Stay away from the "medical" cartel and all hospitals, especially for birth.

Pfizer, în instanță, a declarat următoarele:

„Vă rog să respingeți acest caz, domnule judecător, noi nu am fraudat guvernul, am livrat frauda pe care a ordonat-o guvernul”.(guvernul kazar !)

New Documentary by Matt Walsh (2022): What is a Woman?
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The sun is a full spectrum medicine that can even help cure cancer.
The narrative that says the sun is causing cancer is based on a study on animal models, where the group that was fed a poor diet developed cancer în 25% of the group members. Cancer was more likely caused by the poor diet, not the sun, since the group fed nutritious food did not develop a disease.
Manipulation through biased studies is the norm, not the exception, in a world where healthcare is a business aimed at profit, not an effort looking for well being for the population.

Prof. Dr. Robert Young tells it like it is at the German hearings against the Covid pandemic, namely that the "Medical Germ Theory" is the biggest hoax ever propagated by the medical establishment.
And so have others, like German scientist Dr. Stefan Lanka.
The medical system has been completely taken over by the Rockefeller Foundation since the 1930s, so that only one opinion is allowed on the "virusological and vaccine dogma"; whoever does not obey it, immediately becomes unemployed and loses any funding.
And obviously, just as no virus has been isolated, neither has the mess called Covid.

Cea mai mare fraudă din Istoria Umanității. Virusurile nu au fost niciodată izolate!

#BiggestFraudAgainstHumanity #VirusesNeverBeenIsolated #VirusHoaxExposed
Prof. Dr. Robert Young spune lucrurilor pe nume în cadrul audierilor din Germania împotriva pandemiei de Covid, și anume că “Teoria Medicală a Germenului” e cea mai mare înșelătorie propagată vreodată de sistemul medical.
Și la fel ca el au spus și alții, precum savantul german Dr. Stefan Lanka.
Sistemul medical a fost preluat în întregime de Fundația Rockefeller încă din anii ’30, astfel că nu se permite decât o singură opinie cu privire la “dogma virusologică și vaccinistă”; cine nu se supune ei, imediat devine șomer și pierde orice tip de finanțare.
Și evident, că așa cum niciun virus nu a fost izolat, nici mizeria numită Covid nu a fost izolat.

UK farmer explains the empty shelves are deliberately engineered.

Empty shelves (media now describing as "brownouts of food", some shelves, some days) are coming to a store near you.

Start growing your own food.

Approximately 2.2 million litres of water is needed to produce one ton of lithium.

The staggering environmental impact of water contamination arising from lithium production and its long term effects on people, plants & wildlife have never been examined.

Massive increase in fuel cost at gas pumps (conveniently blamed on Putin) - is strategic in rebooting global automobile industry/sales.

All roads in the "green economy" "build back better" reboot, lead to the plunder/mining/further desecration of oceans.

"EVs and battery storage have already displaced consumer electronics to become the largest consumer of lithium and are set to take over from the stainless steel industry as the largest end-user of nickel by 2040.

In 2021 H2, 84,600 tonnes of nickel were deployed onto roads globally in the batteries of all newly sold passenger EVs combined, 59% more than in 2020 H2. Moreover, another 107,200 tonnes of lithium carbonate equivalent (LCE) were deployed globally in new EV batteries, an 88% increase year-on-year."

Let's clarify how it actually is:

👉🏻 It's not a virus, it's an exosome. Exosomes are nano-sized small extracellular vesicles secreted by cells, carrying nucleic acids, proteins, lipids and other bioactive substances to play a role in the body's physiological and pathological processes
👉🏻 It is not a vaccine, but a preparation for genetic modification of the organism.
👉🏻 It's not climate change, it's geoengineering.
👉🏻 It is not inflation, but an agreement between bankers and politicians.
👉🏻 It is not a shortage of anything, but a deliberate and conscious removal of products from the shelves and an unjustified increase in prices, again in agreement with politicians, tycoons and bankers.
👉🏻 It is not mining, but the conscious and deliberate destruction of the environment, and therefore of people and all other living beings.
👉🏻 Lithium is not an energy source.
👉🏻 Not an electric car, but a bomb on wheels.
👉🏻 It's not overpopulation, it's the other way around. Uninhabited. Get out of town to see for yourself.
👉🏻 A criminal is not a good man, only a bad one.
👉🏻 If everyone around you is lying, it doesn't mean you should lie too.

"The PCR test methodology was based on a computer model virus." - Dr Kevin Corbett.

The so called "virus" model was created in silico, aka made up by a computer program, aka NOT IN THE REAL WORLD.
The "Pandemic" was fake from start to end.

Any system in isolation increases it's level of chaos.
Today's "science" is not following the scientific method.
Watch Dr Jordan Grant explaining what the scientific method is and why it is so important for science to adhere to it - here:

Also, watch Why Nobody "Had, Caught or Got" COVID-19

Dr Mark Bailey has just released a short article outlining the fallacies of COVID-19 "cases." He also explains why there is no "it" when it comes to illness.

Check it out here 👇

The RF exposure with eyePhones and any other phones is unsafe, so do not keep the devices anywhere near your body. And do not use ear buds.

Radiation with an electric vehicle while charging. I can't imagine the people standing nearby. The radiation they experience. The silent and invisible enemy.

Dutch banking CEO suggests implementing “carbon wallets” to monitor and regulate individual carbon footprints.
The mission towards digital ID social credit systems continues. The richer are getting richer, the poor are getting poorer.

"Tens years ago, you forced us all to pull out those ordinary light bulbs (60W) ... Tens years later, we no longer save electricity. Now we encourage the purchase of electric cars ... which consume 100 kW of electricity per day."


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Water is structurally destroyed after just 15 minutes of exposure to 5G.
If you take into account that our molecules are 99% water, what are 5G effects on living beings?

Also watch:




The Viral Delusion:


Eva Vlaardingerbroek speaking out on the globalist agenda of the Communist elites, who are pushing to take away farmer's properties for "the greater good". What is being done is on a global scale following the 2030 Agenda, which is more than just the agenda of the Dutch government. Americans should be happy that they have a 2nd Amendment, and they should protect that with all their strength.

Eva Vlaardingerbroek despre agenda globalistă


Via ChrisInfos

PUTIN: "This is the beginning of the transition from liberal-globalist American egocentrism to a truly multipolar world. A world not based on selfish rules for no other reason than the pursuit of hegemony. Nor on hypocritical double standards, but on the basis of international law and the genuine sovereignty of peoples and civilizations."


The United States government has ordered farmers of local produce to destroy millions of tons of food, crops and vegetables.

Local farmers are being paid the full price of what the crops are worth plus more on top
To destroy crops, creating a shortage in food supply’s. If farmers do not comply satanic government are threatening them with hefty fines.

Bill gates been buying up thousands of acres as possible to control the food supply and create on purpose to create a crisis.

Depopulation agenda at its finest!!!
They want us dead. If not from the death jab then from starvation.


There is a clear aim by the globalists to create food shortages and push people from rural areas and into cities.

This is all part of Agenda 2030. When you own land and you can feed yourself, you are independent and self sufficient. They don’t want us to be either of those things. They need us to be dependent and powerless so they can control us completely. They want us to own nothing and to be dependant on a miserable universal income which they can turn on and off at their whim based on how obedient we are.

We musn’t give up our land, we musn’t stop producing crops like we have for millenia, we must reject all forms of subjugation and slavery.

The shortage of fertilisers was created by design to force prices up that would strangle producers’ profits to the point of bankruptcy so they would accept the bribes from governments to give up their land and their way of life.

If we keep doing what they want us to do, there will come a time when it will be too late to change the course of what they want to achieve: our total enslavement.

Don’t follow their agenda. Stand in defiance and defend our land, our livelihoods and our freedom.


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