I made this video for my Brother across the pond. He sent me his new track a few days ago and I was inspired. Thanks for the opportunity BrUv 🤜💯🤛 put the volume on high ğŸ˜Ž
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It's time to escape the Chateau De NEW WORLD ORDER
Wouldn't it be CooL if we Made a public list of all the New World Order traitors, Zionist, bankster, known Freemasons (who are obviously a faction of the NWO) and crisis actor's. Anyone can add to this list. Each name must be back by public data that fits the traitor criteria (This is off top of my head so give me a break) this list should include everyone involved in the NEw World Order Agenda in anyway shape or form like paid propaganda via Mainstream media or even supposed truther channels funded by manipulative forces with an agenda for subversion.
What do you think that would do in the public arena? I mean hell if we have auditor's on you tube doing essentially the same thing why couldn't we organize and force them out?

Don't go all ye of little faith on me Now
Stand Together Lest, We Hang Separately

Get self sufficient and cut the umbilical cord from corporations getting rich from products you can produce yourself and a better quality at that. I know they make it hard because they're the New World Order but fuck 'em..., do it anyway 🤜💯🤛

Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet and DASO Go Upstairs MASHuP

A Plague on Both Democrats and Republicans...

Truth seeding

#ARMY & #NAVY #Veteran growing together

#COOLHANDVETS is at war with #NeoFreemason 's

Standing up to a corrupt Hawaiian Cop
when I was at Ala Moana Beach in Honolulu, Hawaii when this Covid #FalseFlag started
he gets no pleasure doing what he's told as long as he gets to order others around. #COOLHANDVETS is at war with #NeoFREEMASON 's


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