April 21, 2021 - scientific control studies done that refute virology once and for all, and demonstrate how the hoax of the entire industry of virology has been accomplished. Of course these findings won't be published and will be suppressed..

You can see how they have been programmed through trauma.

We know now that the injections ARE causing people to become magnetic. What does this mean?

The Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction

I thought this was a hoax at first, but now I'm not so sure.
May 12 2021

Tim Truth

Business as usual at Nigambodh Ghat - Largest cremation ground in Delhi
May 2021

Don't watch TV

Kary Mullis is the inventor of the PCR test which is the test being used to test for Covid-19. He won the Nobel Chemistry Prize in 1993 for creating this test, which was not intended to be used for diagnosis.

To state the obvious: This means numbers will appear to go down among the vaxxed population, while numbers for the un-injected will continue to "go up."


Should we be avoiding those who have taken the injection?

Don't watch TV


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