Controlling the Narrative

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Disregard the stuff he says about Trump not being a Freemason. Aside from that, everything else he says is accurate. The actor who played the George Floyd role is alive and well, laughing at those who believe that any of this crap was real.

This is just another staged hoax that was created to manipulate emotions, promulgate fear and division and push the 'order out of chaos' agenda.
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Anyone telling you that any of these staged 'events' are real, and that all of these funded Masonic/CIA actors don't work together in complicity behind the scenes is a funded liar, or an extremely gullible person. All of these events that you hear about it the fake news media are entirely scripted and staged.


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Canadian citizen who has been unjustifiably placed on a CSIS watch list to be targeted, stalked and criminally harassed.

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