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The movie that caused the creation of a more successful TV Series.

Earthbound - Sailing to Scaraba
Earthbound - Runaway Five
Punch-Out!! (Wii) - Von Kaiser
Xenoblade Chronicles X - HQ
Jet Force Gemini - Character Selection
Zelda: Twilight Princess - Gerudo Desert
Donkey Kong 64 - Angry Aztec
Zelda: Majora's Mask - Bremer March
Lego City Undercover - Beach Battle
Bomberman 64 - Red Mountain
Duke Nukem Forever - Ghost Town
Mario Party - Chance Time
MadWorld - Let's Go
Wonderful 101 - Shopping
Pokemon Stadium 2 - Gutsy Golbat
Deus Ex - Hong Kong Action
Final Fantasy: The Crystal Chronicles: Crystal Bearers - Althea's Waltz
Azure Striker Gunvolt - QUILL's Bounty

This video is completely non-profit and just a rough summary of the events. If any of the information in the video is incorrect, feel free to correct it in the comments.

Sources taken from:
WorldofPlayers (WorldofGothic), Gamestar (Gothic 3 Bug Videos etc.), PCGames, Gamezone, Gamesaktuell, IGN, Golem, JoWooD Forums (Down), MGM, Amazon, Game Archives, PCPowerPlay (Down), Piranha Bytes, THQ Nordic, Black Forest Games, Gothic 3 CE, Lord Saradoc (Speedrunner - Gothic 3 The Beginning), CNN, 4Players, Major Thriftwood (Siedler Gameplay), GamingLibertyRetro (The Alliance Gameplay)
And Much More smaller stuff, like the Gerd Show of all things...

After almost 6 months, it's finally done. You waited, I suffered. Have fun with the video, I don't even know if it's any good anymore.

Total Playtime: 92 hours

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JRPG Conference, now with four times the JRPGs

You will only have to wait a little bit longer for the next Animal Crossing.

I was really, really looking forward to Rune 2.

Imagine if Commander Keen's return was a mobile game.

Thank you to
Joseph Anderson
- The 1001 Glitches of Fallout 76:

That was one long conference.
Also even if you count the games of XBox Game Pass that were shown, then we still won't get to the number 60.

I needed a change of pace.

Yes, I'm still working on it. Expect it around June or July. With that, it's back to editing with me.
Do you want some sweet, cheap, quality content in-between the reviews or do you wanna see the review earlier instead?

Game: Majora's Mask
Music: Gothic 1 - Old Camp

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Jax got the ladders

Yes, this can also happen.

A much beloved but also very controversial game. This is a review of the Singleplayer in Freelancer.

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It's time for a great Ubisoft Port! That released half a year after the other versions, doesn't include all the available DLC (the story DLC is not available at all) and launched at full price.

Not a detailed analysis because I tried that before and ended up with a VERY LONG video... I don't want to upload something for five days.
tldr: I've never been to Chicago.

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3:26 World of Light NewGame+
5:00 Versus Achievments


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When there just isn't enough Smash in the title.
Or rather: I had no idea what to call this.

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But it also made me realize why I love Castlevania... and not necessarily this.

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A few scenes within the first 10 hours of Risen 2 that I marked while editing the review. I find a lot of weird stuff in games and I'm tired of throwing it all away, so now here we are, the Review Dumpster arrived!

Risen 2 Review:

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- Mindset after Risen 2

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Maybe I'll do more of these, if anyone enjoys it. After all, it's just work I've done about a year ago with a wallpaper. Anyway, back to Risen 2 EEEEEEEEEEEEY

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0:47 Story
4:02 Gameplay
11:26 Birthright-Campaign
14:38 Conquest-Campaign
18:07 Revelation-Campaign
20:48 Graphics/Technical Stuff
21:12 The Good/Improvement Ideas
24:30 Verdict

I didn't even get to talk about the guilds...

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Images: Google Search
Rain Greenscreen:

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This game is apparently finished...

External Sources:
OST - Earthbound, F-Zero X
Sound clip taken from [SFM] Moses

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