Some thoughts in reply to Dave Stewart’s video on the superhero phenomenon.

...I may have been too harsh on the manga.

Talking some archetypal background on the First Flame legend from Dark Souls 1.

Some thoughts on how heroes’ and villains definitions of truth (along the lines of Peterson) are what set them apart and give the superhero the ability to win and stay relatively sane.

Continuing my narrative driven journey through DEx:HR, messing around with the format a bit at the suggestion of some viewers.
Next one might not be as long, we will see. I do plan to continue this ‘symbolism’ series in other ways and subjects too so stay tuned.

I nip through a few sections of Human Revolution and examine the symbolism: everywhere from Antifa to man in gods image.

My exceedingly opinionated self has a ramble about this brain worm.

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Some thoughts on mine in defence of Man of Steel; in favour of Luke Skywalker and Captain America; and in condemnation of The Last Jedi.
All in reference to the insightful video by Professor Geek.

Some process stuff and discussion of design elements, realism, line weights and more.

Are comics pure art or pure industry or something in between? If the latter, where do they fall in a historical context?

How the modern comic, movie and creative industries rely on and misunderstand the concept of “long tail marketing” as described by David V Stewart.

Talking about some problems I’ve identified with a lot of the writing I’m coming across just now, which IMO relates to the “show, don’t tell” rule.

What did we learn? What did Batman and Joker learn? Where are things now?

Moral relativists dismantle the idea of the hero- in the superhero genre... *genius* .
(Really sorry, I did not keep a note of the artist's name for that FF picture.)

Some thoughts on why fans of comics, comic art and any kind of culture have to push back against the anti culture movement; with loose historical examples.

Listen: excitement in my voice- about a contemporary comic! Blown away by Shaner, Lemire and Fairbairn's charming and insane space adventures.

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I look at the not-a-thing of ‘women in refrigerators ‘ at perhaps a different angle to usual.

Politics as an abstract feature were always present in comics- they were not the whole comic.

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Examining what it is about politics in comics, film etc. that really grinds our gears.

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Battlefield missed a trick.

(Obviously we know nothing about the game yet so chill)

Sorely disappointed with this final issue after being one of it's biggest cheerleaders.
A technically superb, well-polished piece of fluff.
I had to cut time off the end, I will need to do address the biggest plot problem in another video.
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With the business in the toilet and an evolving market, our local comics shops need to get ahead of the game if they’re going to entice us in and keep the lights on.

Pardon my hot take.

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What if killing chubby-kid-Hitler were the empirically, probably right thing to do? Would it be immoral to stop it?
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There is indeed 'good' and 'bad' on 'both' 'sides'. But does it matter? It did this las week.
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YET MORE new goals:

Quick spitball of fight scene writing ideas in prose, comics, film.


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