Prof. Hans J. Bocker 2011
Original: Bocker - Die Ziele der Eliten!

Original: Yuri Bezmenov Deception Was My Job (1984)
Watch the whole thing here: (Timecode 55:54 - 01:00:00 is the clip here)


YT title: Oligarchy The Cancer in Human History
Dr. Webster Tarpley 7/1994
Denoised Audio + Video

Original Title on YT "Zoey interviews Buzz Aldrin" 9/2015

From the YT channel "Eddie Stannard" published 4/2013
Text from the YT channel:
I pieced some clips of George Bernard Shaw together to give you a feel Fabian Socialism.

Shaw also supported Eugenics which is the classification of individuals and their families, including the poor, mentally ill, blind, deaf, developmentally disabled to allow for the elimination of "the wrong" people.

I added a couple of other clips where Shaw tells us to get rid of our Constitution and one of him praising Benito Mussolini.

Gottfried Glöckner Verbrechen Gentechnik - ein Bauer packt aus.
Vortrag 10/2016

Conrebbi 11/2013

Conrebbi 5/2018

Jan von Flocken 1000 Jahre Deutsches Reich - Diskussion zu COMPACT-Geschichte Nr.1 5/2017

Prof. Franz Hörmann im Nuoviso Gespräch 2/2017

Harvey Friedman // Andreas Montechristo 2014

Original by David John Oates 5/2016

Ulrich Schacht (1951 - 2018) Entfesselter Kapitalismus
Darstellung des Totalitarismus seit der franz. Revolution.
Interview 2013

Jan von Flocken zusammenfassendes Interview

Jan von Flocken - Die Lincoln Verschwörung 8/2016

Jan von Flocken - Pearl Harbour Lüge

Jan von Flocken - Kaiser Wilhelm II. - Politisch unkorrekte Korrekturen

Jan von Flocken - Das Versailler Diktat, die These von der Alleinkriegsschuld

Historiker Jan von Flocken spricht. 4/2016

Historiker Jan von Flocken spricht. 4/2016

Who are the Windsors - Webster Tarpley

The Deleted Interview that George Soros Tried to Ban


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