The adventurers continue their travels south through Tal'Dorei, but the past comes calling for them all in very different ways...

The group must return to Emon to seek the expertise of a powerful runechild, but the seeming simplicity of this task is made more complicated by the Nameless Ones' relentless pursuit...

The remaining members of the Mighty Nein pursue their lost friends, collecting allies along a road filled with unexpected tragedy. Reunions, revelations, and goodbyes spur them on to the next leg of their journey, departing from the port of Nicodranas.

The Mighty Nein strike a deal with the Gentleman and leave Zadash on a mission to do some crime! Where will this journey take them?

The Mighty Nein make a splash in Zadash, Molly gets a blast from his past, new friends and a strange artifact are amassed, and of course it wouldn't be early campaign days without some intraparty clash.

The adventure begins! From first meetings in Trostenwald to their arrival at the gates of Zadash, learn what brought the Mighty Nein together with an adorable animated recap encompassing Campaign 2, Episodes 1-8, narrated by our very own Lore Keeper Dani Carr!

Get to know the Mighty Nein with the adorable animated form of Lore Keeper Dani Carr! This is the first episode of Crit Recap Animated, our new show that breaks down the increasingly sprawling Campaign 2 adventure into 5-10 minute episodes summarizing each story arc. We hope this show helps new Critters catch up lightening quick and serves as a nice refresher for those who have already taken the ride.

The party makes their way to the Fire Ashari, but their search for answers yields only more questions and deeper conflict...

Five burgeoning adventurers explore the Upper Slums of Emon and take a job offered by a mysterious thief, but what they discover may be more dangerous than any of them bargained for...

Meet the players of Exandria Unlimited, our new eight episode mini campaign existing within the world of Exandria! We are thrilled to have Game Master Aabria Iyengar guiding players Aimee Carrero, Robbie Daymond, Matthew Mercer, Ashley Johnson, and Liam O'Brien through an adventure beginning in Emon nearly 30 years after the Chroma Conclave attack.

Vox Machina and the Mighty Nein face off in a team deathmatch! Which team of legendary Exandrian heroes will come out victorious? Thank you to all of the incredible Kickstarter backers who unlocked this adventure as part of The Legend of Vox Machina Kickstarter Campaign! For the latest updates on The Legend of Vox Machina, check out

Now that the Mighty Nein's Campaign 2 adventures have come to an end, the cast sits down for a roundtable discussion of every arc of their journey.

We can't keep it locked away! Darrington Press's first game, Uk'otoa, will be available through the Critical Role online shops and Darrington Press Guild local game stores May 27, 2021 and in other US local game stores shortly thereafter! To learn more about Uk'otoa, check out

The Mighty Nein return to the Blooming Grove to process what they've endured and to take their first steps towards embracing whatever the future holds in store...

Deep in the heart of Cognouza, the Mighty Nein face the second form of the Neo-Somnovem in hopes of bringing an end to his nightmarish dominion.

Game Master Matthew Mercer leads a group of restaurateurs on an adventure inspired by The Elder Scrolls Online: Blackwood!

The Mighty Nein prepare for an intense confrontation with their transformed former friend, but the Nonagon who awaits them above the streets of Cognouza is more powerful than any of them anticipated...

The Mighty Nein wrangle with Cree as they attempt to stop Lucien's plan, but the Nonagon still has a few surprises in store for them all...

Floating through the Astral Sea, the Mighty Nein arrive at their unsettling destination and begin exploring the living city that has haunted their dreams...

The Mighty Nein fight against time as they search for the Immensus Gate, but their quarry has his own tricks up his sleeve...

The Mighty Nein plunge deeper into both Aeor's ruined depths and its endless mysteries as they continue to chase after the elusive remaining Tombtakers...

Now following the Tombtakers’ trail, the Mighty Nein converse with voices of the past for clues and meet some of Aeor’s creations...

As the Mighty Nein tentatively explore the edges of Aeor, they debate whether to delve further into mystery or hold the line and set traps for their rapidly approaching enemies...

Take a short rest from your Aramente with the chill tunes and relaxing animation of Mighty Vibes!

Animation by Lap Pun Cheung:

Keyleth samples provided by Marisha Ray
Additional Sound Design and Music edited by Chris Willmott


Fuchsia Badusha - Jobii
Fuji Island - Gregory David
Canyon Drive - Gregory David
I'm Still Listening - Justnormal
Ring Wear Saga - Dusty Decks
Sand Under My Feet - Guustavv
Failed Effort - Guustavv
Zone In - Daniel Fridell
Blue Purple - Guustavv
Captiva - Jobii
Those Melancholy - Justnormal
Fall Love - UPM
Animal Crackers - Justnormal
Shleepy - Timothy Infinite
Tinted - UPM
Trouble in Paradise - Sarah, the Illstrumentalist
Aerials - Guustavv
Linearity - Jobii
Allergy Season - Guustavv
Dusk - UPM

Having located the secret entrance to Aeor, the Mighty Nein take stock of what waits for them both above and below the ice...


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