Jack bans memes. Or at least tries.

Why Thor was Marvel’s target of choice. And some examples through the ages of primordial and historic ‘Jane Fosters’.

Potential unionisation of youtubers in the face of censorship and preferential treatment.

Indy comic creator Matt Wenger shows us his harem of hawt heroins in his new comic book.
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With sporadic shipping and LCSs already struggling, what can be done to make shipping more viable for the new comics market?

And it sucks.

TO CLARIFY: This is a kickstarter, not a label but if people keep doing what they’re doing, that won’t matter either.

Journalists are such a hated class that no one can comprehend that it’s not coordinated.

A look at how talk about conscience in the business world is leading to an accidental ideologue intake.

Joe Rogan is not alone in his naivety/lack of interest toward ‘big tech’.

Time to get back in the Swing of things. Talking about the absolute state of the internet, drawing or lack thereof, and more.

Some thoughts on the art from a different POV; how the outrage mob cant possibly be who they say they are, and how they like to belittle those they claim to stand up for.

What would happen if comics were to start censoring their own back issues?
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Propaganda masquerading as friendly writing advice once more.

A non-spoiler review of the upcoming indie comic by Inzane. Check em out here:

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Get my comic The Peptis Challenge on PDF for only $2 on Patreon.

Praise for Unbreakable: a film that came out 15 yrs too early. (remember to send me your email address for the comic)

How do you get from a fun idea scribbled down, to a finished comic book page?
I share my experience of primarily not knowing WTF to do.
Please leave your questions or own experiences in the comments.

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The stories of the heroic individual are being undermined by shoddy writing and a lack of understanding- then being turned into bloated ensemble sitcoms.

Buseik and Cebulski emerge from their sea of soy and cheese to tokenise, insult minorities and then run away.
Bullying fail because they picked uncle spike.

Sorry for quality of screen grabs, got the format wrong.


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