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Life is short. Spend it outdoors.

Life is a journey of choices. Our life is sometimes determined by circumstances and thing beyond our control. But...most of the time we can control what direction we go in life...We can change our way of living and better ourselves. The choice I have made is to not let life zoom past without enjoying it.

I am beginning an adventure into homesteading and outdoors living. We have each been give an amazing ability to create and learn by our awesome Creator! I choose to use my talents and ability to create a life of purpose and fulfillment for myself and those around me.

This channel is designed to inspire, teach and entertain. I want to show through my mistakes and success the sort of fulfillment and joy this lifestyle can bring.

Of course there will be lots of homesteading content, but I also want to mix in plenty of outdoors adventure. Just spending time in the great outdoors can bring such peace and joy to the soul.

Please join me on this epic journey!

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