I just got this for PS3

Canadian General Jonathan Vance and Admiral Art McDonald have been accused of inappropriate behaviour with women by the far left media. This comes months after the military leaked "The China Files" to Rebel News. Just a coincidence? I don't think so..

Her kids got kicked out of Catholic School because of her Onlyfans


AstraZeneca Vaccine in Canada = I AM LEGEND 2

You can kiss my ass

Yoda “Always two there are, no more, no less.”


This game looks cool

Rachel vs Christie - Sexy as fuck

Not a fan of new Pokemon

This guy is a underrated actor

What a woke bitch

I loved the show Vikings. Ragnar is my all time favourite character. The show was never the same after he died..

DOA5 is better than DOA6

Direct Energy Weapons and Cloud Seeding


The gameplay sliders are trash that the game comes with.. And you have to play with them online..

Woke Feminist

Deep State Owl God Connection


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I'm Canadian and hate woke trash.. I grew up in a hockey family in Ontario. I loved watching movies, playing video games and sports growing up. I graduated from College taking Broadcasting Television. In College I did a internship with the London Knights OHL team. I edited some highlight videos and did some shoulder camera. In College I found out what woke feminist are all about.. And since then they have destroyed our entertainment with woke trash.. Get Woke Go Broke..