still be able to have access to interviews with the British royals. Unstated, of course, was how killing the story protected the legacies of Bill and Hillary Clinton in a year in which she was the Democratic presidential nominee.

You’d think ABC News would be sufficiently embarrassed enough about the Project Veritas footage to admit they were wrong to not run with the story, but that’s not what they did.

According to journalist Yashar Ali, ABC News did some investigating not to find out why the story was shelved, but … to find out who the leaker was.

As it turns out, according to Ali’s sources, the leaker is a former employee of ABC News and a current employee of CBS News. I say “current” lightly because as of this morning, Ali updated his report to note that CBS News FIRED the tape leaker after ABC let them know who it was:

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In 2006, New York Times Best best-selling author David Horowitz wrote an explosive book on “The Shadow Party” detailing how billionaire George Soros and radicals from the 1960s took over the Democratic Party, according to evidence he obtained with co-writer Richard Poe—also a New York Times-bestselling author.
Now, more than a decade later, Soros’s influence has become increasingly visible in today’s Democratic Party.

Horowitz explained in an interview with The Epoch Times how the party has changed completely from its roots.

“Because the left has always dominated the cultural institutions, people don’t even know what communism is anymore,” he said. “But that’s what the Democratic Party is: the redistribution of their racist ideology called ‘identity politics,’ where the first thing you want to know about people is the color of their skin, or their gender, or their sexual orientation. Everything else is secondary.”

Horowitz said Soros gets a sense of “fake virtue” from political manipulation, his version of “saving the world.”

Last year Soros transferred nearly $18 billion of his fortune to his Open Society Foundations, making it one of the world’s largest organizations for political activism.
Horowitz said that funding from Soros’s foundations shape much of the culture in today’s American society, but the end goal behind it is much more sinister. “I’m a former radical so I know how sinister and evil and malevolent the left is,” he said.

The true agenda behind Soros and the “Shadow Party” Horowitz said, is to “make America a one-party state and to silence people like myself.”

“[Soros] put together a coalition like the Working Party, and then he has things like the Democracy Alliance, which is a $50 million operation where he funnels money into Democratic candidates,” Horowitz said. “He’s very obsessed with Secretaries of ..

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It’s been a tough few weeks for CNN. Who knew pushing fake news could be so challenging?

First, they tried to turn President Trump into a rube for suggesting that Alabama could be in the path of Hurricane Dorian. It turns out that CNN suggested the same thing, a few days before Trump did, warning Alabama to “be on the lookout”.

Then came the fiction that Trump outed a Russian informant. Instead the reality was that the decision on any outing or exfiltration occurred before Trump became president. We know whose watch this occurred on, but CNN chose to instead blame the current president.

Now it’s an opinion poll. CNN’s story of the week is, ”6 in 10 say Trump does not deserve a second term.” Well, that settles it. If CNN says so, it must be true. Get ready for President Beto or Pete.
Remember how they said endlessly that Trump colluded with Putin and the Russians to steal the election from Hillary Clinton. And how Trump would soon be frog marched from the White House, if the gaggle of psychiatrists declaring Trump insane didn’t get rid of him first via the 25th Amendment.

CNN told us Stormy Daniels would be the Trump slayer. Or was it Omarosa? Or Michael Cohen? Or Megan Rapinoe? I’ve lost track. Michael Avenatti was the perfect candidate in the eyes of Brian Stelter, host of CNN’s show with the most fraudulent name, “Reliable Sources.”

CNN is giddy over this latest poll, reinforcing their reputation as a hackneyed and partisan propaganda arm of the Democrat Party. This will be the story that reverses Trump’s likely successful bid for reelection. In the minds of Beltway journalists, everyone hates Donald Trump and wants him sent packing in November 2020.

CNN describes their poll by saying, “Overall, the poll paints a picture of a President who has done little to improve negative impressions of him or his work during his ti..

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Beto O'Rourke, once a darling of the media, has decided to end his presidential campaign. He tweeted his announcement, linking to a blog post on Medium.

"Though it is difficult to accept, it is clear to me now that this campaign does not have the means to move forward successfully," Beto wrote. "My service to the country will not be as a candidate or as the nominee. Acknowledging this now is in the best interests of those in the campaign; it is in the best interests of this party as we seek to unify around a nominee; and it is in the best interests of the country."

Beto's campaign has been one desperate radical announcement after another. In recent weeks he's announced his support for Menstrual Equity, vowed to strip tax-exempt status from churches that oppose gay marriage, announced a mandatory gun buyback program, and dropped the occasional F-bomb in order be cool.

Despite his departure from the race, Beto promises to work toward defeating Trump in 2020. This probably means that even though he's leaving the race, he's still hoping to position himself as a vice-presidential pick.
Things are also not looking good for Kamala Harris, who is closing campaign offices across the state of New Hampshire.

This announcement comes just two weeks after Beto revealed in an interview with Politico that “I cannot fathom a scenario where I would run for public office again if I’m not the nominee.” The writing on the wall about his campaign has been evident for at least the past couple of months. He's been polling in the low single digits, and it was increasingly clear he was not going to qualify for future debates—failure to qualify for the November debate would have ended the campaign. Dropping out now, two weeks before the deadline to qualify for the November debate, seems like a curious move if his plan was actually to run for preside..

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The “Great Crime Decline” of the past several decades is one of the most amazing and laudable developments in modern urban life. Since the 1990s, the rate of violent crime in America has been cut in half, from 750 violent crimes per 100,000 people to about 350 per 100,000 by 2013. New York City is now safer than London on many measures and Washington, D.C. was recently ranked as one of the 10 safest cities in the world.

But despite this overall drop, violent crime remains disturbingly higher in economically disadvantaged areas of cities, many of which have violent crime rates that are “exponentially higher” than the national average.
That’s the sobering takeaway from a detailed new study of violent crime and urban inequality by Andrew V. Papachristos of Northwestern University, Noli Brazil of the University of California, Davis, and Tony Cheng of Yale University and New York University.
The study, published in the sociology journal City and Community, traces the troubling connection between violent crime and socioeconomic disadvantage in Chicago since the 1990s. It focuses on the change in not just the baseline murder rate but in the relative murder rate in the city’s safest and most violent neighborhoods, and details how those changes are linked to urban inequality.

To get at this, the study charts the change in the murder rate across more than 300 Chicago neighborhood clusters since the 1990s. It examines these changes in violence in light of three key factors: concentrated disadvantage (factors including the poverty rate and unemployment), immigrant concentration, and residential stability (based on the share of owner-occupants and the percent of people who lived in the same house since 1995).

It employs two different measures to gauge the change in violent crime across neighborhoods: absolute change between the city’s ..

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Seattle’s public-school district has proposed a new math curriculum that would teach its students all about how math has been “appropriated” — and how it “continues to be used to oppress and marginalize people and communities.”

A draft of the curriculum, which was covered in an article in Education Week, would teach students how to “explain how math and technology and/or science are connected and how technology and/or science have (sic) been and continues to be used to oppress and marginalize people and communities of color,” as well as to “identify and teach others about mathematicians* of color in their various communities: schools, neighborhoods, places of worship, businesses, etc.”

Education Week reports:

If adopted, its ideas will be included in existing math classes as part of the district’s broader effort to infuse ethnic studies into all subjects across the K-12 spectrum. Tracy Castro-Gill, Seattle’s ethnic studies director, said her team hopes to have frameworks completed in all subjects by June for board approval.
If the frameworks are approved, teachers would be expected to incorporate those ideas and questions into the math they teach beginning next fall, Castro-Gill said. No districtwide—or mandated—math/ethnic studies curriculum is planned, but groups of teachers are working with representatives of local community organizations to write instructional units for teachers to use if they wish, she said.

As strange as it may sound, this proposed curriculum is not the first time that someone has argued for teaching math in this way. In fact, in 2017, an online course developed by Teach for America — titled “Teaching Social Justice Through Secondary Mathematics” — instructed how to teach their students how “math has been used as a dehumanizing tool.” Also in 2017, a University of Illinois math-education professor de..

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In the most racist incident to happen in all of 2019, look to Oak Park, Ill., trustee Susan Buchanan, who was caught on tape berating her fellow board members for being white and male.
Arguing to adopt a new equity statement for the city of Oak Park, Buchanan lost her marbles and started telling the white men on the board they have no right to an opinion.

"I don't want to hear what you have to say!" she yelled. "Why do you have an opinion on equity? You have been white from birth...why are you arguing 'what is a system of oppression?' You've never experienced one. Just stop Dan. Stop Dino. You are not oppressed...You stop it. You are a white male."

Then she turned to a non-white male of Middle Eastern descent, Mayor Anan Abu-Taleb and said, "Your skin is white enough." Luckily for all of us, white woman Susan Buchanan is qualified, somehow, to decide whose skin color is light enough to make their opinions void.
According to this elected official, white male elected board members don't get to speak on behalf of their constituents based on the color of their skin, and nothing else. She, however, a white female board member, does.

Protests haven't happened. No one is calling for her resignation. This is the state of American politics now: open, blatant racism with no censure. Not only that, but Buchanan got her way and Oak Park, by a unanimous vote (including by the white guys who don't matter) passed their equity statement that is full of Marxist, feminist garbage.

We acknowledge intersectionality and the compounding effect of multiple forms of discrimination that many in our community experience. We affirm all people as members of the human family. Our goal is for people of widely differing backgrounds to do more than live next to one another. Through intentional interaction and fair treatment, we can respect our difference..

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Want to make a Mexican in Mexico very angry? Look at him and call Mexico a "failed state."

To be fair, Mexico is not Beirut or Medellín in the 1980s. Go down to any major Mexican city, and you see people going to work or dining on Saturday night or attending a birthday party.

It looks normal but is not really normal. Mexico has serious problems, as we see in this article by John Daniel Davidson:

Last Thursday in the city of Culiacan, the capital of Sinaloa state, a battle erupted between government forces and drug cartel gunmen after the Mexican military captured two sons of jailed drug kingpin Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman.

The elder son, Ivan, was quickly freed by his men, who overpowered government forces and secured his release.
Ivan then launched an all-out siege of the entire city in an effort to free his younger brother, Ovidio.

And the bad guys got their way!

In public, Mexicans get angry when you say "failed state." In private, they will tell you they don't really know who runs Sinaloa.

As a Mexican friend said: "Did the government just lose Sinaloa to the cartels?"

No, Sinaloa is still part of Mexico, but the cartels demonstrated two things:

First, they have weapons and people who know how to use them. How much longer before the cartels have their own fighter jets and bomb government locations? I don't know, but there are fighter jets for sale on the black market.

Second, the López-Obrador administration needs to realize that the U.S.-Mexico border is a national security threat. How did those weapons get to Mexico? And what about the dollars financing their operations? There is a big hole on the border, and the cartels own it!

Maybe someone will ask the Democrats about Mexico in their next debate.

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There is a disturbing silence from leaders of the Democratic Party over those gangs of black-masked leftist thugs shutting down free speech and beating people to the ground with clubs at Berkeley.

We've seen such leftist violence before, and we saw it again just the other day at a protest in Berkeley, when the city police backed off and the thugs who call themselves antifa swarmed peaceful protesters of the right.

It's all over the internet, young men of the hard left in black masks, black gloves, armed with clubs, hunting down prey who dare speak their minds.

What's striking about all this is the silence.

There has been no concerted media effort to pressure Democratic politicians to denounce Democratic muscle. So Democratic politicians have been relatively silent, as have many of their loyal pundits. A few pundits of the left have even compared the thugs with American soldiers hitting Omaha beach, a ridiculous attempt to legitimize the violence.

This is all corrosive and dangerous. And in a loud political year, the silence of Democratic politicians explains so very much.

Because silence is consent.

And in this silence you may hear something terrifying: The rule of law breaking down.

When politicians aren't pressured to declare themselves, they don't. Most Republican and Democratic pols are transactional personalities who hate taking a stand until after consensus is formed. They'd rather wave a moist finger in the air to see which way the wind blows.

This business of political muscle and politicians can be found in the history of Chicago politics too. Any alderman would condemn violent street crime to get journalists off their back. But if you asked them to condemn specific street gangs or Outfit crews by name, asked them to call out thugs who provide them political leverage in the precincts, they'd look at you as if ..

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Maybe you're thinking, "Whoa, fake news, right?"


The two-time failed presidential contender and confessed chardonnay abuser appeared on Obama campaign manager David Plouffe's podcast yesterday, where she blurted out stuff worthy of an unhinged Reddit thread. She told Plouffe she believes the Russians have "got their eye on someone who’s currently in the Democratic primary and are grooming her to be the third-party candidate." Apparently referring to Tulsi Gabbard, Clinton said she is "the favorite of the Russians. They have a bunch of sites and bots and other ways of supporting her so far." Clinton didn't actually name Gabbard, but the former FLOTUS's intent is clear, coming on the heels of the NYT's similar smear-job on the Hawaii congresswoman.
For her part, Gabbard called the smears "totally despicable" during Tuesday's presidential debate, but they're kind of funny coming from Clinton. You'll remember that it was Hillary who once tried (and failed) to present a "reset" button to the Putin regime, back when she was Barack "Mr. Flexible" Obama's SecState.
Also according to Clinton's political lexicon, Green Party candidate Jill Stein is a full-on "Russian asset." Just in case you weren't sure what Clinton meant by that, she then added, "I mean totally." Whoa, like, for sure?
Actually, the part about Stein rings kind of true, since she's a committed opponent of fracking, which drives down energy prices and keep Russia's coffers half-empty. Then again, Clinton also came out against fracking during her 2016 race. So maybe it's Hillary who's the real Russian agent.
See how easy it is to play this game? Russians, dontchya know — they're everywhere.
There's a sad angle to this story, though. Clinton and the MSM-DNC came up with the whole RUSSIA!RUSSIA!RUSSIA! narrative to distract from her embarrassing, "impossible" loss ..

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State Department Says Nearly 600 Security Violations in Clinton Email Investigation

They took their own sweet time about it, but the State Department's internal investigation into the Hillary Clinton email imbroglio has finally been completed. As you might expect, it was pretty much of a whitewash. The only eyebrow raising news coming from the release is the number of blatant security violations by Clinton and 38 other State Department employees.

Daily Caller:
State Department investigators probing Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server as secretary of state discovered nearly 600 security incidents that violated agency policy, according to a report the Daily Caller News Foundation obtained.
The investigation, conducted by the State Department’s Bureau of Diplomatic Security, found 38 individuals were culpable for 91 security violations. Another 497 violations were found, but no individuals were found culpable in those incidents.

The investigation concluded Sept. 6, and the report was issued Sept. 13.

No criminal charges, no action whatsoever. It's like the violations never happened.
Big surprise, huh?
Hillary fared a lot better than others who have mishandled classified information.

National Review:
On Tuesday, the Justice Department announced the arrest of a former CIA officer on a felony charge of unlawfully retaining classified information. Jerry Chun Shing Lee (a/k/a “Zhen Cheng Li”) is charged in a complaint with one count of unlawfully retaining classified information, a felony carrying a potential ten-year prison sentence.
Since Mr. Lee's name isn't Clinton, he has to abide by the rules or go to jail.
What makes this story so maddening is that government bureaucrats at every level in several agencies all decided to give Clinton and her aides a pass. Oh, they said mean things about her. Former FBI Director ..

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At a graduation ceremony at Liberty University over the weekend, Vice President Mike Pence warned students that it has become "acceptable and even fashionable to ridicule and discriminate against people of faith" and that they should "be prepared for persecution." This was a gentle — one might say Christian — way of describing what has become an all-out war on believers. This war, which I have described in my book Dark Agenda: The War to Destroy Christian America, got into high gear in the 1960s with the banning first of prayer and then of any reference to the Christian foundations of American democracy in the public schools. Once atheism became the only constitutionally protected religion, the war on Christianity became a central source of the political divisions that followed.
Mike Pence, perhaps the most decent man in politics, and his wife Karen have been the target of relentless attacks by LGBTQ radicals who have conducted vigilante campaigns against Chick-fil-A, the Colorado baker, and religious institutions across the country for the crime of being Christians. This war reached a turning point more than 40 years ago with Roe v. Wade's invention of a constitutional right to kill unborn children — a direct assault on the belief of every Christian in the sanctity of human life.

Vice President Pence knows about religious persecution. From the moment he signed a bill for religious liberty and ever since he entered the White House, he has been the target of vicious and outrageous attacks on his faith by the LGBTQ radicals, and by Democratic primary candidate Pete Buttigieg in particular. In what has become almost the main theme of Buttigieg's primary campaign, and in flagrant disregard of the truth, Buttigieg has accused Pence of being a bigot because he is a Christian. In fact, the opposite is the case. When Buttigie..

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The power is out in Northern California. More than 1 million Californians are now without electricity, one of modern life’s essentials that is frequently taken for granted. The blackout was done on purpose—to prevent sparks from powerlines that could ignite deadly wildfires.
Before planned blackouts are through in two or three days, as many as 3 million Californians may go without power. On the surface, the blackout and its causes are simple to understand. But the deeper causes are complicated, span decades of public policy, and dozens of overlapping unintended—and intended—consequences of decisions, both related and unrelated.
The wind in Northern California is blowing in from dry Nevada, as it often does this time of year. It’s called the “Diablo wind.” In Southern California, the comparable current blowing in from the Mojave Desert is known as the “Santa Ana winds.”
In both cases, as the wind rises above California’s mountain spine, then descends, it compresses and heats up. Forests, chaparral and brush, dry this time of year in California’s Mediterranean climate, are primed for wildfires.
This Isn’t Climate Change
Michael Wara, Stanford University’s director of climate and energy policy, warns, “We are having to adapt to new circumstances brought about by climate change.” He estimates that this week’s blackout could cost the state as much as $2.6 billion in lost economic activity.
Politicians, journalists, and some scientists repeat a common refrain: California is getting hotter and drier because of climate change. They ignore the fact that annual precipitation totals over the past 100 years show no statistically meaningful trend.
There are plenty of examples of California’s fires being blamed on climate change. Last year’s Sacramento Bee editorial about the deadly Carr Fire in Northern California was typical: “The Carr F..


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