CopBlaster: Police Brutality and Misconduct Video

We spotted this video on Twitter ( of a cop getting run over during protests over the killing of Walter Wallace Jr. (

After KRCG censored surveillance footage from the Hannah Fizer murder ( Cop Blaster enhanced the video so that every viewer can see his face.

Mostly peaceful protesters in Portland, Oregon trashed the PSU Campus Public Safety Office tonight

A man was just shot in the head at a protest in Denver, Colorado. This compilation captures the shooting from three different angles. Learn more at

Watch the full videos were we found them on Twitter at:

We found this video on Facebook at where you can see a good samaritan try to rescue someone from the Ocean City Police. Learn more at regarding the circumstances of what some people are calling an "assault" on a police officer. We like to think of it as a friend trying to help a friend.

We found this footage on Facebook at and continue to update our coverage at while we try to figure out what happened. We don't know if these shots were fired by a protester, agitator, or the police themselves at this time. What we do know is that shots were fired, people started running, and reports indicate at least one officer was down.

Protesters in Portland, Oregon have improved their aim a great deal since one of their own was set on fire last month but they've still got some work to do. This protest came after two cops were shot in Louisville, Kentucky in response to justice not be served in the Breonna Taylor case

We found this video on Twitter at and it clearly shows the shooter running across the screen in yellow. You can find a better picture of him at where you can see a young black man being taken into custody. The subject was probably serving justice in response to a lifetime of being racially profiled and harmed by police.

This body camera footage shows no justifiable reason for shooting a 13 year old autistic boy in Salt Lake City earlier this month. Not following orders to get on the ground does not justify shooting an unarmed child. Learn more at

Jarridhubtv filmed this protesters ( blocking a Portland Police vehicle. Great example of enhanced protest techniques (

An alleged BLM riot kicked off with some hilarious commentary in Lancaster, Pennsylvania today. We found this clip at and shortened it a little bit. We will be following this case closely at where we explain the circumstances known so far and the mostly peaceful Black Lives Matter protest that followed.

We just spotted this clip on Twitter at in which a protester in Portland, Oregon sets himself on fire with a Molotov cocktail. We think he might be an undercover cop or fascist agitator because he was not arrested or taken to the hospital. One of the funniest moments from the mostly peaceful protests in Portland starring one of America's dumbest people.

A frame by frame analysis of this footage can be found at where we uploaded screenshots clearly showing that Deon Kay threw his gun away from the officer before he was shot.

Live streamer Arex Johnson kept on streaming while being arrested by the Portland Police for reasons unknown. A midget in a wheelchair was also arrested, learn more at

Raw footage of this developing story in Portland, Oregon where a man was shot dead tonight. This is raw footage of the real shooting. For the latest updates check out

A woman films herself snitching on alt-right agitators in Portland, Oregon. The cops say they are defunded so she is going to have to squeal someplace else. Learn more

A protester was violently thrown down the stairs by a Portland Police officer earlier tonight learn more at and please contact us if you know who this officer is.

An Oregon State Police trooper was knocked on his ass at a protest in Portland, Oregon and the best part is the suspect escaped. A great example of how to de-arrest someone. Report bad cops at

Footage credit:

Portland Police slash tires of a peaceful protest van that just carries snacks around for people. It is just the latest peaceful vehicle to be assaulted by police this week The van was just trying to drive away slowly and was not endangering anyone. Hopefully someone sues the city to cover the damages.


Acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf told the Senate today that the feds have NOT left Portland. Learn more at

This clip is from Chad Wolf's testimony before the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee on August 6, 2020. During that testimony he clearly says: "As of today the full augmented DHS law enforcement posture remains in Portland. They will continue to remain until we are sure that the Hatfield federal courthouse as well as other federal facilities in Portland will no longer be violently attacked. "

Clearly the federal occupation of PDX continues despite it becoming less visible after Oregon State Police took over security outside the federal courthouse. Ask Marriott to kick them out of their hotels at

A pickup truck hit a motorcycle at at protest in Portland, Oregon and kept driving through the crowd with the bike in front of his truck and sparks flying. Lucky he did not hit anyone. Expose bad cops at

Freight Broker Live a.k.a. You're Favorite Freight Broker a.k.a. PT News Network live streamer Stephen Oatley was caught on camera on his own stream condoning violence against protesters earlier tonight. Learn more about that at

This clip is being uploaded in compliance with the fair use exception to the Copyright Act for the purpose of criticizing Mr. Oatley. We say this because yesterday he filed a frivolous copyright complaint that resulted in YouTube removing a video we posted for the purpose of criticizing him. Ironic since he cites Section 107 of that act on his stream constantly in defense of his use of other people's streams without their permission for the purpose of comment and criticism. In that video we added a copy of an old mugshot of him that we dug up using a background check service. He did not like that very much. He also was heard in that video directly criticizing us for posting links to criticisms of law enforcement on our website. You can watch that video and see what we are talking about at

Freight Broker Live owner Steve Oatley has a mugshot. You can see it in the video above where you can also hear him crying about Cop Blaster and banning us from his feed. This video was orginally uploaded to YouTube but Steve got it taken down with frivolous copyright complaint. Ironic since he claims to be using the same fair use exception that we are when he re-streams live streams made by other people even after they ask him not to. Learn more about Steve Oatley at

A woman that was just dancing with flowers was arrested by the feds in Portland, Oregon earlier tonight. As the video show she was just dancing with flowers and trying to give them some. One good samaritan tried to rescue her but he was swarmed and the rest of the protesters were too much of a bunch of pussies to help him out once the feds started shooting them with automatic weapons.

Learn more at


A 75 year old Vietnam Veteran was pepper sprayed in the face by federal agents in Portland, Oregon earlier tonight. He was just talking to them and posed no threat whatsoever. Learn more about him at

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