Race is more than just skin color, race is skin deep as Robert sepehr explains in this video.

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Dr. William Pierce was a great man who fought for white people and tried waking up as much people as possible. Unfortunately he passed away in 2002, but his words of wisdom still carry on through the internet, and his Legacy still carries on.

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This was the first video that redpilled me to the dangers of multiculturalism/multi-racial societies, I'm going to post this video on my bitchute channel to spread awareness and hopefully red pill people who are unaware of the dangers of multiculturalism. all credit goes to Norse wolf. I'm working on a project of my own right now, I hope to have it ready by next week, thanks for watching, don't forget to like share and subscribe.

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Fuck cultural Marxism, anti-communist, Pro white / European and I'm here to expose Zionism and I don't care if I hurt your feelings, the truth is the truth and the truth needs no law to protect it.