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This video is about my experiences installing the ARB Deluxe Combination Bull Bar Bumper with an emphasis on transferring the crush cans from the old stock bumper to the ARB bumper.

I bought this bumper from Quadratec as part of a special deal where you receive free IPF driving lights with your purchase. It’s a pretty good deal in my opinion.

Join us as we head down to South Texas to find some off-roading action in Big Bend National Park. We'll drive Glenn Springs Road, Black Gap Road and the Old Ore Road in search of some dusty, desert 4-wheelin'. We'll also camp right on the Rio Grande and explore an old Mercury Mine that dates back to the 1940's.


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Hey, my name is Kevin and I would like to welcome you to my channel Coyote Overland. This channel is all about overlanding and adventure travel with a dash of camping and hiking. If you're not familiar with the term "overlanding" - just think of it as spending a lot of money to car-camp in the middle of nowhere!