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Denial of the reality of chemtrails, HAARP and weather manipulation flies in the face of historic and current evidence.

Within the video there is mention of the 1953 Linmouth, UK flood which coincided with Project Cumulus, a Royal Air Force weather manipulation program. It goes on to describe US projects Skyfire, Skywater, Stormfury, operation Ranchhand, HAARP, chemtrails and Agent Orange and their devastating military and accidental consequences.

Dave McGowan RIP:
''Just nine weeks ago, on April 14, I presented a lengthy video deconstruction of the 2013 Boston Marathon incident through the Caravan to Midnight radio show/podcast. About a week later (on April 20, of all days), the nearly four-hour video presentation was uploaded to YouTube. Not long after that, someone using the username Phoenix Archangel posted an interesting comment: “John [Wells, the host of the show] always signs off with some of the best advice ever. Speaking of advice: this David McGowan fella really ought to quit smoking. With all the elitist feathers he’s ruffling, he’s likely to come down with a spontaneous case of hitherto undiagnosed stage 4 inoperable Pancreatic cancer.”
If you haven’t watched the video yet, by the way, you really need to do so. And have all your friends and family members watch it as well. It’s a little on the long side and could use some serious editing, but it does succeed in completely laying waste to the official story of what happened in Boston on April 15, 2013. As for Mr./Ms Archangel, he/she wasn’t too far off, though I’ve been told that it’s actually incurable small-cell lung cancer that has already spread to my liver and bones." ~ Dave McGowan Update: After a courageous and painful six-month battle, Dave passed away on November 22, 2015, at his home in Eagle Rock.

This video was removed from YouTube but it is essential viewing. For more information on Critical Thinking:

6 minute extract discussing Truth during the Critical Thinking session

Astrotheology appears to underpin not just religion but also law and "government" of the planet. This is a huge topic and this is an introduction to some concepts: the circularity of time and the cycles of the creator, preserver and destroyer: Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva.

Critical Thinking's recently published paper (link below) is the product of a process which is more significant than our analysis, which is nonetheless powerful in its own right.

Citizens Dividend Cocktail and discussion about sharing the wealth of the planet in the form of a Citizens Dividend. Brief presentations on the Commons, Usury, Arts and Culture in the context of a Citizens Dividend will be followed by discussion, in the round, of the three presentations. People often refer to Basic Income; the House of Commons discussion referred to an amount of £70 per week per adult - this is hardly the means to life. A Citizens Dividend from the wealth of the planet could provide the means to shelter, clothe and feed everyone, debt free without increasing income, sales or employment taxes; indeed they could even be reduced.

Global Net 21

Henningham Family Press
The Maximum Wage

discussion links:

Test the Nation :

Bottled Life - The Truth about Nestlé's Business with Water

David Graeber & Barbara Jacobson on: Unconditional Basic Income

Time Bank :

A debate in the City in which Critical Thinking's research and analysis challenged economic orthodoxy and warned of impending economic meltdown.

The motion before the audience of some 75 wealth managers and financial services professionals was:

“This house believes that: the economy no longer serves the interests of the majority and is heading for collapse.

This house also believes that: the cause is structural and so fiscal and monetary levers are insufficient to counter the threat to wealth and prosperity.”

Presentation to the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment (CISI) in London in March 2013.

This presentation to the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investment demonstrated the parallels between sub-prime mortgage backed securities and carbon trading which amounted to $140 billion in 2008.

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Critical Thinking is a non-hierarchical, apolitical, collaborative research and education project, started in 2012, that analyses the current political economy to identify fundamental flaws and potential levers for change. The project aims to understand the historical context of issues from different perspectives and explore their current and future impacts on social cohesion, inequality, individual liberty and civilization as we know it.