The Video Footage was analysed for Duty of Care Concerns regarding a Vulnerable Adult while in the care of his Mother/Carer.
The front door to the house was open in the video, where two people can be seen talking inside the door. A middle aged woman (Mother) and a young man (Son)
The woman emerges from the house with a mobile phone using both hands, walking slowly, carefully adjusting the angle while intently filming.
The young man comes out straight after her and turns to close the door with one hand while he has an Iron Bar in his other hand. He appears to have been armed with the weapon inside the house.
The woman ventures down the drive with full concentration on the incident she is filming; two men at the gate. She is shouting and her voice becomes more aggressive as she gets closer to the men.
The young man at the door looks down at the bar in his hand as his Mother’s voice becomes louder and aggressive. He is holding the bar with both hands and appears to be unsure what he is supposed to do with the weapon. He is clearly distressed by barking dogs and his Mother’s raised voice. He starts to rock from side to side on his feet. He looks down at the bar and up at his Mother, clearly becoming more distressed.
The woman is screaming obscenities at the men and threatening violence while carefully filming them. The phone is held at an optimum angle for filming throughout the whole encounter and never leaves her hands. She turns back to her son at the door, commanding him to ‘Bring me the bar’ the son hesitates appearing distressed and confused. ‘Don’t be afraid of them bring me the bar’ she insists.
The young man was given an Iron bar in anticipation of a threat, however is then told there is no threat. His Mother glances back and perceives his hesitation. She screams for him to ‘bring the bar’ The young man comes and hands the bar to his mother with a look of confusion and terror. The mother takes the bar and wields it at the men, threatening to assault them.
When he relinquishes the bar, he turns aside and starts wringing his hands. The young man appears to be ‘stimming’ (self-stimulation behavior) a form of stress relief. The Mother is oblivious to his distress and does not react. Her whole concentration is on filming the incident. The men pass in court papers.
This woman is later seen in the complete version of the video calmly burning the Court Papers while on the phone telling another man that she was afraid for her life and having a heart attack. She implored the man to get the incident up on Facebook as quickly as possible. The man tells her to get to the safety of her house and lock the door. She tells him no she wants to stay outside.
There is also a phone call to her husband whom is told not to come back from where he is, while he is heard screaming obscenities down the phone at the men.
• Exposing a Vulnerable Adult’s medical condition violates his privacy. “This is my Autistic Son” Can be heard many times throughout the footage. Every person with a disability has a right to privacy just as any other person. More so when the person is a vulnerable Adult who may not be able to articulate their wishes on making such a disclosure.
• The young man was briefed on what to do before coming out of the house with the bar. Arming him with a bar in anticipation that he may have to attack someone, clearly distressed him to the point where he was anxious, confused and terrified.
• This woman was totally oblivious to her sons distress hence did absolutely nothing to alleviate it.
• The woman later claimed she thought the men would attack her. However, at no time did she free her hands from the phone, even while wielding the bar. Anyone who feels themselves in Danger would focus on the threat not the phone.
• Told her Son not to be afraid of the men which confused him. He was holding a bar, while hearing dogs barking and his mother screaming obscenities at two strangers.
• Both the woman and her son were safely inside the house when the woman became aware of the men at the gate. She said she had ‘Called the Guards’ The normal thing would be to lock the doors and stay inside awaiting the Gardai.
• The Mothers judgment is seriously impaired in contriving and bringing a disabled vulnerable person into such a situation.
• Deception, manipulation and premeditation were all clearly at play in burning the court papers, while feigning a distressed phone call to be broadcast on social media.
• The priority appeared to be creating an incident on Social Media (the contrived hysterical phone calls) not to protect the vulnerable adult.
• This video raises concerns regarding the living situation of this vulnerable adult.
• Throughout the incident this woman exhibited behaviors which showed a callous lack of judgment on safe behavior while caring for a Vulnerable Adult. The observed behaviors were deceptive, premeditated, antagonistic

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