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Notice What’s Missing in This Map of the Most Racist Countries?

According to Fox News, the Christmas party tradition has evolved over time. Initially, it was just one party for the press to mingle with members of the administration and take photos with the president and the first lady.

Trump Survives Daily Media Onslaught, Still Has Higher Approval Ratings Than Obama

MSNBC Now Pushing Idea Trump Wasn’t Actually Elected…At Least Not ‘Democratically’

Christians Nearly Wiped Out in Middle East, Trump Immediately Sends Help

Outrageous: Caravanners Offer To Return Home If US Pays Them $50,000 Each

GOP Chairwoman Destroys All Opposition to the Border Wall with Devastating Statistics

Prominent Former Fed Prosecutor: Mueller’s Flynn Sentencing Memo ‘Biggest Feint Of All Time’

Lib Writer Says Everyone, Including Students & Illegals, Should Run for POTUS

To Protest CO2 Emissions, Bloomberg Ships 220,000 Pounds of Ice 2,000 Miles for Art Project

President Donald Trump hosted the top two Democratic Party leaders in Congress — Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi — for a discussion in the Oval Office about an impending spending bill battle and a potential government shutdown.

Melania Gifts Special Christmas Drawing to Girl, Parents Left ‘Stunned and Amazed’

Two SJW's Rewrite 'Baby, It's Cold Outside. It's Full On Cringe-Worthy

Man Shoots Dog Attacking Him; Cops Respond by Confiscating His Pistol, Shotgun and Ammo ‘for Safekeeping’

Smug Student Compares Clarence Thomas to Hitler Then Interviewer Wipes Smile Off His Face

Smug Student Compares Clarence Thomas to Hitler Then Interviewer Wipes Smile Off His Face

Car Companies Roar Back as China Blinks in Trade War, Proposes Enormous Drop in Auto Tariffs

Russian Boat Tries Ramming US Ship, Almost Capsizes Itself

The Incredible Gary Sinise Just Flew 1,000 Gold Star Kids to Disney World for Christmas…and Their Surviving Parents

PHOTO: Meme Compares Real Math To Common Core Math And NAILS It

Viral Meme Infuriates Bernie Supporters With Brutal Truth Behind Minimum Wage

Monica Lewinsky Breaks Silence, Reveals the Horrific Thing Bill Clinton Really Did to Her

Kellyanne Asks Democrats: ‘Do They Want To Keep the Government Open or Keep Borders Open?’

City Gives AR-15 Owners December Deadline To Submit to Rifle Count

Flashback: After Winning Silver, US Divers’ Announcement on Their Faith Went Viral


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