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In this video we show all the steps of how to edit, implement and use a smart contract on the zilliqa blockchain.

We use the Scilla language.

The smart contract in this example is very simple. It has the unique function of logging information and messages on the zilliqa blockchain.

The application used is ZilPay and the register available on the site at

To view the recorded information later, simply log into the blockchain zilliqa viewer site at

This video teaches how to install ZilPay (Zilliqa Cryptocurrency Wallet).
ZilPay is an application that uses the chrome or Firefox browser extension.
For more information visit our website:

How to implement the Helloword smart contract on scilla-ide platform - Zilliqa.

Scilla - edit end deploy smart contracts blockcahin zilliqa.
The new paradigm of smart contracts is driving practically everything into the blockchain, that is, into a decentralized and robotic world. This applies to virtually every area, such as health, work, finances, relationships, and even spirituality.
Thus, learning programming language today is critical to understanding, creating and implementing smart contracts. However, in the near future, implementing smart contracts will be as easy as writing in a notebook.


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Contrato Inteligente is a channel dedicated to creating and deploying decentralized applications called smart contacts.

To make smart contracts we use the blockchain platform from ZILLIQA because it's public, safe and scalable.

We are working to implement a decentralized and simple-to-operate application that can create a smart contract instantly.

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