Video of protest in Manchester on 18th September 2021. Some film was corrupted on my camcorder so I had to play it through my TV and record it on my phone. Not my usual standard unfortunately.

I filmed right through Manchester Royal Infirmary and there was virtually no activity right through the hospital. Wards were only accessible via keypad and the windows were covered with paper. This is so you can't see that there are no people in these wards. When the NHS has been refusing treatment to people for the last 18 months, that is the real reason that the hospitals are empty. Hospitals are the last place you would want to be now. They are places that you come to be killed. Pretty soon the hospitals will be full with people dying from the lethal injection they call a vaccine.

We went into a covid 19 test centre in Manchester and posed some questions to the staff. The staff had no information on hand to give people regarding the test, which is unacceptable. We are left with a bunch of automatons who work in the test and vaccine centres who are willingly complying with a genocidal agenda. These people might be as they say 'Only following orders' but in my opinion they need to be hung with all the politicians when we win this silent war.

We are at war. We need to do everything in our power to end this agenda of genocide.

A group of us were outside handing out leaflets to people going to get jabbed. Not one person out of the few that came took any notice of our leaflets and what we said. I now think it is a complete waste of time trying to save these people. Virtually all the adult population who want to be jabbed have been jabbed now. It is NOW time for us to concentrate all our efforts on the kids.

This was a single for Penetration in the late 1970s. I have set it to images of how the brainwashing has been done.

Several of us went to film at an extermination centre in Macclesfield. The staff there blatantly told us lies to some of the questions we asked. These lies will all be told in every extermination centre in the UK and probably globally too. If a 'vaccine' was safe why would you have to tell people lies about it. The answer is simple. It's because it isn't safe. All extermination centre staff are complicit in genocide.

This video shows a group of us standing peacefully handing out Light Papers and leaflets informing people what the real agenda is regarding this false pandemic. Some people were interested to speak to us and take our papers and leaflets. Some were only interested in confronting us aggressively and saying we were evil simply for having a different opinion to theirs. One woman went further and assaulted me and damaged my camera. She has been reported to Cheshire police. I have given a statement to the police and expect her to pay for what she has done.

After a first visit to David Rutley the MP for Macclesfield for him to address our questions last Friday, we have still not caught sight of him in person to address our concerns. We don't give up easily so we tried for a second time.

A protest that marched through the streets and shopping malls of Liverpool. We passed a Covid test centre and stopped for a while to give the staff as much grief as possible.

A group of residents who live in Macclesfield have sent in emails and letters to David Rutley their MP who hasn't replied to any of them. He is paid to serve his constituents and he isn't doing this. This will be the same for virtually all MPs nationwide. The residents haven't got answers to their questions so they try the direct route.

As is the case at all these extermination centres around the UK and globally the staff are not giving people informed consent. If people queuing to get the jab knew that this wasn't really a vaccine but an experimental gene technology that is actually being trialled until 2023, maybe they wouldn't be so quick to roll up their sleeves.

The place to see genocide in Bolton in real time

A reworking of the Oasis song She's Electric.

Music is by Depeche Mode. This depicts what our future will become if we don't act now.

Protest at a popup 'jab' centre,

Anti lockdown protest in Tesco

This documentary I made destroys everything we are told by the government and mainstream media about this pandemic. It is long but watch it in small bits if you have to. It was completed at the beginning of October 2020 and a few things have happened since then but it is still very informative.
If you aren't convinced that the government and media are lying to us about this pandemic you need to watch this documentary. It could well save your life.

The police are lying when they tell you the Coronavirus Act is law. It isn't and they have no powers under it. 100% CERTAIN.

You will often hear the police quote Covid legislation. Legislation isn't law. The police have no powers under the Coronavirus Act. They have no powers to arrest or detain you under it. If they arrest or detain you under 'Covid regulations' sue them. You will win and that is 100% certain.

What the government are telling us about the hospitals being full is complete bollocks. ALL hospitals are empty as my footage shows. This was Manchester Royal 3 months back but nothing has changed.

The police are a bunch of corrupt bastards.

I witnessed this myself and have put in a complaint to Merseyside Police. The pig with the orange collar numbers was particularly brutal. My complaint against him has now gone to the IOPC. Unless this scumbag copper is sacked and gets jail time, I won't be satisfied.

Bully boy police acting unlawfully. The Coronavirus Act is NOT law, the police know it isn't law but they try to make arrests illegally under it. They don't touch me because I know the law.

Informed Consent is when you undergo any medical procedure you have to be informed of ALL the risks. If you aren't being informed about the risks of getting vaccinated against Covid 19 then you are being illegally vaccinated. Not one body in this video can answer my question. After watching this video you will realise that Informed Consent is not being given and this is deliberate.


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