Another problem with the bike so here's another quick fix. I hope this can help you out if you're having trouble. Thanks for watching

I ride a bike to work and got a flat. This is how you fix one real quick.

This is the only way I know how to fix stick drift without replacing the whole analog stick piece. This will work for any Dualshock, possibly even the Dualsense but I'm way too broke to afford one of those. I know there are a lot of videos to watch about this so thinks for watching mine.

I "upgraded" to a ps4 pro so I'm parting out my original console. This is a model CUH-1001A

Part 2 of fixing my dad's lawnmower. I rebuild the carb, the camshaft and tappet valves fall out, and I come across the worst carbon build-up I've ever seen. Sure it's the first time I've seen the inside of the cylinder head but I assume this is pretty bad. If you haven't seen part 1 you can do that by clicking on the video right before this one.

My dad put way too much oil in his Toro lawnmower a couple years ago. It's been sitting in his garage since. Because I've never repaired an engine of any kind I decided I'd do the right thing and offer to fix it for him. Pt 1 here just follows the teardown of it, the carb kit will be here tomorrow so pt 2 shouldn't take too long to come out.

Deep cleaning an Xbox 360 controller. Pretty self explanatory. Thanks for watching here on BitChute!!

I teardown my 360 to try and diagnose its inability to open. Thanks for watching

I start by giving a tour of my new workbench which doesn't take long because it's a workbench. Then I teardown an OG Xbox controller because why not? Thanks for watching

You read the title I hope. That's about it. Thanks for watching, subscribe if you want. It's whatever. Thanks again.

I'm not sure why I bought this, I don't have any of my old tapes and don't want to rebuild my collection. Thanks for watching on new tech. Stay tuned because for some silly reason I bought a second cassette deck and I'll eventually get a tape to test them. Maybe something will be wrong, but not too wrong so I can actually fix it. Cross your fingers for a broken belt or something.

I never owned an SNES, I never took one of these apart before. It was quite easy. Older tech is fun to look at. No plastic clips, just some screws. The L and R are attached only by the soldered wires. Thanks for watching.

I got some real friends who wanted to play some games online. My PS4 overheated so I decided to get a new fan for it. I had cleaned the old one once before wanted to start fresh. I hope you enjoy and stay tuned for more stuff, especially once I get enough funding for a new computer.

I hope everyone's having a Merry Christmas. Thanks for tuning in!

I got an early Christmas present and it's a huge addition to the garage. Thanks for watching!!!

I fix a Gameboy game battery, terribly. The video cut out as well so that's why it's so short.

I'm having some issues with my internet and don't want to pay someone to come look at it. I have a good connection, I'm just not sure what I can do with the actual box on the outside of my house. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I bought a Royal typewriter. I wanted to give a little tour and show that it works before I start taking it apart and can't get it back together.

I moved and things have been chaotic. I haven't had much time or money for extra projects so I thought I'd show you around the new digs while I get a new project going. Thanks for watching!

I broke the spindle motor on my playstation 1 so I decided to buy a new motor and replace it. It wasn't too hard but I'm terrible at soldering so that slowed me down. I'm in the process of moving so that's why I haven't uploaded as often as I'd like. I'm going to get my production rate back up again. I have more space now which means bigger projects so stay tuned.

I had a Dualshock 2 with only one working button so I decided to change the main capacitor on it. The results were mixed.

I bought a chicken for dinner and hacked my way through it. I didn't get a picture of the nachos but they were delicious.

I bought three playstations in an auction. Two of them had broken spindles. I was able to fix one and able to break the other.
#DIY #Playstation1 #PS1 #spindlefix

I took this bad boy apart and dunked it in some hydrogen peroxide out in the sun for an afternoon. I'm happy with the results, what about you?

#retrobrite #playstation1 #DIY #vintageconsole

I found this in a closet. It only works when it's plugged in. There is no picture on either the screen or viewfinder. The tape deck sounds makes a clicking sound but luckily doesn't eat tapes. Oh, and it's stuck in safe mode so I can't try recording anything. I know this isn't the most exciting content ever and I'm sorry for that. I obviously spent a long time working on this so I didn't want it to go to waste. I'll learn from this and try to make things more compact and exciting.


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