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I'm not dead yet.

I have been working on a project this last month. I have been building Broadband Traps. Don't know what the hell that is? That's ok, I have a video of the DIY project coming soon. It will be the launch, so to speak, of the All About Audio series I have been trying to kick off for a number of months. Acoustic treatment isn't the place someone getting into audio production should start, but that is where I am currently at, and it would be a missed opportunity to skip on making this into a video. I'm building these additional acoustic treatments in preparation for an audio project where I will be doing a full production of the upcoming Stone David album.

I will be recording in an environment that could use a little more acoustic treatment, and I have the technology and material to make that happen. This project with Stone David also represents the unofficial launch of my open-source crowdfunded studio project. I don't spend a ton of time talking about either, I just wanted to keep you all informed that I have a lot of things to inform you about in the future.

If you just read this, you gleaned more information than what you will find in the video. I could have saved a lot of time transcoding video files and uploading via satellite internet if I just would have taken a still photo and made a text post. Oh well.

Much love from Northern Idaho.
Matt Haughton

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-The music is a parody of the song "Bitch" by Meredith Brooks.

The world is different today. Here comes Hillary
and another round of change. We tried to tell you, but they've
convinced you that we're crazy. And they've weaponized their speech.
Conspiracy Theory.

We came, we saw, he died. Gaddafi's been relieved,
NATO helped Al-Qaeda to rise. I can understand how
you'd be so confused, now they're called ISIS too.
Buy you'll vote based on identity, cuz being PC's so FUN!

She's a bitch, she's a liar, she should be put on trial.
She's not fit for head of state. What difference does it make?
Choose the LEFT, choose the RIGHT. You have to pick a side.
You've got to understand that's how the game is played.

From her Email sham, Benghazi, Whitewater,
and gun runs to Iran. The media helps her lie to
your face on purpose, manipulated by T.V.
Proles are easier to control with no ability to think.

In the seat, she'll be fryin. When she speaks she's probably lying.
She's not fit for head of state. What difference does it make?
Identity politics, aint nothin wrong with it.
Unless you speak your mind and then you will be shamed.

Just when you think you've got her figured out
the headline is already changing.
And if you do, you'll know shes a loser.
And then you'll want to yell it.

She's a cunt, she's a liar. She should be put on trial.
She's not fit for head of state. All of our lives at stake.
Choose the left, choose the right. Or be
coerced to do what's right. We have been
blinded to the fact that we're all slaves.

Life's a bitch, forced vaccines. Eugenics card played out their sleeves.
World economies they plunder, that's the deep-state under cover.
We're all chumps, she's reviled. And Chelsea may not be Bill's child.
What difference at this point does it make?

-Sources for the curious

Alex Avery of Authentic News Media and I chat about my Community Building series. I try to nail down specifically my definition, and how I'm applying this idea to my daily conscious action. Enjoy.

Please head over to the Authentic News Media YT page and show him some support. And let him know what you are doing to make a difference.

Tim Fry gives a talk at the Spokane WA Sustainable Preparedness Expo, May 2016.

This wasn't stated as well as I had intended in the video. I plan on doing a good majority of my upcoming work on Agorism and Counter-Economics. After speaking with John Lothe a few weeks ago, we decided to spend some time chatting about community building, and begin defining a basic framework to build upon. Check him out on Youtube, if you have been wanting to spend some time reading Tragedy and Hope by Carrol Quigley but find the massive tomb to be daunting, John has you covered.

John Lothe on Youtube:

Please feel free to add to the discussion. Your constructive input is valuable.


Additional reading, viewing.

Resources on Agorism:

John B. Calhoun, wikipedia:

Brett Veinotte, School Sucks Project, Autonomy Through Agorism Series:

Food/Water Resources: (I find sites like these inspiring, ideas that have a model that could be re-tooled, or used as is if it suits the need)

James Corbett, P2P solutions (please get involved if you have something to add. If you are not a subscriber, and find value in the content, please consider becoming a member)

Derrick Broze, Roman Van Ree, Project Dèmos: (Video)

byJames Corbett
February 23, 2016

Quick: what’s the first thing you remember about the climate conference in Paris last December?

Read the rest at...



I had the opportunity to speak with Richard Gage, founder of A&E 9/11 truth, about his upcoming NE tour. As well as some of his activities here in the Idaho Panhandle.

Do you know what you are eating?

Dr. Don Huber, Professor Emeritus Purdue University, gave a presentation at the Sandpoint Idaho Community Hall on October 10th, 2015, sponsored by the Republican Liberty Caucus of Idaho. For those that missed it, or those on the Youtubes, I encourage you to take notes and continue your own self education. Mr. Huber provided a DROPBOX LINK with 200+ articles, studies, literature and powerpoint presentations for just that, as well as these provided below.


Mr. Resister



Episode 8: takes WTC 7 to City Hall for local action in Idaho. Visit for details on how to take action in your area.

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