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Today, learn how to cook a Vegetable Tofu Spring Rolls with easy Ingredients:

●Tofu 3 pieces
●Ground meat 200 grams
●Carrots 3 pieces
●Potato 3 pieces
●String beans
●Soy sauce 4 tbps.
●Black pepper
●Spring roll wrappers

●Heat the pan then put the oil.
●Add the meat.
●Add onions and garlic and saute.
●Add the carrots and potatoes the cook for 2 minutes.
●Add the String beans.
●Add a pinch of ground Black pepper then the Soy sauce.
●Mix and cook until every ingredients is done.
●Fry the tofu. Make sure to sliced it into 2 portion for easy and faster cooking.
●Sliced the tofu into strips.

For wrapping

●Put the mixed vegetables into the Spring roll sheet.
●Put the sliced tofu.
● Roll it gently and sealed with a water.
●Fry and Ready to Serve.

25 pcs.

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