Covid Hoax

Covid Hoax

Covid Hoax


Melanie Risdon, Western Standard, Apr 18, 2022

Dr. Mark & Sam Bailey, Apr 19, 2022

Dr. Mark & Sam Bailey, Mar 22, 2022

SpaceBusters, Apr 2020

What Really Makes You Ill

Ann Vandersteel, Apr 12, 2022

Mike Adams, Apr 12, 2022

mRNA vaccine is making instruction in our body to generate snake venom spike protein.

Stew Peters Show, Streamed on Apr 11, 2022

SGT Report, Mar 13, 2022

Lyra Nara Inc., Feb 22, 2018


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Challenging the formal narratives from WHO about the COVID-19 pandemic with the facts presented by other scientists and medical doctors.

Uncovering the works of the Cabals that pull the strings in controlling the world.

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