from the album "NS Dungeon Synth"

from the album The Chief of the Savage released by Pagan infantry records

from the split with Hadak ura

from the split with Hadak Ura

Playlist - Satanic Prophecy "Azoth", Sunchariot "Bald Eagles of Resistance"

from the demo "Heritage & Blood"

from the demo tape "Total War Worship" and split with Ravendark's Monarachl Canticle

NS Techno War Propaganda, demo tape & CDr of same name.


Unholy Manipulations Ov Material Granatus And The Percussion Brigade Ov The Panzer Doom 88 Calling The Storm - The NS Ninja
Kvlt BlacKKK Vomit SStain ov Bagalama in Demonic Worship Ov Joseph Mengle And Medical Experiments - Aryan Edgelord No. 5
SStrings Hanging The Islamic Scum Within The Kristallnacht Ov Complete Intolerance & Evil - Based Sitarist
TM-9088MM Bullets Into Skull Of Random Zionist Non-Binary Person In The Glorious Name Of National Socialism - Klogga88
Atomic BaSS Synthesis Of Jewish Juice & Bestial Hellvomits ov The Holocaust Denial (Track Six) - Grim Panzer Kommander

Esoteric National Socialist Non-Music Of W.A.R! 1488!

Recording Entiely Improvised In Delusion on 5/25-26/2019, Kekistan!


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