The mainstream media, politicians, pop culture and our schools know how to scare us into compliance. Don't let fear control your emotions. These tactics are old and we should see right through them. They will promise us security and comfort, but if the last 100 years has taught us anything...there's no such thing as a free lunch.

The Left is trying to keep us afraid of the CCP corona virus. They are purposely destroying our economy, creating a second Great Depression, and trying to slip more and more socialism into our country. They want us to be knocked down so hard, that only Big Daddy-Government can pick us up. We know how his turns out, we've see what's been happening in Europe, we know what happened under Mao and Stalin, and we know socialism is knocking on our front door today. If we let them take too much, our children and future generations will never know what it means to be American.
(Let me know if the link stops working. I tried archiving, but it only took a snapshot of the top)

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#CCPVirus #chinaliedpeopledied #covid

After years of nihilism, President Trump actually gave me hope again. Then this Chinese pandemic, started and all of my decade-old conspiracy thoughts are running through my head. But I know you see it too. You know that socialism (slash communism) is right at America's doorstep.

I know we have more problems than just China. There has been subversion and espionage going on more a century, at least. But we have the means to spread information and share ideas like never before.
I know I'm preaching to the choir, but its really important that everyone makes an effort, if they want to see the West survive another generation.

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"Made in China 2025" source:
Chinese Hacker source:
Local Police Department Drone Program:
DJI Privacy Policy (Chinese "First Response" Drones):
Article about "Made in America" products:

A few #Trump Supports showed up to this Anti-Trump #Impeachment rally, but most weren't there to debate. But this #Patriot stood strong as democrats and leftists surrounded him and questioned him. He was wearing a Trump 2020 hat and a "Hillary for Prison" t-shirt. There was no violence or excessive hostility at this point (the Trump 2020 flags weren't there yet). The group wasn't outright rude, but I did feel like they were talking down to him, and mildly disrespectful. I wanted to shake his hand before he left, because what he did takes balls, (courage), and patriotism. He went straight to his car after the discourse, so I didn't get a chance to show my respect.

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The hostility from the #Left is gross and unAmerican, all because of a #Trump2020 flag. This man is just one of many, who are #intolerant of supporters of President Trump and anyone with a differing opinion. The things he says should not be taken lightly, and when I hear similar rhetoric elsewhere, it makes me wonder if its ever possible to reason with them. Granted, this man may not represent the average #Democrat, but the smile on the woman's face after his inappropriate statement is very concerning, (because, from my observation, this woman was very well spoken and self-assured--she should know better).

I know many of us try to engage in civil discourse, but a lot of people have given up (on both sides). A few Trump Supporters at this particular protest had no interest in discourse because they felt it was like "talking to a brick wall". I agree with that sentiment, but I still think its important to share our values outside of our "bubbles" and we must encourage diversity of ideas.

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This guy was selling #Trump chew toys at an Impeachment #protest the day before the House vote. He practiced free-market capitalism while using humor to sell the dolls to the protesters. His sales pitch was so good, I almost bought one myself. Good on you, Capitalist-bro*.

*Disclaimer: I do not know his affiliation, ideology, or political leanings. I just thought he did a good job selling the product. For all I know, hes a Bernie-bro.

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At the end of an Impeach Trump rally, a fight broke out between the Anti-Trump protesters and counter-protesters. On Impeachment Eve, I was live-streaming a huge rally/protest in my area, on Twitter, but the stream got scrambled during the fight. I did my best to edit it so that it is tolerable, while maintaining as much context as I could. Below, I've included an excerpt of my observations of the Anti-Trump event, as a spectator:

…While the protest was family-friendly and nonviolent, the mood took a noticeable shift once the "Trump 2020" flags appeared. The Pro-Trump counter-protesters crossed the street and waved their flags from the divider. But as the Anti-Trump crowd dwindled and the event wrapped up, a man and his son returned from the other side. He spent time live-streaming the protest before crossing the street to stand with the Trump Supporters. Upon reentering to the anti-Trump crowd, the father and son were met with looks of disgust and were soon chastised.

"I'm not getting triggered", the agitated woman argued with the dad. While she continued to berate the father and criticize his parenting skills, a young man brought his Trump flag over, behind the aggravated crowd, and stood tall with a smile on his face. An elderly woman began to approach the young man and his flagpole. The host of the event jumped in between the two, in an attempt to deescalate the situation. After words were exchanged, the woman grabbed his flagpole and all hell broke loose.

The Trump Supporters rushed across the busy street in defense of the young man. In the chaos, the elderly woman was knocked to the ground. Her shoe came off and her Impeachment sign got ripped. The police appeared, seemingly out of nowhere, and regained order. The elderly woman was helped up by a young man wearing MAGA gear.

I had to cut most of the aftermath because the glitching was so bad, and likely intolerable to watch. One of the female Trump Supporters lost her MAGA beanie in the scuffle, however the beanie was returned when she asked for it back. I am not sure if it was taken intentionally, or just fell off in the chaos. (I believe the gentleman in MAGA gear gave it back to her). The officers were very friendly and ensured everyone was okay, but the fallen woman had already left the scene. The agitated female protester explained to the officer that the woman seemed okay and commended the Trump Supporter who helped the elderly woman off the ground, calling him a "gentleman". Then the agitated woman and the father continued to argue as the police stood by. She told the boy to have a Merry Christmas as she walked away. The host thanked everyone for coming and apologized for what happened with the counter-protesters. He announced the rally was over one more time, and the rest of the crowd dispersed.
I hope the woman who fell is okay.

I have more clips to upload from earlier in the event, including some dialogue between the two sides, but this was definitely the most dramatic part.

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Anti-Trump protesters gathered on #ImpeachmentEve to express their opinions and rally against the President. Nearly two blocks were lined by protesters, waving handmade signs and chanting loudly. The protest was peaceful, as a whole, however that changed when Trump Supporters began to arrive. The Pro-Trump crowd started their own counter-protest, which aggravated the Anti-Trumpers leading to an escalation in hostility.

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(The audio gets better!)
There was a small group of "anti-Trumpers" at a table on the beach. I tried finding common ground before I realized they were "literal" communists. While talking to one of the guys, my husband was able to pick up a pamphlet which included their entire communist plan. I am not sure why the guy I spoke to wouldn't admit he wanted communism to take over America, but after reading the pamphlet at home, it really answered my basic questions. He compared Trump to [a WW2 dictator] three times, and called me naive (and I think ignorant), which I have heard before...*yawn*
He couldn't tell me who would rule the country, and he kept bringing up silly Leftist talking points, such as the Green New Deal, Abortion, the Border, Prisons, etc, just to deflect from my only real question:
After Trump/Pence are overthrown...Then what?

These lunatics either have no knowledge of the suffering and atrocities (100 million deaths, probably more) caused by Socialists and Communist (LITERAL) regimes -OR- They are okay with a violent revolution that allows inescapable totalitarianism to take over.

I included the text at interesting points in the conversation, so the bold white text was spoken by the guy I was talking to, and the little box "bubble" was just my thoughts and after-thoughts-I didn't include any of my spoken text.

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With all the #WarrenMemeTeam excitement and Warren Wagon Train hype (lol), I wanted to upload the full speech from Elizabeth Warren's Rally she held in San Diego in the beginning of Oct 2019. I include a #cringey intro (not) culturally appropriating where I add my #2cents (or less, my camera failed on me...curse you patriarchy!) but then I include the entire (full hour) of Warren's speech plus some shots of her merchandise, the Q&A portion, and the crazy long selfie line.
*Seizure Warning* I tried my best to get decent shots of Warren during her speech (which was nearly impossible) but you can at least hear the words from the donkey's mouth. Likely inconsistent, definitely inauthentic, but the full speech nonetheless. The lighting was awful, so the spotlights may burn your retinas (i tried to counter this in post but if you saw my last Greta video, you know I'm still "learning" premiere pro, so don't scalp me!)

I will be including timestamps in the description so you can skip ahead ASAP.

So, I apologize for the video part, but maybe there is some value (2 cents) to be extracted from her words.

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#Trump #OutNow I just got back from the beach, still sun-kissed and sandy but I had to share this gem I received from the Trump/Pence OutNow refuse facism table. The table was obscured by the independent vendor kiosks, and other creative business owners selling their products and making a profit on the Ocean Beach sidewalks.
The Trump/PenceOutNow table was suddenly two yards away from where we were sitting, clueless to it's existence.

But once I approached to talk with them, they pulled out their speakers and started talking about beautiful Venezuelan women (seriously...I don't know).

But here's a glimpse into their mindset.

Here, I read you JUST the flyer I was given, in all it's extravagance.

...They really believe this shit.
If it wasn't so dangerous, it would be almost amazing.

#parody #howdareyou #the6thday
Greta Thunberg gets a ride with Arnold Schwarzenegger to the climate crisis conference. During a conversation with himself, Arnold gets annoyed with Greta's interruptions and puts an end to the hysteria.

...i dont know what I'm doing.

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and other stuff

#Antifa #Maga #intolerantleft

In Part 2, I wanted to show some of the thoughts and ideas of the "Close the Camps"' speakers. The Communists stood in a row, making a human wall and watching us the entire time. We were such a threat to their ideas, that they stood with their backs to their own event. My husband and I were so important to them, they stood like a herd of cattle around an unfamiliar item.

I included timestamps of moments that hopefully give insight to the illness controlling their agenda. I can't deny I make some snarky comments, but the over all impression they left on me was insane.

I have one more video after we get into the police car and while we are walking to our car. Mostly just my thoughts and commentary, but I feel it is relevant to the situation.
I try to understand why people think the way they do, and I go to leftist events for that reason. As of today, I believe their ideology is fuel by naivety, but part of the movement is hell bent on revenge and violence toward undeserving victims. They have hate in their heart, and they are a problem. They are pawns for the globalists and they don't even know who is pulling their strings. If they had the intellect to do honest research, they would learn real quick tat they are advocating for their own enslavement.

Watch Part 1 for the bulk of the intolerance here:

Granted it's not as entertaining as the first 5 minutes of Part 1 (check it out if you haven't), I felt it was necessary to share the event overall.

Out of respect for your time, here are some time stamps, so you can jump to specific points in the video. If you have the time, please consider watching it all the way through.

0:06:45 Cops talk to us about our safety and shares his views
0:11:23 A guy on a boat yells obscenities
0:12:50 We met another Libertarian
0:14:30 We talk with him about Trump and our views
0:18:09 Cops give us a ride
0:19:20 Communists cheer as we get in the cop car

I want to thank everyone who watched, commented, and subscribed after my first video. Thank you for your support! I hope to provide valuable content regularly.

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Warning: Freedom, Diversity of Ideas, Political Discourse is Triggering to Ill-informed Leftists...."This is what DEGENERACY looks like!" On Oct 13, 2019, my husband and I saw 'Close the Camps' protesters chanting and marching through the streets of Downtown San Diego. While walking around we purchased a [*trigger warning*] American flag from a gift shop and we decided to participate in our First Amendment rights, along-side the 'stunning and brave' comrades. I wanted to hear their highly informed worldviews and perhaps learn something about the benefits of socialism, so I convinced my husband to go to Waterfront Park and quietly listen to the speakers and possibly ask questions. Unfortunately for them, once we attempted to enter the park their intolerant and racist ideology was exposed and we were immediately surrounded by overweight, low IQ, masked cowards. The round one tried to get scrappy and misgendered me as a "Proud Boy" and they all said the typical comical antifa jargon. I went in with an open mind and genuine curiosity about their ideas but left with a bad taste in my mouth from their odor. (...No pun intended--because I was wearing my 'Bad Taste' movie tee, in case its visible at any point.)

TLDR: This was not an intentional antagonization, but based on their reaction, I regret nothing.

(on a serious note...)
*GENUINE APPRECIATION: There were TWO individuals who were willing to use their words (and not fists) to communicate, and help us better understand their agenda. It's unfortunate that both individuals were shut down and silenced by their own "comrades".
To those two people (Green "armband" guy and Discourse girl), I want to sincerely THANK YOU both for having a dialogue with us, because that is what America is about. I hope that one day your open-mindedness shines some light on the totalitarian cult that currently controls you. *

**I also appreciate the police for keeping us safe from the violent and anti-capitalist mob planning to assault us, after tirelessly staring us down for an hour. Thank you for protecting us. Tax dollars well spent!


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