Gears 5 Hivebusters is the last of the Gears DLC, at least for now.

I don't remember this game even existing but here we are. It looks awesome-sauce.

We delve into the rotten streets of undead Harran. As Government Agent Mr generic man 5000. Hope you enjoy the review.

Hard as balls and it ain't fuckin aboooooooot. That is returnal...but not all of it.

Playing a really tiny amount of this demo. Which is one of many timed and date specific RE Village demos. This Demo is Set in the Village portion of the game.

A review of the remake of Carmageddon.

Has Sony lost their minds with these decisions? It is really starting to look like it.

Final game in the Gears of war series (for now) Played on the Xbox Series X.

2nd last in the current gears of war series and the first "next gen" game of the series

The final Gears game released for the xbox 360

Review of the DLC for Gears of war 3, Ramms shadow.

The last of the original Gears of War trilogy.

I think I did a bit better with this review. Let me know.

Playing some older games and just wanted to give everyone my 2 or 3 pence on them. starting with Gears of war ultimate edition.

Very exciting news about a new TMNT arcade style brawler game.

Wait till you see what I think of this movie!

This is in my opinion a fairly underrated game.

My review of DooM 64 re-release. Enjoy!


Well time to take a look at the add-on content for DooM 3

A wee ranty video on another dull games showcase.

Had a lot of fun with these demo.

After a year of dribs and drabs of news from nintendo we get the first direct in a year. Lets take a look.

RIP to Anthem. Gone too soon after being kicked to death by a selfish corporate android.

These companies need to start making better products. They cost far to much money for how long they last. Shocking!


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