Jews Own All Sports Except a Very Few

Rabbi Jewish IDF Soldiers Permitted Rape is Good.

A TV show I Wayne Morin Jr was the Host of we that have been red pilled to the truther movement have knowledge to Hollywood and the C.I.A. use of Movies TV Shows and Music Industries use of predictive programming. Many of use know of the Protocols of The Elders of Zion and their influence of Media to program the masses.
Wayne's World was a Movie that I Wayne Morin Jr feel that these facts speaks for themselves. Wayne's World Jew Hollywood gentile goyim Talmud hating message while laughing in the faces of the victims as dark sentences and the left handed path use the Talmud magic.
There are Radio Shows and TV Shows I Wayne Morin Jr have done with an older website. Older shows mentioned above topic. Bob Fletcher-Pastor Rick Strawcutter Zeph Daniel.
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Wayne Morin Jr

Jewish Talmud Witchcraft Rabbis - The Fallen Away Churches- REPENT

JEWS need to be WOKE up for the Mass Immigration Rapes Murders that have occurred - they need to be confronted about them being behind these systemic criminal law breaking broken system they have learned and have perfected the USE of immigration through the many COUNTRIES the JEWS have been EXPELLED From.
We need to PROTEST these SYNAGOUGES and MENTAL HEALTH facilities that make LAWS and use our Courts to legalize illegals through perfected Jewish LIES.

Bill Lockwood joined the show today to debate a long-time listener and non-practicing Jew, Edward, on what exactly the Talmud says about Jesus Christ.
This Video is from The Jessie Lee Peterson Radio Show.
The video is being posted because I feel that its plays an important truther information proof. We pray for the Jewish people and want them to understand that they need Jesus, and to except him and repent and be born again. Jesus wants no man or woman to perish Jesus said at the endtime a remainimt of Jewish people will be saved. If your Jewish and need to findout how you can except Jesus Christ please go to:
Power of Prophecy
Or Call 1-800-234 9673 and Just tell anyone who answers You want to Except Jesus Today.

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Wayne Morin Jr

Texe Marrs Last Interview Ever with Alex Jones
This video upload was in part do to the recent Alex Jones interview with Jan Irvin and his claims about debunking the Talmud opponents who say the Talmud is being used and is very much part of the Jewish peoples plan to destroy gentiles unsaved peoples and create a Jewish utopia in Jerusalem with a Temple Mount Red Heifer and gentile slaves.
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Wayne Morin Jr

Jan Irvin on Infowars Talmud Supporter
If Jan Irvin wants to do an open forum dialogue debate about the Talmud I maybe able to request Rev.Ted Pike or Michael Hoffman II if he has as he says debunked the Talmud.
I Wayne Morin Jr am going to do some edits.
Jan Irvin is speaking Lies about the Talmud you ask why I say because I am a live to prove it as many other can witness if willing.
In Jesus Christ Service
Wayne Morin Jr

Alex Jones and Jan Irvin Jewish Lies- Talmud support.
I Wayne Morin Jr am going to do some editing on these clips.
Watch share repost-questions feel free to ask ( when in dought ask about ).
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Wayne Morin Jr

William Bar- Beware of Reagan Bush Clinton Ties as Back stabber I will try to find older post that tells of William Bars shade lengthy background all the wayback to Reagan. This will trigger the Loyal Trump supporters and made to look like Trump was set up- But Trump as like Clinton Bush Reagan were all OWNED by CHABAD.

Does Trump, who made the pick but claims that he “does not know” Barr (do we believe this?) realize that Barr—“Robert Johnson”—is the Deep State swamp’s most loyal operators and protectors? And that Barr is deeply connected and loyal to everyone and everything that Trump opposes?
Remember all the information Trump & Lolita Island with Epstein- You know even the Sick Jew Alan Derwshowitz has been busted their - its all a CHABAD jew set up to make the Jews feel a superiority over GOYIM by even sacrificing other Jews to make good on the promises to RULE the World from the new Capital in Jerusalem- WATCH see if I Wayne am correct.

In Jesus Christ Service
Wayne Morin Jr

Grow up my brother and sisters you know in the 1980s in San Francisco California- The Jew globalists have these devices- we know Tesla had many patents. Trump is holding these cures back from all the Americans these devices have through the Years they through trying to usher in 666 Antichrist and failed in the 80s with Hal Lindsey's Late Great Planet Earth Count Down To Armageddon The Zionist then and Now are holding these devices back with the cures America you need to WAKE UP!
Ritual gangstalking performed "in plain sight" is an extraordinarily frequent occurrence among the perpetrators elite. It provides a prime opportunity for occult illuminatus to pridefully taunt and mock the general public, whom he views as profane and deserving of being tricked and deceived. Magical work done openly, but occultly hidden, signals to fellow conspirators the reality that their common deceptive scheme is succeeding.
Again, we find, then, a certain sense of megalomania and arrogance among the perpetrators elite who perform ritual magic.
Finally, magic is also self-fulfilling. Those who believe in its effectiveness and who exert themselves in its ritualistic exercise will endeavor to produce the desired effects. A Black Magic----or so-called left-hand magic ritual--say a hex on an enemy, may work simply because those who perform the ritual have the capacity, the capability, and the willful desire to execute real-world acts designed to achieve desirable objectives.
Please share the picture-my website

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Wayne Morin Jr

THE LAST WORD with LAWRENCE O'DONNEL Alan Dershowitz Rape Allegations Totally Lies.
Please Read Share Repost Alan Dershowitz is a Jewish man that is continuously bragging about how Jews are Chosen and better than Gentiles.

A recent interview with Preston Nichols, 03/23/2018. The Montauk Project both Mind Control and Time Travel has been the forefront of today's technology used in MK Ultra Monarch experiments and Time Travel leading to CERN opening up Portals/Stargates. Tonight's guest Preston Nichols was the assistant of engineering at the Montauk Air Force Base called Camp Hero, located on the tip of Long Island, New York. Now called Montauk State Park. Only some items remain that still draws people to investigate the site. From the Philadelphia experiment also known as the Rainbow project to recent projects will be the focus of tonight's show.
Bumper/window sticker shown on video available @ Tin Foil Hat Video by a Scott Hensler Network, LLC

JAMES GIDORDANO Ph.D Georgetown University Targeted Individuals -
Watch the Video I recently have done with Richard Lighthouse.
Please continue to Share my Videos with others that are TIs and Toughs who need knowledge of these technologies and their use on citizens without consent.
I am a Christian and am letting you know that Pastor Scott Hensler has a website to Help you-you are Loved and Jesus knows your struggles.
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Wayne Morin Jr
Christians KJV Bible believers must remember Mind Control Technologies are real and the Jews are behind them WAKE UP!

Watch the Video I recently have done with Richard Lighthouse.
Please continue to Share my Videos with others that are TIs and Toughs who need knowledge of these technologies and their use on citizens without consent.
I am a Christian and am letting you know that Pastor Scott Hensler has a website to Help you-you are Loved and Jesus knows your struggles.
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Wayne Morin Jr
You must remember the Jews are behind all Mind Control.

This is a very large victory for KJV Bible believing Christians we have the opportunity to use this failed mission to bring all the Judaizing JWs Mormons Muslims Catholics Jews and Temple Sets This failing gives the Christian an opportunity to work on the walk in their faith as they know and feel the false belief systems they have been brainwashed.
Though thou exalt thyself as the eagle,
and though set thy nest among the stars,
thence will I bring thee down,
saith the Lord.
Obadiah 1:4
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Wayne Morin Jr

A mini documentary done back in the early 80s to expose the problem of teenage boys - that turned to prostitution - run aways from broken homes but not always.
The 80s were a Time were America was on a countdown to Armageddon Hal Lindsey Movie The Late Great Planet Earth was pointing to the return of the Antichrist and many race wars and The Protocols of The Elders of Zion were becoming a reality.

Boys For Sale (1981 Forgotten Documentary)
Boys for is actually a summary compilation of short exposés recorded and aired nightly throughout the preceding months and years in Houston (by KTRK) and Atlanta (by WXIA). Very shocking and disturbing but we should all be aware.

In Jesus Christ Services
Wayne Morin Jr

Two of our founders of the Targeted Individual community first John Ginter and Cheryl Welsh a video she did with awhile after his release from San Quentin a real (gem) collectors should be in a Targeted Individual Museum please make hard copies share with Sunday School Bible study groups Town Hall meeting and Community Awareness Groups.

Many of our Targeted Individual Community founders were at this great conference in Oakland California these are many of the

David Arthur weekly Live Stream called "Refined w/ David Arthur" Saturday Evening at 7pm EST (4pm PST)

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What a blessing this was to here the miracle transformation Jesus has made in this man. To hear the similarity of his youth and incarasration Jails while still a minor -on the mean vicious serial killers streets - with no one to (fend-protect) him I had to request this a TV Show Interview-so it is my privilege to share-please repost make virial David has weekly Live Stream Christian chatroom open forum I strongly suggest those men who feel left out and no were to turn in todays Christian churches.
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Wayne Morin Jr

Listen and Learn - make copy.
I will make a better Video but I needed to share-this information. You can find much of this information in my Book ( Razor of Madness ) buy it read some on Amazon.

Listen to this horrific charges.

I'm willing to do Live Stream even polygraph test.

In Jesus Christ Services.
Wayne Morin Jr
RE-uploaded from YooTube
Pray and Help this message get out- Share repost.

TRU NEWS Donald Trump Jr 3/28/19
Donald Trump Jr Tells. TRUNEWS Russiagate Implosion Means President Trump is Now Free from Fake News
Pray for our President Donald J Trump and for TRUNEWS and all the brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ we are overcomers we give Jesus all the praise and glory.


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I work with other Medias that are willing to tell the truths most National Medias will never share, and if they do its only for a sound bite. If you have a video that you are interested on getting more Media and its Christian orientated and its needs to be Aired let me here from you. I love helping the Christian with Media I am KJV.
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