An important folksong against technocracy, recorded in the Pacific Northwest (c.a. 1994) in defense of the FBI's attack on Judi Barri and Earth First.


In 1990, the FBI bombed an environmental activist in Northern California named Judi Bari, and then framed her as saying she bombed herself and tried to blame the FBI. The backstory is in the Junk Bond craze of the early 1980's, Michael Milikan and others bought up much of the Redwood Industry in Northern California. The industry had developed sustainable forestry techniques, but the new corrupt junk-bond investors pushed to maximize sales, and thus encroached into "Old Growth" groves and overharvesting. The FBI was in bed with the Junk Bond folks and engaged in unethical cointelpro-style tactics against the environmentalists, who were often working with the unionized lumber and sawmill workers. In the national press, the pushback against the corrupt investors was mislabeled as "tree huggers" when really it was a protest against predatory corporate rape of Northern California communities. Meanwhile Pump and Dumpers such as Dick Blum (DiFi's husband) used phony environmentalism as a way to cash out on land deals.

One of the people involved in the Judi Bari case was Richard Held, who was mentor to Bob Mueller - and Held was responsible for branding "Earth First" as an "Ecoterrorist" collective. The whole idea of "Ecoterrorism" is an FBI fiction, and the FBI's historical misconduct in 1990 was never punished.

Brendon O'Connell (BOC) talks about the application of the bible as it was 3000 years ago and its relevance today.

Kurt Haskell is an American attorney and former congressional candidate who witnessed the FBI stage a "false flag" attack on Northwest Airlines in 2011 in order to create pretext to renew the Patriot Act. Haskell was harassed by the FBI and DHS, and his knowledge of the legal system allowed him to follow the case and the goverment's lies and even file motions and make statements to the court. This completely messed up the Goverment's case, and today the "underwear bomber" is largely buried. The case and the government conduct left Haskell and his family both demoralized and disillusioned, and they emigrated to Costa Rica.

His blog is at:

Maggiore was the author of "What if Everything You Thought You Knew About AIDS was Wrong?" Papadapoulos is a professor at the University of Western Australia and leader of the Perth Group, which states HIV has not been proven to exist.

The details of the court witnesses and "sayanim" liars who ensured BOC's incarceration. The inside details of one of the most bizarre Racial vilification court cases in Australia's law history.

The interview touches on Brendons' three year jail term for racial vilification. It also exposes the inside machinations of the State Security Intelligence Group (SSIG) , the false promises, and the pressure applied externally.


Special documentary and interview courtesy Robert S Finnegan, Editor of the Jakarta Post and the first journalist on the scene.

This is a BBC documentary on the Gallo vs. Montagnier HIV test dispute from 1989. The full story is told in John Crewdson's 2003 book "Science Fictions." This is a very hard and complex book to read.

In my opinion, the whole Gallo/Montaginer story is itself a science fiction - part of the very professional and complex disinformation campaign behind the creation of the "AIDS" psyop. It created the fallback story for when HIV eventually falls apart. Don Francis in the video is an Epidemic Intelligence Service officer who also created the Ebola hoax in 1976. Francis was both Crewdson's source and Randy Shilts's source for "And the Band Played On." This means "AIDS" has a double fake backstory. The original plan was to leak this story to Charles Ortleb, and the National Security State set up the New York Native in 1980 through the "West Street Massacre." Ortleb didn't "play nice" and then Francis went to Crewdson who was the CIA journalist on the MKULTRA disclosures for the Chicago Tribune. Crewdson later soured on Francis.

Nonetheless, this is a very important film for students of the AIDS deception. It is the only footage I know of involving Suzanne Hadley. Anybody studying the "And the Band Played On" propaganda needs to also study this story, which is lesser-known nowadays but equally if not more important.

A film about HIV+ mothers who form an "underground railroad" of babies to keep them from Child Protective Services, and how CPS has murdered many babies with AZT.

1983 film about the SMON epidemic in Japan directed by Joan Shenton of Meditel Productions for ITV Channel 4. HCQ at high doses was responsible for a mass poisoning epidemic in Japan in the 1960's when the drug was mis-prescribed for traveler's diarrhea. This is the True story about that tragic medical mistake causing blindness and paralysis. In the 60's HCQ was called diiodohydroxyquin, or diodoquin, which is how it is referred to in the film as a member of the group of Halogenated Hydroxyquinolines. IMHO, the whole HCQ thing in Corona was an "in-joke" in the psyop based on this forgotten story.

Fukushima may not be what you think it was. Reactor 4 was the Building 7 of Fukushima.

Here is Stone's Fukushima written report:

Local Cable Access program "Alternative Views TV" on Intelligence agencies - 1981

Daniel Sheehan about the TRUTH about Karen Silkwood. IRMEP

Lecture on the HIV = AIDS Scam, 2004.

2011 retrospective on a channel 4 (ITV) commissioned documentary from Meditel Productions

JFK assassination Researcher and Anti-War Activist John Judge in Maui 1996

RIP Nobel Laureate Kary Mullis - a great scientist and inventor of PCR.
Also, the 1997 interview is at

Journalist Liam Scheff Talks about the Incarnation Children's Center (ICC) Tragedy.

Rappoport got Corona right before anybody even knew it was "a thing."

Celia Farber is a Heroine of Humanity. This was recorded February 5, 2020 ... before anybody thought about Corona.

From the Health Freedom Expo, Long Beach (CA) 2012.

Discussion of NCI's Robert Gallo and his Three Monkeys and Fauci.

A wonderful lecture by Mises Institute Fellow Tom Woods Jr. about absolute irrationality and unscientific Corona policy

Professor Mila Aleckovic-Bataille is a professor of Psychology in Serbia, public intellectual, and graduate of the University of the Sorbonne. Eva Bartlett is a Canadian journalist. Professor Aleckovic-Bataille states the Politicians of Globalism meet the clinical definition of psychopaths and serial killers. She calls Corona the "Corona Operation."

Lecture by Tom Woods.


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