Just a quick catch-up after attempting and finally publishing vlogs...time consuming but hey-ho.

If you stay until the end...yer mmayd! (Monty Python style)

Much L❤️VE


Inventor of the PCR Test...


A tast of what is happening in the markets etc.
He has been spot on if you research a bit.

Please look into my claims, I do this not for gain, ego or attention.

I have kept virtually quiet too long.
Now I urge you to HELP YOURSELF.
The Government are not going to bail us out forever.

I hope you see what we see.

Much L❤️VE


Yes, George was a media whore but words are powerful and truth is everything.

Trump leaves to "YMCA", a failed businessman..USA fcuked.
Now the most powerful man in the world (for now🇨🇳) comes with a Preditory nature, old age and a promise to come for we/us/you.
R.I.P. The United States Of America. (In grief)
Masks, jags and surveillance...war?
Just in....Borris Johnson spotted in Washington dressed as...a Sumo wrestler.😉


This shows the mythology connected to all they do, among other evil practices, a Torah myth promoted by a Jewish man who likes to camp it to the max but is also gay..ok, good on yer but this mental illness cross self mutilation is not what I believe we should encourage.

It is a mature, life altering decision.
One some must live with, many do not and leave us sadly.
Maturity takes time, I myself took 48 years but still a child, confused, angry and unsociable needs that precious time.
As we all know, what we once thought clever we know warn about...but we are not screens.

Lose it(Tech) or lose them.

Who knows?
Not I.
What if ole Joe is secretly terminal?
A sacrificial lamb?
It will be interesting.

Much L❤️VE


Bugger all happened.... thankfully. Patience.

Well, I'm buggered if I know but willing to waffle about it.

Nuff said.

Much L❤️VE



Bare this in mind, a lesson in how to cover up a laughing fit...this is so telling, most don't see it. We do.

With this you can see forward and adapt.

A quick gloss over the company that is donating £100 million to Oxford University to 'tackle the threat of antibiotic resistance'.

Everyone gets a slice of the action.
Links provided...

That'll do Donkeh!

There is much more...much more.

Much L❤️VE


The game of Drs and Nurses has taken a darker turn.
Do what thou wilt.

Yet to be is the ScUmN.

What a world😔

Universal Basic Income is close to completion..then the state owns yow ayy.
Meanwhile, MP's are voting on an extra Universal Credit £20 a week relief takes the piss, they vote themselves pay rises(near past) but call for the END OF STATE BENEFITS for ALL...problem, reaction, solution alright.

The net closes, ground air and sea.

Much L❤️VE


A bit of fun..James Corbett.

Try the
It's the information that is important. also..

No fear, prepare just in case.
Focus on the inner for answers and peace.

Much L❤️VE


Just my usual banter, pointing out the bloody obvious armed with nowt more than common sense.

'oo crab paste!

Much L❤️VE


I did it, you can, here's how.
Let's play with them on mass.🤔😉😅👋

Get it shared far n wide yer fellow Maddie's!🤪🤭

Much L❤️VE


For Subscribers who are familiar with our journey, this is not of use to your good self.

I make this in a hope it guides and helps the healing process within all who are within their own mind prison and far from themselves. Please know, I do this out of love not proof, just a knowing.
The time to heal and become begins if you can break free and trust your inner fears.

The truth, no matter how painful, will set you free.
Forgive yourself and be the change that life tells you is unreachable. Avoid the broken rings and climb the ladder with me to understanding and courage.

Much L❤️VE


When you break free and see, you see we, when you refuse to prove us right, truth barely touched your light. Johnny.
Our journeys are entwined now, we all fight the same enemy, ourselves.
They offer, steer, tempt and decieve us, they never force unless we fall into their laws and Acts and that my friends is called choice.

Choose better for you, lead by example and you never know, others may follow suit.

Much L❤️VE


As predicted, Trump shows he is indeed just another bad actor and Judas Goat leading all to the slaughterhouse.
He, like all, cower and cover their backs with get out clauses whilst per usual throughout history..they lead, WE BLEED.

My home town Grimsby.
I read the crime and my g-d...😔😢

It's early, I'm aboot so time Fe a donder and a waffle with ma best pal Buster.

If we discuss topics in a positive manner we lose doubt and fear, join me as I break through the thin layers of truth...errrm, ok maybe not but hey, it's a giggle now.

We must laugh at them now as complying ain't working.😂
Now the Jag gives (upto) 5 month immunity but the virus can still be spread??🤔🙄🤪😅
It shows utter desperation.
Let go, be young, sing, dance or get down with your bad 'SELF' and celebrate...we are spiritually free.
Don't hold back..just remember YOU and BE.

News fe herm....a veteran doing his bit.👋👋👋👋👋 L❤️VE


With love we can change the world, so why so much hate?
We know why, divide and conquer.
As it was and, if we allow, as it shall always be.

My future is not in ones and zeros, it is within and with that feeling and knowing I can imagine a more selfless reality called Life....for all.

As that seems a fair bit away I do for me.

Do for YOU. But remember what you are, never slide.

Into the Grey Zone, Sky News-Its public Conditioning.
What next, Drone Deliveries🤔
Anti terrorism Laws are being used to detain people of Conspiratorial views or seamed cyber terrorists.
The door has been kicked off its hinges...a new heavy door replaces, closes and slowly

Adapt to live in or without.

Much L❤️VE


Another attempt to reawaken those chasing endless phantoms and breadcrumbs.

Please, if triggered, ask why?

Much L❤️VE


Those who see would agree I'm sure, we have played the, "charity drives for the rich' game enough times so pay attention.
This is Part 1 of 2.

I'm too upset to continue with text so..

Much L❤️VE


Our collective shame...again and again.

The future trackers?

Well I hope this one is published, I give my usual waffles but now I must convey an urgent message.

I cannot move forward in my learnings if I remain within this ever growing open prison come guinea pig farm so I openly leave myself naked in truth.

I am not afraid, I just want to live free.


Much L❤️VE


To know is to prepare in advance.
My local stores are low, staff say supplies dwindling, deliveries short and prices are skyrocketing.
Learn now, adapt and survive later.

My plan is put forward.
I wish you all luck.

No fear...prepare. NOW.

Much L❤️VE


What are gray zones?
the gray zone is characterized by intense political, economic, informational, and military competition more fervent in nature than normal steady-state diplomacy, yet short of conventional war.


If I repeat myself I apologise, I suffer with a below average memory so I can seem a bit dipsit at times.

I offer a truth that I feel and learn with others who see and escaped the human farm only to land in another full of created conspiracies.
If I can serve to help and heal one... that'll do!

Much L❤️VE


Once adopted by one, all follow.
1984 looks like a pink panther movie compared to the madness around the world.
USA, People thrown out and.verbally attacked from stores and assaulted for not wearing masks.
Government Dr's, 'experts' and Maps..Starlet, Labour, call for more 'extreme' measures to ensure 'compliance' as those who flaunt the rules and LAWS will have blood on their hands.

The seed is a trigger.
Winter flu season😉

A witch hunt indeed.

Much L❤️VE

How long before the media anti this and conspiracy that propaganda turns families against eachother as theories still do.

Just sharing from brandnewtube. Anthony Nesci


Nothing must be hidden, especially who we truly are.
I'm not ashamed anymore.

I offer a choice to some and truth in pain and shame to others, those I destroyed I continue to fight as to gain the strength to protect them if and when called.
My love will be realised one day with forgiveness.

My mind must be free to learn and heal.
I am raw and honest and live again.

Much L❤️VE


Watch my recommendation and see 2007/8 happening right now under a new fraud.

To be forewarned is to be for forearmed.
Let's wish for once we are wrong, for everyone's sake.
Focus, adapt and move forward to become.

Much L❤️VE



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Bitchute is very inconsistent in publishing our videos.
4-10 fail to and data is wasted, be nice, sort this out please guys.😉

Reality shows itself to be ridiculous...🤭🙄

My older YouTube channel I share to show my journey.
I get it wrong too...I admit it though.

If you stay until the ends...who knows. › 2011/04PDF
The Nuremberg Code (1947)
Now ask yourself, is it still relevent today, right now?


If you do not intend on watching my clips in their entirety I would suggest you do not try, it will be alien to you.
If your aim is sharing ideas then Welcome.
I look forward to learning with you all.

I have decided to document my journey through and out of Conspiracy rabbit holes and read from my extensive notes.
If easily offended or a Conspiracy are not ready.

I hope to free you with honesty and love.
Believe nothing I claim...prove only if you wish to leave the farm and level up into peace without ANY fear.

Death is the begining, life is the chance to escape the conveyor belt of learning by skipping the first levels and discard gurus who chain and cement us (the soul) to their realm under the guard of those who can never leave nor evolve, call them minions, agents or plain Evil, no matter but it exists within the cult and that is why we must face them down and expose their puppets and illusions.
I wish us all's gonna get bumpy so buckle up.

These are my opinions, conclusions but never my last word because it keeps evolving daily.

I claim nothing to be true, I only know it true and right for me.

The chase MUST stop, we must be one.

Special thanks to Matt of Quantum of Conscience for allowing me to accept my/our curse/gift.

Recommended also..

My apologies for any ads, I have now disabled them.
I am a fud.😔
My weight loss pic, from 13+ st to 9st,10lbs.
Bicarbonate(a pinch) in 500ml water, replace ALL sugar with this for 1 month. After that half it but keep your sugar intake low.
Drink at least 4-6 bottles per day, more if active, eat fresh or as fresh as possible, cut out the shite and watch....soon you will feel it and people will notice if you keep it up. Only light exercise needed. (Walks etc-use yer dog)
No processed, no GMO, no synthetics, sweeteners, zero sugar means 100's of times sweeter... artificially.

Grow your own if possible or learn to become foragers.

It works!!!!

If only...lyrics.

Common law no longer exists...Fixed-Term Parliaments Act. More will follow.