A reading of the poem "Alone" by Edgar Allan Poe.

Artwork by Sari Spooks:

A reading of a poem by my favorite writer, Edgar Allan Poe.

Artwork by Sari Spooks:

I did another recording of a children's legend, "God's Food" by The Brothers Grimm.

Hello everyone! Hope you like this reading of a bit of a dark fairy tale. Please enjoy and please leave me some feedback!

Art done by Sari Spooks:

Hello everyone! This is me testing an audio program I am hoping to learn to use for future uploads. Please note that this is not the microphone I will be using in the future; I am still trying to figure out how to use my better one. Anyways, I hope you enjoy listening to me read one of my favorite short stories, "The Near Departed" by Richard Matheson.


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