Part 1 of Plains of Ashford, Charr beginner map. This is the last beginner map, and I did this last on purpose, because I think this is the hardest one.
(That is my opinion) There was something in the background that kept trying to interrupt my gameplay, so there are some awkward cuts.

Summer Day 8 of Stardew Valley, I will be completing the Blacksmith's Bundle so that I can get an extra furnace to smelt ingots a little faster. There nothing else, other than my usual stuff. I let my field be covered with weeds and trees on purpose, because, later on in the game, I usually find myself needing more wood.

Black Citadel, this is where you would start as a Charr. If you are new to this game, I recommend that you watch this video. There are some Points of Interest that look Obvious to get but aren't. There are also 2 hard Vistas that you might not be able to get without help. My computer runs this map fine, but it has a hard time loading some areas.

Summer Day 7 of Stardew Valley, we are going to catch a Legendary fish, called the Crimsonfish which is an ocean fish. I will have to buy the Iridium Rod and a lure to catch the fish. My foraging skill finally levels up enough for the Lightning Rod!

I made a nice editing trick at 9:44

Part 4 of Coledon Forest, the last part of this map. At 6:08, I will show you what you can do if you feel like you have missed a part of the map, such as a Point of Interest.
Boss area is at 2:09.

Part 3 of Caledon Forest, we will be going north where there are Krait. The video went above 20 minutes again, and it is taking longer than usual to complete some task in Caledon Forest. There is a hard Vista at 15:27.

Part 2 of Caledon Forest, I accidentally deleted my recording, so I will be using a backup profile. I used a level 80 booster, so that I can get to where I was quickly. I used transmutation charges to look like that. All I really have is a bunch of exotic gear that the level 80 booster gave me. Stick to the end for a hard vista!

I also made this video longer than usual.

Part 1 of Caledon Forest, Sylvari beginner map. There is a jumping puzzle that starts on the hero point at 14:27. I will only do puzzles that are required for the map completion, unless I see some support on my BitChute channel, then I would make a separate video on some jumping puzzles.

Summer Day 6 of Stardew Valley, I will start to smelt my iron ingots into iron bars, so that I can upgrade my tools. I still can't remove all of the stones a logs in my field until I get my Iron tools. I also still can't build a lightning rod, so I got to hope that my crops don't get hit with lightning again.

I accidentally kept a silver star red pepper. I usually like to just sell silver star items, because they are not worth keeping.

The Grove, this is where you would start as an Sylvari. My computer was being toaster here. I did some cuts where I had to leave the computer.

Summer Day 5 of Stardew Valley, I have very good luck today, so I will be going into the mines. I will also start the day by planting my Summer seeds, so that I can level up my foraging skill. I will also go talk to Lewis for my reward for slaying 4 Green Slimes.

I missed watering one of my corn!

Part 4 of Metrica Province, the last part of this map. I've decided to show you the Boss Event in this video; however, there is just a bunch of waiting in this event, so there will be some skipping. Stick to the end of the video if you want to see how to get a tricky Point of Interest!

At 9:43, I wanted to get the Vista first, because the Hero Challenge is conveniently close to the Point of Interest.

Part 3 of Metrica Province, we are first going to meet the Red Hyleks, who are the bad Hyleks. Red and Orange Hyleks are always hostile, Yellow Hyleks are in between, and Green and Blue Hyleks are your allies.

At 8:24, I know that they are called "Hero Challenge" on the map and when you walk up to them. I just call them "Hero Point," because that is what it becomes when you beat the Hero Challenge. The text is blue, because that was the original color of of the Hero Challenges.

Part 2 of Metrica Province, reading the text and paying attention what I do becomes important here. I was looking at a jumping puzzle at 15:22; I would show you how to do it if I see some more support.

Answer Key, for Hero Point at 14:29:

Question 1: Who am I?
Answer: Oola, lab genius

Question 2: What is the second rule of the lab?
Answer: I am not in charge

Question 3: What are the two important ideas that were destined to collide?
Answer: Necromancy and golemancy

Question 4: What are we?
Answer: We embody magic

At 2:26, I have no idea why my attacks didn't come out.

Part 1 of Metrica Province, Asura beginner map. There are some tricky ares in this map and there are some parts that are easy to miss, like the first Vista. I have also leveled up to Level 20 and had put Level 20 gear on, but I skipped it.

For the first heart, make sure you press "Activate the golem" or it won't count

At 6:44, heart directions, the "+more" means there are more things to do for the heart than what I was able to list. I don't find a reason to make another thing of text for the rest of it, since this heart is easy to complete.

At 12:04, I should also have mentioned Ooze, but you should get the idea of what you should attack.

Summer Day 4 of Stardew Valley, I have very good luck this day, so I will be going into the mines. I will also be getting my Copper Axe. It is a storming weather, and I'm not leveled up enough to craft a Lightning Rod. So, I'm going to have to be lucky that the lightning doesn't hit my crops.

Rata Sum, this is where you would start as an Asura. My computer has a hard time processing this place, so I'm going to have low FPS.

Summer Day 3 of Stardew Valley, no good luck so I will be watering my crops and fishing. I will also complete the Summer forgables bundle, and get Summer seeds. I will plant the seeds later, because I don't want to use up more energy and I can't make more space without my Axe.

Part 4 of Wayfarer Foothills, this is the last part. I did a group event after I was done. So will be at level 19 on the next video. I recorded it, but it wasn't that interesting and I wasn't alone.

Part 3 of Wayfarer Foothills, you get to see me do some more events during some hearts.

At 12:00, How to catch a keg:
1. Press "F" in the red circle area
2. Volden will then start to throw a keg
3. There will then be a red circle
4. You need to be fast to stand on the red circle
5. As you stand on the red circle, you have to jump right before the keg hits the ground

At 8:54 for the Hero Point, the Veteran Elder Icebrood Troll will freeze you if you don't evade his charge attack, and you can't stun brake out of it. You should also look out for the Veteran Son of Svanir, he may spawn there.

At 10:31, I tried to fit in what is required for the heart. I hope you can read that.

At 00:58, this is a little pet peeve of mine. The Dredge is just out of range of the heart and it didn't progress the heart

Part 2 of Wayfarer Foothills, we will be going up north of this map. My computer was acting up, so some of the sounds and graphcis didn't load properly.
Make sure to read my text all the way througy, because I may mention something that will make a task much easier.

At 9:58, I was letting other poeple in the gamme read what the NPC says.

Part 1 of Wayfarer Foothills, Norn beginner map. I have level 14 Masterwork gear on me.
I put on the Bane Signet to put out a little bit more damage, so that I can kill faster.

At 9:17, make sure you hit the statue, because if you miss you die.
There is also a chest at 17:52

Summer Day 2 of Stardew Valley, I will plant the melon seeds that I forgot to plant on the day before. I will also upgrade my Axe and I will be able to harvest some Hard Wood.

Hoelbrak, this is where you would start as a Norn.

At 4:44, this is a shortcut to the level below

Summer Day 1 of Stardew Valley, I got to plant those Summer crops! I will also buy a Silo for the animals that I will get later. I forgot some Melon seeds in my Summer chest, but I'll plant them the next day. I know that I could have used sprinklers, I just care more about the quantity of crops and where I place my Scarecrows. The fast forward bits at the end was me wasting time, and the bits that I didn't fast forward was me measuring the radius of my Scarecrows.

I've decided to upload a Stardew Valley video after each map I do on Guild Wars 2, for more variety.


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