Think you've seen the worst movie ever made? We present a Matthew McConaughey movie that's actually too dumb for Matthew McConaughey.

A textbook look at how to not even come close to getting away with sexual harassment.

Sometimes, going the extra mile for the big promotion isn't worth it ...

It's not all ray guns and halodeks and telportation devices up in here.

ED-209? Terminators? You don't need to go to sci-fi for the most terrifyingly likely robot uprising. It's already begun.

The greatest history lesson nobody tells you until you catch them masturbating.

Before there was 'Step Up 2: The Streets,' there was 'Breakin.' And it was ridiculous.

If Parents Were Honest About Christmas Gifts from Their Kids

In the stone ages, it was waaaay easier to invent stuff. Unfortunately, that includes smelly stuff that should go get a job.

And also the parent in question is a lunatic.

The creepiest thing about him was not that he was a giant rat.

'Toy Story' is secretly about slavery, but when you put them all together, you get an even creepier universe.

Why Parents Are a Terrible Choice For a Ride to the Airport

Even the most groundbreaking TV shows all follow an extremely specific formula.

The 4 Worst Lessons Disney Movies Taught Us as Kids

Next time you're running around, opening treasure chests, take a moment to think about the people who made that possible, and how awful their jobs must be.

It turns out editing makes the difference between a great audition tape and a terribly awkward one.

Don't quit your day job? Or maybe do?

The first time you learn about death is never a smooth experience.

We'll be avoiding Internet parties in the future.

Everything out of Hollywood is propaganda.

For the love of the Celestials, kill someone already, Marvel.

What You'd Really Do If All Law Was Suspended for a Day

Why Kim Jong Un is the 3rd Grade Bully of Global Politics

The 5 Most Unintentionally Hilarious Kickstarter Campaigns


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