Just a wee natter about this very idiotic and divisive subject. I speak for only myself

I've been thinking about this for a while now. I'm slowly but surely getting fed up of Xbox.
Game footage captured by myself
Game: Syndicate (Xbox 360)

Another video on the doom DRM nonsense. Will this ever end?



This game has been panned by like 99% of the gaming population
Jump on in and find out whit Ahh think of it.

This is a further update to the dumb doom drm situation. It's a wee bit of good news for a change.

Game play is of Doom 2 (PS4)


Just a wee update from the previous video.

So Ladies an Gents we got a wee release of Doom 1 - 3 on PS4 XB1 and switch which has DRM crap on it

Had a wee delve into the world of cold war UK. Opened in 1953 and it was a hot as a nats ass crack. Well worth going to see though.
Apologies for the video quality. This was my first time doing anything like this and it might be the last. well we will see.

Welcome back to another unboxing. This time its the collectors edition of mirrors edge catalyst.

Just a wee chin wag about the channels direction, no!

Here's a wee sneak peak of what I thought of it AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

Many flaws didn't bring this game down for me. Most have been patched out anyway.

Welcome tae the other video about the other earth defense force game I bought a wee while ago.
I'm gonna talking about the game, sarcastically. OF COURSE!

Having a talk about my thoughts on the new terminator film's first trailer.

I'm a massive fan of the metro games so I thought id pick this up and see what radioactive goodies are inside.

A fun wee arcade shooter that's been around since the ps2 days,

This is the year for post apocalyptic games. There are one or two still to come.

From the studio that made Just cause and Rage 2 comes this. A really bare bones open world survival game.

This looks really.................... reallly................... POO!

I know the more recent star wars films haven't been getting good reviews or just general opinions in general.
The last Jedi wasn't so great! I liked it but there was a lot wrong with it too. In saying that I am kinda looking
forward to seeing what the do with the end of this trilogy and the end (I hope) the Skywalker saga.

I so hope that these rumors are true!

Taking a look at whats in the box from the blue blur.

I managed to pick this up for about 40 quid. It's the game less version of the Gears 4 CE.

Its a strange thing to have to hold to play the game unless you have bought it all digitally P.S Wish I had thought of that.


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