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Dr abdul alim muhammad 's interview On vaccine technology

Why Julian Assange played a pivotal role in the history of mankind - he tried to warn us.

. Native Indian Prophecy
. Predictions in Simpsons
. Self Admission of main stream media lies
. Self Admission of manipulation of virus statistics
. Explanation of the sterilization of humanity via women's ovaries
. Admission of the illegal nature of lockdowns
. Admission of presidents being powerless against big tech pharma
. Admission of the dangers of vaccines
. Admission of the toxin causing Cov-id
. Spiritual explanation
. Planned destruction of society

Connecting the dots is hard, when you're given all the information in order, you can connect the dots yourself. Help your friends to wake up by easing them in gently to the most horrible facts about reality ... finish off with a side of spiritual comfort ... and if they say it's all nonsense without doing an research, you'll know research is hard to do, thinking is difficult, that's why people judge. You can then challenge your friends to do their own research on these topics. no matter what happens however, it's all good.

What are the signs that most intelligent people should be able to spot if they are not too scared to admit to themselves that this is it?

We all have relatives and loved ones caught in the sparkling fear trap set by the elite - this is the first step on making friends with their open mindedness that might just end up saving their future.

Whatever is going on right now is a reflection of time wave zero ... a lack of predictability, truth and answers as we move from 100% lies based system to a 100% truth based system ... this is the no mans land, the universal war of the heavens, the silent war of the decade. How are you dealing with it?

All the best bits of our journey through Corona Virus ... where we have been and where we are going ... starring:
Me (The Spiritual Physicist) - Predictions - Edge of Wonder - The Simpsons - Thomas Cowan - Rashid Butthar - Dr Shiva - Donald J Trump - A.I Conference London - Thank You Corona Virus - Venus Project (Jacque Fresco) - The power of intention (Lynn Mactaggart)


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Health is simple when you understand the simplicity of of reality and biology and health.

- Unlearn everything we think we know - it's all lies
- Learn about holistic nature of the universe

1. Electricity energizes
2. Magnetism heals
3. Remove and reset all human intervention since conception
4. Then rebuild with technology and supplementation

The world is a vampire ... until 2020 when it all changed ... it's time to understand reality and create the next few pages of this part of the story of History. We will witness the moving of reality from Lies to Truth - 2019 lies 2020-2021 no lies nor truth 2022 Truth