Did Carlos Arredondo rush to the scene and save Jeff Bauman's life after the first bomb went off at the Boston Marathon in 2013?

Is he truly the devoted, grieving father and amazing patriot the media makes him out to be?

History and footage from the day of the Marathon show otherwise.

When a numerology-obsessed cabal of satanists have control over all media, it allows for endless predictive programming opportunities.

In this video, we explore the numerology on a 1967 Newsweek Magazine cover, starring the builder of the World Trade Center towers, with his watch set at the numbers 9 and 11...

One correction from the video - it seemed to me at the time that the cabal was commemorating April 3rd as the date of the Crucifixion in their numerology surrounding human sacrifices. After a lot more study and seeing more examples of this, the numbers 4 and 7 for April 7th are much more important to them and prevalent in their rituals. There is also a great deal more scientific evidence seeming to point to that date as Christ's death.


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