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It's great, it's really great! Just like the lovely vaccine that saved millions...

Get yours while the supply chain lasts.

The mind control is so deep many still beLIEve taxation/legal theft is right action. Using force and coercion to collect money against ones free will choice is a crime. Just like rape is a crime, armed robbery is a crime, taking someone's property without permission is a crime, so on and so forth.

Once THEY take our money often "use it as a weapon" against the very same public claiming to serve. We see this clearly now with covid-19 and all the wasted money to support a Lie. To support Legal Harm and Legal Genocide. Money that could be spent on the well being of the public yet instead is used for harm. Same applies to money spent on unnecessary wars harming children. Psychological warfare against the public is funded through taxation. Big HARMa is partially financed through taxation. The evil military industrial complex is funded through taxation. Big tech, GMO glyphosate food industry is funded by taxation. Our indoctrination centers known as schools are financed through taxation. Social engineering is funded through taxation, geoengineering is financed through taxation. Nearly all harmful actions against the public are funded through taxation and Korporations.

We will never be free until this scam is ended. Until we have a decentralized way of collecting money “voluntarily” given. Money to be used for services that actually benefit society and self. Void of central banks that control the flow of debt notes. Debt notes used to implement Legal Harm and Legal Slavery. A “Free society” is based in “True free will choice” and voluntarism, not violent force, theft, coercion and harm. This is what “insane societies” do. National Socialism, Communism, Statism/democracy/Constitutional Republic and all other forms of governments are based in Legal Theft. Based in “immoral actions” to function, rule, control, coerce and harm. We have gotten so use to slavery this Truth is still very difficult for many to see. Like the frog in a pot with the temperature slowly being turned up does not notice until the water is boiling. By then it is too late...

A scam used for theft mainly. Then those debt notes are used to harm us financing legal slavery and genocide.

Info I wish I had known early on about dental health. Dealing with a cavity at the moment. Dentist want to do a root canal. From my research do not trust them. I switched tooth brushes a while back and feel it is part of the problem. It was a new product and decided to give it a try. My diet is very good so I know it was not from that. Using chlorine dioxide at the moment and a new toothbrush. It already feels better. I will share the results when the time is right.

In this interview, Dr. Bill Osmunson discusses the role that your dental plays in your overall health, as well as strategies you can do to keep your teeth in top shape.

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One of the potential future Cause and Effect consequences. If we continue to enhance A.I. and comply with those desiring to rule, through technocracy.

Is very easy to forget or not notice the beauty of Nature.

Relying on the EPA for Truth is a delusional wet dream. However is important to understand the data. To make a more wise decision. Filtering water is part of the solution.

I know this is a touchy topic for many. However those who desire Truth are willing to re-think data. Temporarily suspending info thought known. Have been saying for a while, to this day have not found the missing link.

This topic is important because of the race issue dividing and conquering many. If this is True, “we” have been mixing DNA for a very long time now. If also True, then race has little to do with human behavior.

Has more to do with epigenetics, environment and human programming. Mostly linked to survival. Conditions we can change for the better if so choose. The predator class desires to choose for us. Convincing us to choose them.


Starting to wonder if he was not murdered.

A.I. digital analog hybrid chips might be part of our “mandatory” future. Looks like Bill Gates plans on implementing them in computers. To compliment A.I. programming. Regardless if we desire them or not. Slick way to get us hooked and dependent on them. Find it interesting they call it the Hermes Project. I wonder how they will abuse this technology?

You can find the creator of this video here:

When your belly is empty you swallow anything THEY shove down your throat! This is part of the End Game for the Reversed ones…

Can find the creator of this here:

Some thing's to consider. Is ET JEWpiter god worship part of the problem?

It is almost as if THEY are competing for a space in the underground bunkers. Knowing their poLIEcies will destroy the surface and us. The most obedient will guarantee a spot in the bunker. I say this because no sane person would support such poLIEcy. Psychopaths would knowing the Truth having an escape route.

Some great data here on “sovereign beings” verses sovereign citizens. Who is sovereign, the people or the state?

The “Reversed Ones” have used “perverted law language” to usurp power over us. This is why THEY are constantly manipulating and changing it. The word democracy is essentially associated with Communism, Marxism and Socialism. Why we see many identifying with the term democratic socialism. We now know democracy is mob rule.

I do appreciate a black man calling out BLM for what it is. Calling out George Soros and the like. Some hard Truth here many will despise and reject due to “human programming” and blind beLIEf. I disagree with a few points here however is more accurate than most on the topic. For those who are ready though, here you go...

#Sovereign #Language #SPELLing #Goyim #Law #Woke #Manipulation #Confusion #PoLIEcy #Zionism #Control #Demoralization

Understanding the strategy is part of understanding how to combat it. Is an Energy game at the end of the day. Withdrawing Energy from the problem is part of the solution. Prime problem is that those supporting it are being paid very well. Making it difficult for them to rethink it. Could end most of our current “cause and effect” problems nearly overnight. If simply refusing to participate in the Lie. To do so is to lose “debt notes” of survival. Has been designed this way. Making it difficult to break free. From the Lie and legal slavery...

I recently became very ill. It was shortly after I helped someone move who is triple jabbed. Might be on his fourth. Prior to taking them asked my opinion. Told him the evidence shows it does much more harm than good. Then shared him the evidence. He has been in and out of the hospital numerous times since.

I started to get sick shortly after seeing him the last time. Then my lady got sick. The thing is, I eat very well and organic green juice Monday through Friday. Have not been sick once like this since starting to do that about seven years ago. My immune system is very strong.

I am starting to wonder if it was due to vaccine shedding? Imagine a weapon that not only harms you, also harms everyone around you. Have been sick many times in the past however this felt different. Something synthetic and artificial about it. Is worth looking into regardless.

This system of distraction and control is actually declining. Regardless, is still important to understand how THEY do this. Maybe Joe Rogan will mention it...

Recently shared a quote of hers in regards to animals. Did not know much about her prior to sharing it. The quote was True regardless despite her current false perspective. In regards to over population.

Such shame to see folks with the mental capacity to understand supporting the overpopulation Lie agenda. She is either unaware of or in on the scam. Perhaps she was threatened by the predator class to promote it.

It is not an overpopulation problem. It is a "lack of control "over the population problem for the predator class. Is why THEY will use "any excuse possible" to justify decreasing population. Particularly environmental reasons.

It was definitely not about blackmail...

NOTHING to see here...

I do not usually share much mainstream data however feel this is worthy. In regards to A.I. Many of you are already aware of this info however for those who are not will help understand. Is good to consider many angles as well to conclude.

If THEY are correct nearly 50% of jobs “now available” will not be soon enough. Not only due to A.I. but "automation" as well. Particularly if we continue to interact with it.

One thing I recently learned and found interesting in regards to language and A.I. is how THEY are using SPELLings. If an A.I. makes a mistake THEY refer to it as a delusion. Why would one apply a “human word” to A.I. that does not accurately describe the problem? Particularly coming from so called geniuses.

Personally feel is because THEY are using words/language/SPELLing to twist the Truth. We already know THEY are doing this. The covid 19 scam is a prime example. Is easier within “perverted law language” to use such a word to avoid responsibility.

THEY also use that word toward those who are more connected to Source Energy/Prime creator. Is part of the language of scientism religion. A limited language of confusion. More than True understanding. We are better controlled that way...

I am noticing many so called spiritual folks interacting with and promoting artificial intelligence. While claiming intelligence. Some have a lot of followers that trust them. Influencing audience to interact with it.

The more we interact with and use it. The more we will become dependent on it. We already know now that it is replacing jobs. I personally do not trust anyone promoting and investing in it. Particularly Bill Gates and the like.

One reason I recently uploaded the ANIMATRIX film, as a reminder. One of the potential Cause and Effect consequences of advancing artificial intelligence.



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