I didn't even get to talk about the guilds...

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This game is apparently finished...

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I don't like doing reaction videos, but Fable 3 is gonna take a while.

Following up on my E3 Bethesda video:

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Gamereactor Fable 2 E3 Interview (Part 1&2)

Despite testing it a few months ago, Youtube forbids me to post my original review here, so here's a summary of my remaining arguments:

Everything is pointless!
The dog is an inventory shortcut for the spade.
Death makes combat pointless, combat is already brainlessly simple and mindless, it's designed for idiotic toddlers. The reward for everything is either gold or fame, both of which you don't need as, again, you don't need help for anything and fame only slightly changes the behavior of the clones... sorry, I mean the few dozen copy&paste models for NPCs and they even block your path at occasion.
Spells have been mostly removed or combined like Time Control and Assassin Rush which makes the spells even more broken, but the major problem is the removal of the magic meter which allows you to spam the strongest attacks to no end. Melee and ranged abilities have also been heavily simplified by reducing the amount of techniques to 4 each. The bosses are especially fun as you can't beat them with melee attacks at all (I found no way to do it).

The story starts great but sucks right after that with one of the most insulting and pointless endings in videogame history, I'm not kidding. The writing is really bad, removing a lot of the clever humor that the first Fable had for “funny” slapstick humor. The problem with slapstick humor: Have too much and it gets dull. Have it for 34 hours and it gets annoying. I gave Fable 2 literally 34 hours, 4 minutes and 39 seconds to prove me wrong. It didn't manage to do that and made my opinion even worse.

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Fable TLC&Anniversary:

This is my theory as to why the stamina system in Zelda: Skyward Sword was mandatory to make the combat work to begin with.

Game Grumps Skyward Sword Episode 1:
Arin's argument starting at 9:47 and my counterargument goes for 11:55

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Just A Pancake

0:00 EA
4:18 Microsoft
9:42 Bethesda
15:58 Square Enix
17:58 Ubisoft
22:26 Sony
25:01 Nintendo
27:28 PC Gaming Show

Skyrim: Todd Howard's Director's Cut 2019
Todd Howard's Skyrim: Legendary Cut 2020
Todd Howard's GOTY Skyrim: Special Legendary Cut 2021
The Elder Scrolls 6 DLC: Howard's Legacy

I almost fell asleep during editing too.

In case you didn't know

there's a new smash game


Greece's Creed: Another One

Tomb Raider:
Shadow of the Tomb Raider
Tomb Raider of the Shadow
Tomb of the Shadow Raider
Raider of the Shadow Tomb
The Tomb of Shadow Raider
The Shadow Raider of Tomb
no deus ex goddamn it


New Pre-Order Bonuses for Call of Duty!


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The review deals with the ENTIRE game! That means also heading into the mid- and endgame content!

I also have some hints for you regarding the much-hated Earth Dragon.

The final entry in the Gothic franchise. Is it the redemption after Forsaken Gods?

Let's take a look at the newest DOOM before the next one comes out!

Kill me.
Each scene is marked with a time and session stamp.

Music: Donkey Kong 64 - Mine Cart Carnage


07:11 Back at Gorn's
10:32 You Lead, We Follow
13:53 Arriving at the Battlefield
22:05 “Looking” for the final boss
28:04 Returning to Vengard
32:01 Ending + Credits

It's like they actually played Gothic 2?!?
Don't worry, they didn't. The plot twist makes about as much sense as the others...

0:01:18 Vengard's Teleporter Stone
0:04:03 Explanation of my outrage for the Community Patch Team
0:06:34 Lee, at last
0:17:44 Acquired Paladin's armor
0:22:18 Preparations for War
0:32:31 Started “Osch shall go to Gorn”
0:36:19 Looking for a dexterity teacher
0:39:06 Still looking
0:42:26 Looking for Osch
0:51:21 Started “A firemage in need”
0:59:18 Entering Gotha

Got Mad Skills and Will Get Wild - SSX3

0:08:20 Got the fifth one
0:09:29 Clearing Reddock, again
0:15:13 Starting “Where are Theodor's scouts?”
0:19:33 Exploring Ortega's former cave
0:38:27 LEAVING Ortega's former cave (No, it wasn't large)
0:46:46 Entering Vengard... again
0:54:56 Finishing “Theodor's scout forces must come back”
0:55:29 Looking for wheat sacks, have I mentioned that we have an urgent message?
1:01:08 Acquiring a house
1:09:07 Finally finding enough wheat sacks (Meeting Rollan)
1:09:36 Finishing “The Mystic Wanderer's armor pieces”
1:21:43 Giving up on the Water Mages... or is it Watermages?
1:23:45 Finishing “Wheat for Vengard”
01:32:34 Acquired Battlemage armor

Being enslaved in Gotha, the city of the free.

0:01:59 Ignatius, my master
0:05:25 Garik, my not-yet new master
0:13:20 Bought myself a new master
0:16:09 Quest “Garik's Sword and Shield”
0:17:40 Useful abilities and useless abilities
0:19:35 Explanation over, near Faring
0:21:19 Found his chest
0:22:56 Finished “Garik's Sword and Shield”
0:28:03 Errol, final conversation
0:31:11 That was... nice?
0:34:40 Entering Okara
0:39:34 The issue with the history lessons
0:42:29 Finishing the quest
0:44:10 Starting “Lee must send additional forces to Gotha”
0:46:19 Back in Vengard
0:47:48 Looking for Marc
0:50:58 “Finding” Marc
0:52:48 The only useful transformation potion
0:55:12 Starting “Bring Theodor the artifacts from Ardea”
0:56:22 Got the first one
0:57:00 Got the second one
1:01:11 Got the third one
1:01:52 Got the fourth one


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