Husband Gets Moderna Covid19 mRNA....Now Has Heart Problems - His Wife Reports / Hundreds of Social Media Posts Reporting All Sorts Of Adverse Reaction To The COVID-19 VAXX

Link to CDC Adverse Reactions:

Very very smart woman.... They didn`t count on that, did they?

Share this to those you know need to hear this... tag someone. Ask questions. I'm down to help my people get a clear understanding on what we're all dealing with here... but I'm not trying to fight or debate anyone. Take the info... click the linktree in my @67podcast bio for hard evidence if you don't know where I'm coming from with this perspective, or if you want a head start on swimming through the actual science that's just not being reported accurately.

It's one of the touchiest subjects ever, like the imperfect smoothie of talking both politics AND religion at the in-laws' dinner table... today I explain some really important insights into this new mRNA technology, the proposed "solutions" being offered here, and some of the things they're leaving out of the conversation that most people should know.

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Dr. Carrie Madej rejoins Kla.TV for a new powerful exposè on the risks of the currently rolled out Covid vaccines. Since the mainstream media doesn’t speak about this and politicians around the world push restrictions on unvaccinated – can we really see dark totalitarian history repeat itself? Are there ways out of that? Watch and spread the word!

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I am aware that I look like absolute shit but last night I ended up in resuse yeasterday I had my covid vaccine and I was absolutely fine up till 8 pm I started feeling like poo my arm was saw but all to be expected I took some paracetamol Nd went to BED. around half 11 I woke up with these shakes that wouldn't stop l. I went to arrowe Park hospital and was rushed straight to resuce my heart rate was 182 my blood pressure was 74 over 24 and they said I was mussing on 9 with a high temp i was sooo scared normally I would have somone with me but I was all alone. The staff were absolutly amazing even though they was super busy they still found time to come over with cold towels on my head trying to sooth me I am now home just feeling rotten thank you every one for all your messages it means the world ♥️♥️♥️ and thank you to our NHS

Ask the Experts II provides a platform to some of the world's most outspoken and heavily censored medical professionals to express their views on the validity of the global pandemic and the safety & efficacy of the COVID-19 Vaccines, the masks and the other precautionary measures that have been so readily adopted in our society.

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"WE'RE DEALING WITH HOMICIDE, MAYBE EVEN MURDER" Top Doctors Documentaries on current events Mark Anthony Steele GB declaration Government petitions

Virologist Examines 1,500 "Covid positive" Tests to find Influenza A and B:

Anecdotal Experiences: C.V.V by Julian Aster


Reiner Fuellmich: Whistleblowers from nursing home in Germany explained that out of 31 people who were vaccinated (with Covid vaccine) 8 died within 2 or 3 weeks, 11 more suffer from serious adverse effects

The young healthcare worker’s life was essentially extinguished the very next day.

Ms. Stickles received the second dose of the Pfizer mRNA shot on or around February 2, according to a family Facebook post. She immediately broke out in rashes. Ms. Stickles had severe headaches five days later, Sunday, February 7. Soon thereafter, she started crying and said “something isn’t right.” She lost the ability to speak, her eyes crossed and glazed over, before she lost consciousness, according to a Facebook post by Jacqueline F. Gifford.

She was taken to Swedish American Hospital, just over the state line from Beloit. The initial diagnosis was a ruptured brain aneurysm. She was then airlifted to the University of Wisconsin Hospital in Madison the next day, according to her uncle, George Allen Petit. Doctors performed a cerebral angiography through her groin all the way up to her brain. Subarachnoid hemorrhage was also mentioned as the possible issue.

Kara Stickles, Sara’s twin sister, posted an update on February 10. Sara “has no brain activity,” she said. Doctors called the family and summonsed them to the hospital to say their goodbyes. She died yesterday.

Modern industrialization is no longer about steam power, ocean ships, and railways. It's about herd immunization, the mass drugging of our population, and the industrialized production of cheap, storable food. We've ended up with an entire society getting sicker and sicker while the industrial powers get richer and richer. What were once considered farfetched conspiracy theories are now being shown to be stark irrefutable realities. Serious illnesses have been on a steep incline since the number of mandated vaccines has skyrocketed (starting with infants within their first hours of life) coupled with the advent of GMO foods since the mid 1990's. But if anyone dares question these remarkable correlations then they are labeled anti-science and ignorant. We used to brag that we had the most remarkable healthcare system in the world, the last example of a great private healthcare system. Now we are waking up to the fact that we don't have a private system, we have a pharmaceuticalized system and it has created the sickest species ever to inhabit this earth...our children. Your food, your health, your family's health has been Bought.

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Writer: Bobby Sheehan

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This is less than 1% of the figures due to not being reported to VAERS.

Link to CDC Adverse Reactions:

They ask when was the patient vaccinated, yesterday afternoon, then something about putting the bed down or moving the patient further down the bed.

I think we have seen the videos of Similar reactions...still think this is about Health ?


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There have been dozens upon dozens of highly educated doctors, virologists, specialists, researchers, etc from all around the world that have been coming forward and saying "this whole PANDEMIC does not make sense and this is not how viruses work". These are credible and respected people in their fields but would never be allowed on the mainstream news as they are demolishing the official narrative. As a result of this their voices are being censored and labelled as spreading "fake news". The real fake news is shown on your TV, as demonstrated by some of the videos shown on this channel. Watch them, connect the dots and keep questioning.

And since we are flying blind here with this whole COVID-19 pseudoscience, we might as well ask ourselves: What if they are targgeting Exosomes(Our own body`s defense mechanism explained by Dr Andrew Kaufman) as being allegedly the Coronavirus? Who is behind all this? Why? What`s the agenda? Let`s keep digging for the truth.

In a Pandemic where people have to wear masks for fear of the authorities and not the virus, It has become obvious we are dealing with a different kind of Threat.

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