A fascinating lecture given by Israeli Journalist David Sheen in May 2022 about the 1985 JDL Assassination of Alex Odeh ordered by Irv Rubin and the FBI cover-up. Includes deep insight into Israeli politics.

The internet is once again giddy with "Gain of Function" fever following the recent publication of DARPA related documents by Project Veritas - a classic "Red Herring"

Is this the smoking gun or a stinky fish ūüźü? Watch Sam Bailey have a little fun with her latest analysis!

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Important documentary containing footage of Elinor Burkett, Chuck Ortleb, Alfred Hassig, and others.

Sign of the Times Podcast interview with the author of "Bill Browder's Deadly Deception," which was banned by Amazon. Browder is a US/UK-intelligence backed vulture who helped pillage the Russian patrimony as part of 1990's "shock therapy." Krainer's book is one of the best about how the US Federal Reserve trashed the Russian Economy in the 90's.

Interview by engineer Huego Krueger of France and South Africa with New Zealand dissident physician and co-author of "Virus Mania," Dr. Sam Bailey. Kruger's excellent work on AIDS based on his interview with David Rasnick is on Substack at: I urge viewers to subscribe to Hugo's Odysee channel, as his podcast deserves far more viewers:

1996 video by director Fritz Muri for Swiss Television SRF. Ferrat purchased several life insurances for millions of dollars only a few days before the crash. Ferrat was also involved with US Commerce Secretary Ron Brown in an Ivory Coast land deal with Chadwick International before Brown died in Dubrovnik.

Discussion (subtitles in Greek) about his book, "AIDS Inc." by Jon Rappoport, Red Lion Hotel, Anaheim (2009)

Peter Duesberg interview Nov.5, 1997 Moderated by Ronald Chase, M.D.
Live from Bohemia, NY HIV & Medical Science

John Hamer is the author of the "Falsification of History," and the "RMS Olympic." This is a talk he gave for "Truth Seekers North-East" in November, 2021 about the ritual murder of Princess Diana.

Theranos went down as the largest scandal in the Silicon Valley history. But the official story told and retold in the media makes little sense. The real story of Theranos is very relevant to Corona - it appears the original plan was to use Theranos instead of PCR for testing.

Original research by Alex Krainer:

Slight edits of a video originally by Jamie Dlux about Fauci's Incarnation Children's Center scandal. I've spliced in some rare live footage of Liam Scheff who broke the story discussing how the center drilled holes into the foster kids stomachs.

RFK Jr. discusses his new bestseller "The Real Anthony Fauci" with podcaster Theo Von. December 9, 2021

Video of a mini-essay by Celia Farber in RFK Jr.'s new book, "The Real Anthony Fauci"

This is an archival interview made by filmmaker Brent Leung for the feature film "House of Numbers." The interview was not included in the film, but was released as supplementary material on YouTube. Unfortunately, with the current round of censorship, I fear this documentary material will be lost. Lauritsen was a journalist for the New York Native and is author of the 1993 book, "The AIDS War."

RFK Jr's new book, "The Real Anthony Fauci" has brought renewed attention to the Incarnation Children's Center Scandal, broke by late Journalist Liam Scheff in 2004. Liz Brown was a radio host who died in 2017, and Mimi Pascual was a nurse at ICC. Here they discuss what happened.

Jeremy Rothe-Kuschel and Greg McCarron discuss the big picture - up the "ante"

This is the full hour-long interview that has been removed from Fox's website. The book, "The Real Anthony Fauci" is excellent.

This beautiful documentary makes me ANGRY for what happened. It's from 2000 when that WONDERFUL visionary leader Thabo Mbeki - a highly intelligent trained economist was defamed by the CIA and New York Times. What happened to Scoville's wife and family is well-known, but I think what is lost is how wonderful of a person Robin really is.

"Dr. Sherri Tenpenny has excellent insight and a unique ability to organize and present material regarding the very complex picture of vaccine safety."
-Dr. Steven Cave

I want to make it clear for those who accuse certain doctors of being "disinfo agents" - during Corona, it's all-hands-on-deck. An especial mention goes; however, to those who have a long track records, and this 2003 clip is a good indicator Dr. Tenpenny is a legitimate advocate for health and health freedom.

Extremely rare footage from the AIDS War, ca. 1993, captured via VHS and never rebroadcast. The footage was originally filmed for ABC television at the behest of Kary Mullis, but never broadcast. RFK Jr's "The Real Anthony Fauci" (2021) brings up much of this material - it may be the only videography in existence of Shyh-Ching-Lo. This is VERY RARE. It was recorded of the TV by the Nagels of Minneapolis, and the Baby Rico case is a TRUE Tragedy.

Robert Scott Bell Show (2011) features a singing vaccine who shows up for an interview.

Anthony Fauci funded unethical drug trials at orphanages killing many children. The scandal is discussed in RFK Jr's new book, "The Real Anthony Fauci." The late journalist who broke the story was Liam Scheff - and this is a radio segment of him discussing the evil from 2005.

The official version: 80 children who'd been in trials died (25 during, 55 after), but the drugs 'could not be to blame.' How did they know? They didn't - they didn't look at drugs, medical records, or interview families or children. They just repeated the official version. The reporter in this news broadcast is Rebecca Myles of WBAI in New York City. The images in this video are of HIV tests, the orphanage, AIDS drug studies and effects (Nevirapine), and the NIH clinical trials.

Link to the Original Investigation

Robert F. Kennedy called Willowbrook a "Snake Pit" in 1968. For 15 years, the state of New York and US Government ran Hepatitis experiments at Willowbrook State Hospital in Staten Island. It was a scandal that broke at the same time as the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment. Children were fed feces-laden "chocolate milkshakes" in order to deliberately infect them with Hepatitis A. The facility was chronically overcrowded and sanitation was nonexistent. ABC News ran this story in 1972, putting journalist Geraldo Rivera on the map. WARNING: this is very disturbing footage.

Dr. Humphries explains how "herd immunity" is a bogus concept and cannot be achieved with the current generation of vaccines. In science, a concept plausibly presented from a suitable authority can be readily accepted and go unquestioned even if it fails to reflect the real world. It is precisely because "scientists" believe themselves to be rational that makes them especially vulnerable to the nonrational elements governing the scientific process (fraud, money, bias, propaganda, esteem, etc.). "Herd Immunity" makes sense - but it's one of those illusions that fails to predict the real world.


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