James Mason visits Auschwitz in what looks like the early 1990's.

Classic meme, made the second version since the guy who made the first one got Shoah'd and was never archived or downloaded. The voice is from the original video although from another video without the original music video, so I had to make this one.

Skrewdriver - When The Snow Fell

Skrewdriver - One In a Million II (Warlord Album), second version of the one in a million.



A bound for glory album around 1990's

No idea about the band just archived it from yt a long time ago.

White Race Suicide By Dr. William Luther Pierce. In this video Dr. Pierce the leader of the National Alliance is talking the truth about the reason why and how the european stock lost it’s role in high positions of power, virtue, masculinity and nuclear family and overall about how degeneration passes on to the 21st century.

And he also mentioned why and how WW1 and WW2 occured and the roots and motives behind zionism and bolshevism and later todays further degeneration, falling under immigration.

Film edited and made by Ares. 2010 - 2013

American National Socialism by George Lincoln Rockwell. In this video leader of the American “Nazi” Party explains the true meaning and knowledge about The Law Of Nature and National Socialism being the purest form of ideology and system that would pass it on the modern world.
He also mentions how other systems tend to break it down.

Film edited and made by Omniphi Media.

This is the about the jews role around their use of immigration as a weapon against the european and north american continent and how they will effectively select the replacing immigrants. Edited by Norsewolf.

Classic 1995 song by SS Totenkopf.


Skrewdriver together with my own made music video, original video only had the fire effects in youtube.


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