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Forum Wars


Misterios Hyperboreos - Sudwind
Ritual De Sangue À Drácula - Dieseldörf
The Orc That Marches Alone - Erchaimon
Wampyre Berserker - Wampyre Genocide

Lower quality, raw video.

The math behind the "pay for it on pre-order black metal vinyl" kickstarter labels.

The Math and Behind these numerous kickstarter vinyl companies

Topics discussed

- Winter Solace being mentioned in a mainstream Hong Kong newspaper
- The Levels of Edgelord
- Chief Red Cloud
- FaceApp
- Facebook
- Epstein
- Persuasion & Influence


Slaughter in the Synagogue - Forgotten Soul
Lobos De Bronce - Orden y Sangre y Sol
Thelema - Malauriu
Fire of Hades - Warrior's Chalice
Hellas I Tefra - Nostoi
Fatherland Calls - Thurthul
L'échec du superficiel - Nachtkrieger

from the album "NS Dungeon Synth"

from the album The Chief of the Savage released by Pagan infantry records

from the split with Hadak ura

from the split with Hadak Ura

Playlist - Satanic Prophecy "Azoth", Sunchariot "Bald Eagles of Resistance"

from the demo "Heritage & Blood"

from the demo tape "Total War Worship" and split with Ravendark's Monarachl Canticle


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