What lies in wait in the deep dark of endless space?

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We live in strange times.

PO Box 26
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Tonight is viewer night as we discuss the world of the weird
PO Box 26
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Prophetess? Soothsayer? Who was mother Shipton

PO Box 26
Pennsauken, NJ 08110

It been a few week but we're back from the world of the weird

Cryptids and Unidentified Flying Objects what's the mystery

Join us for an AMA of sorts as we discuss the wide world of the weird

Where in the depths of space do the aliens hide?

A follow up to our recent discussion on Norse Astronomy

Jake Karr

Tonight we discuss the Phoenix of mythology

Tonight we discuss the lights in the skies

What is the prophecy of the Hopi and the Blue Star Kachina

Tonight we take a look at mystical Christianity

We discuss the sacred mysteries of the ancients as well as the present day

Tonight we look at the history of paranormal investigations.

Weather anomalies, Ghosts or UFOs, what is Saint Elmo's Fire?

Tonight we discuss on the most important gods of Hinduism

Tonight we discuss the horrors of H.P. Lovecraft

Tonight we discuss sacred objects that fell from the sky.

A compendium of all that was, is, and shall be. Tonight we discuss the Akashic Records.

Tonight we take a look at End Times Prophecy

Tonight we discuss Death Personified

If there was ever a decade when the devil abounded it was the 1980s


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