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Jul 14, 2017 / 12

Citizens Dividend Cocktail

Citizens Dividend Cocktail and discussion about sharing the wealth of the planet in the form of a Citizens Dividend. Brief presentations on the Commons, Usury, Arts and Culture in the context of a C..



Jul 13, 2017 / 27

Wealth Managment Forum Global Economic Debate - Disaster or Salvation 12th May 2016

A debate in the City in which Critical Thinking's research and analysis challenged economic orthodoxy and warned of impending economic meltdown.

The motion before the audience of some 75 wealth m..



Jul 13, 2017 / 34

Economics to Save our Civilisation

Presentation to the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment (CISI) in London in March 2013.



Jul 13, 2017 / 37

ClimatePresentation to CISI 23Sep2010

This presentation to the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investment demonstrated the parallels between sub-prime mortgage backed securities and carbon trading which amounted to $140 billion in..



Jul 13, 2017 / 32

Gainful Unemployment Momentary Utopias

Conversations while thinking and making at the William Morris Gallery with the Henningham Family Press and Eddie Farrell in June 2016



Jul 13, 2017 / 30

TPWNOGDAYTWO (The place where no-one goes)

Published on 15 Feb 2017

edit of day two in the place where no goes
AALAWuN2017 at Architectural Association in London



Jul 13, 2017 / 28

New Yew at the British Library

Working with ICUK at the Magna Carta exhibition in London 2015



Jul 13, 2017 / 31

Critical Thinking, 2015 election night presentation

Clive Menzies, Critical Thinking presentation during The Present is Nigh - The Real General Election Headlines Show, held at G511ERY, 7th May 2015.



Jul 13, 2017 / 33

Speaking Truth to Power part one

Published on 2 Jul 2015

Speaking Truth to Power--- Script No. 1
Is it Fair? Land
Part 1
Hello. Fancy seeing you here! This isn't your usual haunt, is it?
Long pause....
People like me don't ..

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