Conversations with SOTU

Conversations with SOTU


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Hi name is Josh Schwartzbach and I have been a professional channel for over 20 years. I have been channeling an energy that we call SOTU. They (as a multi-dimensional energy consciously aware of their multi-dimensionality) usually describe themselves with plural pronouns like 'we or us.' My partner Adrienne and I have been on a long incremental, extremely rewarding and enlightening journey together. We believe we've discovered the secrets of creation that had previously been taught in the 'mystery schools.' SOTU has given us an understanding, in real and pragmatic terms, of how and why we create the realities we do... even to the level of the reflections of chaos that are facing us each day. I'll be posting excerpts of videos we've done recently (past year or so). Hope you enjoy them. I'll be checking in daily to answer any comments.